16 January 2021 12:20 Angers King Black - Attele

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  • Race Distance:3125 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 17000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 12:30 12:48


Gamin De Touchyvon FR

Unplaced in three starts. Needs pronounced improvement.
Owner: Ecurie De L'angerie
Prize Money: €240

G 3125m 5 D Ribemont
D Ribemont
206mDa0a 61.0 146.0

2 A
Gerico De Godrel FR

Close 1L runner-up in an easier walk-up three back. Others hold better chances.
Owner: Guillaume Jouve
Prize Money: €8,220

G 3125m 5 Theo Duvaldestin
Guillaume Jouve
Da205a2a4a7aRa192a 24.0 21.0

Gege Du Houlme FR

Unplaced in 28 career starts. Ignored.
Owner: Ecurie Eric Letouze
Prize Money: €10,910

G 3125m 5 E Letouze
E Letouze
200a0aDmDa5aDaDaDa9a - -


Gamin De La Butaie FR

Disqualified for galloping in a mounted event latest. Return to this discipline could help.
Owner: Ecurie David Garcias
Prize Money: €13,450

G 3125m 5 B Rochard
D Garcias
Dm202a6a4a0a5a2a5a0a 26.0 44.0

Giant Madrik FR

Three DQ's from previous six starts temper enthusiasm. Plenty to prove.
Owner: Ecurie Ch A Mary
Prize Money: €13,890

G 3125m 5 C H A Mary
C H Mary
Da208a0aDa2aDaDa7a9a 42.0 54.0

Great Des Landes FR

Beaten a long way in a walk-up at Argentan on reappearance. Needs to step up considerably.
Owner: M Hardy
Prize Money: €14,370

G 3125m 5 B Hardy
S Hardy
9a208a8a2a5aDa6aDa6a 65.0 117.0

Gangster D'urfist FR

Mixed form in auto-starts and mounted events. Could be set for improvement returning to this discipline.
Owner: F Leblanc
Prize Money: €17,410

M 3125m 5 L Guinoiseau
F Leblanc
20Dm4aDm192mDm5m6a4a 21.0 34.0

Genie Du Chene FR

Midfield in an easier Amiens walk-up 48 days ago. Others make more appeal.
Owner: Cl Guedj
Prize Money: €17,530

G 3125m 5 M Coignard
J Mer
206aDa2aDa1a4a9a1aDa 60.0 140.0

Go Fast De Vains FR

Won two easier walk-ups since resuming. Dangerous to dismiss up in class.
Owner: Mme V Bihl
Prize Money: €18,870

G 3125m 5 B Coppens
R Coppens
20Da1a7a1a0aDaDa1aDa 14.0 20.0

Gracchus FR

Dramatic improvement with a close second at Montauban second up. Overall profile suggests unlikely to replicate.
Owner: C Dubanchet
Prize Money: €23,650

G 3125m 5 M Fribault
C Dubanchet
202a8a9a5a6a6a2a3a8a 42.0 60.0

Ganncheri FR

Three straight placings in similar walk-ups. Could find the frame again.
Owner: B Bardou
Prize Money: €19,420

G 3125m 5 M Bezier
R Larue
2a203a3aDa2a3a0a1aDa 13.0 20.0

Golden Du Bourg FR

23 race maiden who was down the field in a La Capelle auto-start when last seen. Tough task returning after lengthy absence.
Owner: Frank Sarfati
Prize Money: €19,910

G 3125m 5 R Douyere
C H Ecalard
208a4a7a6a5a7a7a5a5a 120.0 308.0

13 A
Gabello Jephi FR

1L scorer in this grade two back. All or nothing type but top chance if producing best racing barefoot.
Owner: Guillaume Jouve
Prize Money: €43,600

G 3150m 5 G Jouve
Guillaume Jouve
20Da1aDaDa2a2a3a8a7a 29.0 27.0

Graal Du Vivier FR

Victorious in a stronger walk-up four back. Give good account without front shoes.
Owner: Ecurie Eric Lemaitre
Prize Money: €41,530

G 3150m 5 Th Duvaldestin
T H Duvaldestin
2a20Da7a1a2aDa6a7a3a 3.10 3.20


Gengis D'hameline FR

Excellent strike-rate and entering good form following three solid efforts since resuming. Thereabouts.
Owner: Ecurie Jean Paul Marmion
Prize Money: €41,640

G 3150m 5 A Wiels
J Marmion
2a204a4a0a1a2aDa4a1a 9.50 10.0

Gagnant FR

Chasing a hat-trick of wins following two walk-up wins including at this level latest. Should feature prominently.
Owner: M Martinez
Prize Money: €39,810

G 3150m 5 J Ph Monclin
J Monclin
201a1aDa5aDa2aDaDaDa 5.40 3.50


Galago Du Cadran FR

Won four straight walk-ups prior to absence. Encouraging reappearance should set him up for a forward display.
Owner: Ecurie J P -f Lamare
Prize Money: €39,470

G 3150m 5 F Lamare
F Lamare
202a1a1a1a1a3aDa193a 17.0 19.0

Gitan De Guez FR

Two straight DQ's don't inspire confidence this time. Others more reliable.
Owner: Ecurie Vautors
Prize Money: €39,440

M 3150m 5 N Bazire
J M Bazire
20DaDa5a4a5a0a1a2aDa 8.70 6.80


Racing and Sports

GALAGO DU CADRAN (17) rates highly following a good reappearance. Won four straight walk-ups prior to that effort and looks set to confirm the excellent strike-rate. D'HAMELINE (15) maintains a healthy record providing good form following three solid efforts since resuming. Thereabouts. GAGNANT (16) is one to consider chasing a hat-trick after two walk-up wins including at this standard latest. GRAAL DU VIVIER (14) rates among the chances based on solid recent form and now competes without front shoes.

Selection: 17-15-16-14