24 Feb 2021 5:25 Cagnes-sur-Mer Juan-les-pins Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2500 m
  • No. of Runners:15 runners
  • Going:Turf - very soft, atw - standard
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 23730
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:55 17:28


1 (1)
Fersen FR

1L third in a similar event here over 2150m 12 days ago. Notable runner upped in trip.
Owner: Ja Zay
Prize Money: €49,035

G 5/60.0 A Molins
C Escuder
310 3p7p201p2p7p2p3p0p1p 12.0 12.0

2 (10)
Folle Passion FR

Disappointing a fortnight ago but fair form over further prior. Market check needed down in trip.
Owner: Mme Sl Born
Prize Money: €93,440

G 6/59.5 C Pacaut
Mme G Rarick
305 5p5p202p4p8p0p0p7p2p 9.20 10.0


3 (6)
Rebel D'Ans FR

2L fifth over 2400m here on the AW three weeks ago. Each way claims returning to turf.
Owner: A Philippot
Prize Money: €105,140

G 6/59.5 M Berto
J Parize
305 5p1p7p200p7p6p9p2p4p 11.0 12.0

4 (14)
Sadarak FR

Safely accounted for in AW handicaps of late. Needs this change of surface to spark a revival.
Owner: P Desplaces
Prize Money: €78,099

G 6/59.5 D Santiago
C Martinon
305 7p0p207p7p1p0p9p0p1p 23.0 31.0

5 (15)
Taekwondo FR

1L runner up in a class two conditions race over 2150m at this venue 12 days ago. Respected with a top jockey.
Owner: G Luyckx
Prize Money: €92,196

G 6/59.0 P C Boudot
P Decouz
300 2p8p3p200p1p0p2p7p1p 3.60 3.40


6 (5)
Quiet Zain FR

Nose second in a 2400m class two handicap at this track (AW) three weeks ago. One to note.
Owner: B Gusdal
Prize Money: €158,384

G 7/59.0 S Maillot
Mme G Rarick
300 2p1p200p0p2p0p0p4p3p 8.00 5.60


7 (8)
Blocking Bet FR

1L success on the AW at Marseille Vivaux two weeks back although the return to turf looks a negative.
Owner: Maka Racing Ltd
Prize Money: €84,418

G 6/58.0 T Bachelot
Boutin (s)
290 1p0p207p3p2p2p4p4p5p 22.0 24.0

8 (4)
Garigliano FR

2L maiden success in a 2600m class three handicap at Marseille Vivaux (AW) 16 days ago. Noted if replicating on this surface.
Owner: Ecurie Tlv
Prize Money: €28,580

G 4/58.0 J Nicoleau
F R Monfort
300 1p8p2p202p2p4p4p3p6p 20.0 20.0

9 (13)
Pont Au Change FR

Back to back fifth place finishes over this track and trip. Each way player.
Owner: J Parize
Prize Money: €45,050

G 5/58.0 F Blondel
J Parize
290 5p5p6p206p0p0p4p4p0p 24.0 26.0

10 (9)
Show The Way IRE

Faded 7L fourth over 3200m here a fortnight ago. Keep safe down in journey.
Owner: Mme N Carrie-eychenne
Prize Money: €72,844

G 7/57.5 E Hardouin
F Foresi
285 4p6p203p4p5p0p9p7p5p 12.0 10.0

11 (7)
Great Dream FR

Below par 12 days back but not discounted on his 3L third over 2150m here prior. Eye-catching jockey booking.
Owner: Ecurie Rogier
Prize Money: €54,383

G 7/57.0 G Mosse
Boutin (s)
280 7p3p6p202p6p0p1p6p4p 21.0 26.0

12 (11)
Goldstone FR

2L sixth over 2400m in a class two handicap at this venue (AW) three weeks ago. Place claims returning to turf.
Owner: T Ravier
Prize Money: €47,160

G 5/57.0 M Velon
M Maillard
280 6p201p3p8p5p0p7p0p0p 19.0 27.0

13 (2)
Merci Capucine GB

2L third in a claimer over 2400m on the AW here on Sunday. Return to turf is a positive and bold bid looks likely.
Owner: D Fernandez-Ortega
Prize Money: €62,260

F 6/56.5 F Valle Skar
Boutin (s)
275 3p8p6p7p7p7p200p1p6p 19.0 23.0

14 (12)
My Sweet Boy FR

Narrow winner over 2150m at this venue ten days ago. One to note upped in trip and grade.
Owner: R Straus
Prize Money: €19,045

G 4/55.5 A Duporte
Mme G Rarick
275 1p5p5p205p0p0p2p8p7p 32.0 38.0

15 (3)
Come On Lotti FR

2L third in a class three handicap over 2400m here a fortnight ago. Unexposed.
Owner: Ecurie Atalante
Prize Money: €4,875

F 4/53.0 H Journiac
Mlle L Kneip
250 3p6p205p7p8p 15.0 17.0

Racing and Sports

FERSEN (1) is a notable runner upped in trip following a 1L third in a similar event here over 2150m twelve days ago. GARIGLIANO (8) warrants respect after a 2L maiden success in a 2600m class three handicap at Marseille Vivaux (AW). MERCI CAPUCINE (13) finished 2L third in a 2400m claimer on the AW at this track on Sunday. Forward showing looks likely. TAEKWONDO (5) can be considered under top jockey Pierre-Charles Boudot. SHOW THE WAY (10) produced a 7L fourth tackling 3200m at this course. Keep safe down in journey.

Selection: 1-8-13-5-10