16 January 2021 1:23 Angers Gautier De La Selle - Attele

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  • Race Distance:3125 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 25000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:17 13:49


Deesse D'idef FR

Fair walk-up form in easier company in previous three outings. Others hold stronger claims.
Owner: Mlle Nadine Fleury
Prize Money: €73,045

F 3125m 8 B Marie
B Marie
203a4a5aDaDa8a8a0a1a 16.0 24.0

Duc De Sommaire FR

Yet to find top stride in walk-ups this term. Makes little appeal.
Owner: D Dutheil
Prize Money: €0

G 3125m 8 G Jouve
D Dutheil
200a9a3a0aDa9aDa0a5a 56.0 116.0

Clown De Locq FR

Down the field in two walk-ups in this grade since resuming. Readily opposed.
Owner: E Peltier
Prize Money: €73,540

G 3125m 9 E Peltier
E Peltier
200a7a9a9a0a8a0a6m0a 99.0 213.0

Cosmos D'Isop FR

4L success in easier company when last seen in this discipline. Could take class rise in his stride.
Owner: R Goncet
Prize Money: €77,425

G 3125m 9 M Auvray
D Prost
201a3m4m1a7mDaDa3a5a 13.0 10.0

D'Artagnan De Lara FR

Improved 1L runner-up in a modest Cordemais walk-up last month. Overall profile suggests not guaranteed to replicate.
Owner: G J Lefebvre
Prize Money: €74,030

G 3125m 8 J F Vallette
J F Vallette
202a0a0a0a6a3a2aDa2a 16.0 15.0

Darwino FR

Has ability but five straight DQ's tempers enthusiasm.
Owner: F Delanoe
Prize Money: €74,110

G 3125m 8 F Delanoe
F Delanoe
20DaDmDmDaDa1aDmDaDa 23.0 79.0

Eaulympik Cehere FR

Relegated by stewards for causing interference when chasing a hat-trick of wins. Can bounce back.
Owner: Ecurie Vincent Renault
Prize Money: €76,300

G 3125m 7 M Coignard
V Renault
20Ga1a1a0a3a8a6aDaDa 5.10 4.00


Exil D'Erable FR

2L second in a driven Graignes contest latest. Place potential back in a walk-up.
Owner: Ecurie Du Haras D'erable
Prize Money: €74,530

G 3125m 7 Cl Thomain
J P Thomain
202a6a6m2aDa3a5a0a5a - -


Dolce Royale FR

9L ninth in this company at Chartres 70 days ago. Step forward required.
Owner: Ecurie Sebastien Hardy
Prize Money: €74,880

F 3125m 8 B Hardy
S Hardy
209a6aDa2a3a5aDa0aDa 24.0 37.0

Dream Back FR

Down the field in this company on reappearance. Tough spot.
Owner: Et Buffet
Prize Money: €0

G 3150m 8 J L Trompe-Baguenard
L Leduc
209a0aDa3a3aDa3a7a2a 124.0 170.0

Darling Blue FR

Beaten a long way in previous two walk-ups in stronger company. Eased in class but needs improvement.
Owner: Mlle M Ch Mary
Prize Money: €118,410

F 3150m 8 J Ph Mary
J Ph Mary
200a0a0a0a0a7a8a0a19 43.0 114.0

Eawy D'eole FR

Surprise 1L scorer in a better walk-up at Vincennes two back. Consider.
Owner: Antoine Lherete
Prize Money: €147,570

G 3150m 7 A Lherete
Antoine Lherete
208a1aDa4a1a3aDa5a5a 4.00 3.10


Daisy Thoris FR

Last four runs have included two DQ's. Little appeal.
Owner: Ecurie Eric Letouze
Prize Money: €0

F 3150m 8 E Letouze
E Letouze
209mDa8mDa7m8a7m4m3m - -


Darling Harbour FR

Mixed walk-up form this term with two close efforts and two below par runs in previous four runs. Go well if in the mood.
Owner: J Baudron
Prize Money: €127,310

F 3150m 8 J Ph Monclin
J Baudron
20Da2a7a2a4a7a0a9a4a 15.0 18.0

Expresso Good FR

9L ninth in better company second up at Vincennes. Place angle dropped in class.
Owner: Mme R Popot
Prize Money: €130,580

M 3150m 7 A Popot
J F Popot
209a8a3a3a1aDa1a1a5a 5.40 5.60


Eole Christubert FR

Well beaten in a stronger walk-up when last seen. Likely to need this after lengthy absence.
Owner: Ch Boisson
Prize Money: €139,850

G 3150m 7 Arnaud Morin
Arnaud Morin
200a7m3m196m4m0a7aDa 104.0 223.0

Egerie Quesnot FR

Four DQ's in previous six outings. Best ignored.
Owner: R Jajolet
Prize Money: €141,260

F 3150m 7 R Jajolet
R Jajolet
0aDa20Da0aDaDa8aDa8a 20.0 56.0

Eroico Bello FR

In superb mounted form with three wins from previous four runs. Work to do back in this discipline.
Owner: Ecurie Jean Paul Marmion
Prize Money: €170,460

G 3150m 7 A Wiels
J Marmion
201m1m2m1mDaDm2m2m2m 10.0 11.0

Racing and Sports

COSMOS D'ISOP (4) returns to this discipline under favourable conditions. Look for an improved display as a 4L winner in previous walk-up. Contender. EAULYMPIK CEHERE (7) was relegated by stewards for causing interference when chasing a hat-trick. Can bounce back. EAWY D'EOLE (12) caused a shock when winning a 1L walk-up at Vincennes penultimate start. Consider. DARLING HARBOUR (14) is capable on a going day. Place hope.

Selection: 4-7-12-14