16 Jan 2021 3:32 Chantilly Teauvillaise Stakes

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  • Race Distance:2100 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Fibresand
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:37 16:09


1 (7)
Marrakech Express FR

Fair 3L ninth in a 2500m AW handicap at Deauville in November. Drop in trip should see him in a better light.
Owner: Qazaqstan Racing Club
Prize Money: €107,300

M 5/60.0 R Mangione
I Endaltsev
365 209p3p2p6p2p0p3p197p 9.30 10.0

2 (5)
Replenish FR

Held 6L sixth in a 2500m AW handicap at Deauville last month. Interesting contender.
Owner: Mme Mc Elaerts
Prize Money: €114,121

G 8/59.0 V Cheminaud
S Cerulis
385 206p1p8p0p5p5p4p6p 11.0 7.30


3 (15)
Il Decamerone FR

2L fifth in a 1900m handicap at Deauville two weeks ago. Step forward expected second up.
Owner: M Bories
Prize Money: €60,486

G 5/59.0 T Bachelot
N Paysan
375 5p207p0p1p7p2p1p2p 15.0 15.0

4 (1)
Relativity FR

Completed a double when winning by 1L in a 2400m conditions race at Lyon-la-Soie early last month. Bold show likely.
Owner: A Marconi
Prize Money: €13,938

G 4/59.0 C Demuro
M Baratti
- 201p1p4p6p2p6p9p198p 9.60 5.20


5 (11)
Pharoa FR

Held 13L 14th in a 1900m AW handicap at Deauville. Needs to put that effort behind.
Owner: Mlle G Guillard/j Dubois
Prize Money: €53,435

G 5/59.0 A Bourgeais
Jean Dubois
350 0p201p2p0p8p0p0p192p 19.0 24.0

6 (10)
Green Spirit FR

Good 3L fourth in a 1900m conditions AW race at Deauville two weeks ago. Notable contender.
Owner: Jc Smith
Prize Money: €41,187

G 4/59.0 S Pasquier
Mme M Bollack-Badel
375 4p203p4p2p7p5p4p0p 10.0 9.20

7 (2)
Nice To See You FR

Beaten 1L when fourth in a 1900m AW handicap at Deauville eight days ago. One to note.
Owner: J Hayoz
Prize Money: €341,990

M 8/58.0 H Besnier
Robert Collet
405 4p200p0p2p0p194p3p5p 2.80 3.40


8 (3)
Ronaldo GER

Good 1L fourth in a claiming contest over 1900m at Deauville start of this month. More needed.
Owner: Rhbs Racing
Prize Money: €111,081

G 7/58.0 A Crastus
A Suborics
385 4p207p5p4p9p7p5p1p8p 10.0 12.0

9 (12)
Truco FR

Fair 6L third in a 1900m conditions race at Deauville two weeks ago. Improvement required.
Owner: Ecurie Muserolle
Prize Money: €28,610

G 5/57.0 A Nicco
E&G Leenders
345 3p200p0p193p1p5p3p3p 13.0 14.0

10 (8)
Noxareno GER

Held 5L seventh in a 2500m AW conditions race at Deauville 20 days ago. Improvement likely second up.
Owner: Ecurie Normandie Pur Sang
Prize Money: €39,623

M 5/57.0 M Riehl
M F Weissmeier
380 207p9p5p1p191p1p8p2p 37.0 35.0

11 (14)
Never Without You FR

Held 5L fifth in an 1800m handicap at Lyon-la-Soie six weeks ago. Others make more appeal.
Owner: T Huck
Prize Money: €24,290

G 7/57.0 J Mobian
P Capelle
150 205p9p0p9p2p0p4p6p9p 28.0 60.0

12 (9)
Osumi FR

Absent since a 10L last of ten in a 2000m claimer at Cagnes-sur-Mer just under four years ago. Best watched.
Owner: S Jeddari
Prize Money: €17,800

G 9/57.0 A Mosse
S Jeddari
- 170p160p9p0p0p0p159p 146.0 160.0

13 (4)
Biella FR

2L fifth in a 2100m handicap at Evreux (soft) in September. Likely to improve for the run.
Owner: E Meo
Prize Money: €65,675

F 6/55.5 S Breux
E Meo
200 205p0p0p2p190p3p3p2p 37.0 39.0

14 (13)
Royale Offense IRE

Off the track since a 17L ninth in a 2400m claimer at Clairefontaine (soft-to-heavy) in August. Minor role likely.
Owner: E Meo
Prize Money: €0

F 4/55.5 T Baron
E Meo
- 209p0p 112.0 123.0

15 (16)
Sugar Breeze FR

Held 7L eighth in a 2100m conditions race at Limoges (good) end of November. Others make more appeal.
Owner: W Neumann
Prize Money: €2,150

F 5/55.5 T Trullier
L Loisel
- 208p0p5p5p191p7p 87.0 183.0

16 (6)
Neufalacote FR

20L 12th in a 1900m AW maiden at Deauville when making her debut last month. Others preferred.
Owner: Mme D Peltier
Prize Money: €0

F 4/55.5 E Hardouin
A Hollinshead
- 200p 29.0 82.0

Racing and Sports

RELATIVITY (4) may complete a hat-trick having won by 1L in a 2400m conditions race at Lyon-la-Soie. GREEN SPIRIT (6) can be considered following a 3L fourth at Deauville. IL DECAMERONE (3) might deliver a big effort second up having been beaten 2L fifth in a 1900m claimer at Deauville. REPLENISH (2) is noted down in trip having produced a 6L sixth over 2500m at Deauville.

Selection: 4-6-3-2