16 January 2021 12:50 Angers Jean Mary - Monte

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  • Race Distance:3125 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 23000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 12:48 13:19


Cheesecake FR

Six placings from 14 career starts in this discipline. Others hold stronger claims.
Owner: B Angot
Prize Money: €73,220

G 3125m 9/57.0 G Lenain
P Hallais
200a4a3m6m8a2m195m0a 49.0 79.0

Delle Du Luot FR

Yet to show much mounted form this campaign including a DQ latest. Could struggle.
Owner: J Y Herard
Prize Money: €76,610

F 3125m 8/67.0 J Balu
J Y Herard
20DmDa0m9m7m9mDaDaDm 59.0 100.0

Elody De Pervenche FR

Dual walk-up winner but below par recently. Best watched on mounted debut.
Owner: C J De Leeuw
Prize Money: €83,480

F 3125m 7/67.0 F Desmigneux
C j Leeuw
200a8a6a0a5a6a9a8a0a 45.0 81.0

Ekla Way FR

Could strip fitter for 8L tenth at Cabourg on reappearance. Not entirely dismissed.
Owner: Ph J Poisson
Prize Money: €84,950

F 3125m 7/67.0 Christopher Corbineau
P H Poisson
0m20DaDa6m4m0m7aDa19 36.0 59.0

Express Duo FR

1L success in a Argentan mounted event 26 days ago. In the mix.
Owner: Ecurie De Rougemont
Prize Money: €103,380

G 3125m 7/57.0 Mlle Marie Bazire
L Peschet
201m0m0a4m0a2m1m2m6m 13.0 9.00


Dinky Nelliere FR

Inconsistent mounted starts this term including DQ latest. Others preferred.
Owner: Marc Misandeau
Prize Money: €104,440

G 3125m 8/55.0 E Cive
J Ph Mary
Dm200m2m0aDmDm4mDm3m 56.0 66.0

Brise Des Ulmes FR

Unplaced in eight mounted events. Unlikely to feature.
Owner: M Brun
Prize Money: €106,620

F 3125m 10/67.0 A Lherete
M Brun
20Da3a3a6a9a7a7a5aDa 39.0 80.0

Elvira Fligny FR

Two placings at this level in previous three mounted attempts. Frame consideration.
Owner: Ecurie Chalon
Prize Money: €111,980

F 3125m 7/55.0 T Fleury
C H Chalon
206m2m3mDm4mDm6m3mDm 28.0 38.0

Diplomate FR

Two down the field efforts recently makes him hard to warm to. Prepared to overlook.
Owner: Ecurie G Et F Raffre
Prize Money: €114,800

G 3125m 8/55.0 L Balu
S Guarato
209m0mDm2m8a0aDa7a4a 53.0 74.0

Dolce Vita Folle FR

Yet to place in this discipline. Needs significant progress.
Owner: E G Blot
Prize Money: €0

F 3125m 8/57.0 Bastien Joseph
E G Blot
202a6a6a8m0a4a3a6a0a 27.0 26.0

Dreamer Angele FR

Fair form at this level since November. Could run into a place.
Owner: E Mulot
Prize Money: €121,745

G 3125m 8/67.0 B Rochard
G Delacour
204m5m4m2mDm6a3mDm2m 13.0 17.0

Diego De Banville FR

Four-time mounted winner including a 5L triumph two back prior to a DQ latest. Notable runner.
Owner: Mickael Cousin
Prize Money: €118,720

G 3125m 8/67.0 P Edouard Mary
C H Mary
Dm201m5a0aDa6m5m1m2m 16.0 11.0


Feodale FR

8L third in a stronger Vincennes mounted event last month. One to note eased in class.
Owner: Mlle M Bliard
Prize Money: €130,020

F 3125m 6/67.0 A Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
203m4m9a6m8aDm1m1mDm 1.40 1.40


Drusenheim FR

Infrequent mounted winner but significantly dropped in standard following an 8L seventh at Vincennes. Respected.
Owner: Loic Groussard
Prize Money: €132,320

F 3125m 8/67.0 Cl Frecelle
Loic Groussard
207m3mDmam1m7m9m9m5m 17.0 11.0

Racing and Sports

DIEGO DE BANVILLE (12) holds strong claims as a four-time mounted winner including in this class. Likely contender. FEODALE (13) maintains fair form in better mounted races this term. Chances based on this ease in company and might go well. DRUSENHEIM (14) is on the shortlist dropping significantly in standard following an 8L seventh. Keep in mind. EXPRESS DUO (5) may improve on a mounted win at Argentan. Thereabouts.

Selection: 12-13-14-5