14 January 2021 3:35 Cagnes-sur-Mer Junior Du Rib- Attele

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  • Race Distance:2925 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 6000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:05 15:36


Felin De Christal FR

Held 12L seventh here last month. Step forward expected second up.
Owner: Ch Berquier
Prize Money: €21,820

G 2925m 6 Mme I Metzemaekers
D Cinier
207a0a1a8a3aDa9a7aam 21.0 37.0

El Bambi FR

Down the field two most recent starts including at Agen in October. Best watched.
Owner: A Rieupeyroux
Prize Money: €27,292

M 2925m 7 A Rieupeyroux
A Rieupeyroux
200a0a9a0aDa8a6a0a19 82.0 182.0

Forrest Jo FR

Eighth at Pont-de-Vivaux at the end of November. Minor role likely.
Owner: L Gout
Prize Money: €32,200

G 2925m 6 J ph Grimaldi
L Gout
208aDa1a9a3aaaDa5a5a 26.0 32.0

For Me Gede FR

Decent 3L fourth at Lyon-Parilly in November. Bold show expected.
Owner: Ecurie Uroz
Prize Money: €33,780

G 2925m 6 Mlle G Ambrogio
J Uroz
204a7a3a5a4aDa2a1a4a 5.20 5.20


Funky Du Noyer FR

Absent since a DQ in a mounted race here in August. Others preferred.
Owner: G Laumesfelt
Prize Money: €34,680

G 2925m 6 E Baldacchino
D Alexandre
20Dm0aDa8a2a3a5a8a4a - -


Fayette Dream FR

Fair 12L fourth at Pont-de-Vivaux two weeks ago. Racing barefoot for the first time.
Owner: Mlle S Blanchetiere
Prize Money: €37,630

F 2925m 6 Mlle S Blanchetiere
Y A Briand
4a20Da9a2aDa5a7a7a8a 3.90 4.90


Filou Des Pistes FR

14L sixth at Pont-de-Vivaux 12 days ago. Interesting.
Owner: A Melosi
Prize Money: €37,900

G 2925m 6 Th Chauvin
Julien Chauvin
6a205aDa6a5a5a5aDa6a 19.0 39.0

Eclat D'Orval FR

7L seventh in an amateurs contest here 11 days ago. More needed.
Owner: Mme Veronique Dupuis
Prize Money: €39,690

G 2925m 7 Ch Bache
V Foucault
7a20DmDa2a9a5a6a7m1a 31.0 48.0

Enjoy Dancer FR

Faded 10L sixth at Lyon-Parilly in November. Strong claims on earlier form.
Owner: Mlle E Jousset
Prize Money: €49,520

G 2950m 7 F Hatier
R Mourice
206a1a2a1a3a0a8a196a 19.0 21.0

Cinq Trois FR

11L sixth at Toulouse end of November. Improvement needed.
Owner: B Sabourdy
Prize Money: €68,925

G 2950m 9 J Ph Izzo
N Julien
206a0a6a6a4a9a6a6a8a 71.0 132.0

Dothia FR

Victorious by 1L at this circuit just under four weeks ago. Top chance.
Owner: J Joffroy
Prize Money: €69,685

F 2950m 8 S Oyer
J Joffroy
201a5a9a3aDa1a5a6a1a 14.0 14.0

Efaro FR

DQ'd two most recent starts including here last week. Others hold more obvious claims.
Owner: Ecurie Lucky 8 Racing
Prize Money: €72,050

M 2950m 7 Mlle A Karlsson
D Locqueneux
Da20Da8a8aDa4a1aRa18 3.90 2.20


Cam De Tize FR

Fair 8L seventh at Pont-de-Vivaux in November. One to note.
Owner: Mlle E Sebaldano
Prize Money: €73,975

G 2950m 9 Mlle A Haret
C H Haret
207a3a7a9a0a6a4a4a9a 44.0 91.0

Dalton FR

Held 20L eighth at Pont-de-Vivaux earlier this month. Noted.
Owner: Ecurie Martial Gauvin
Prize Money: €75,300

G 2950m 8 Marc Tardy
J P Ensch
8a208a0a0a6a193a2aDa 39.0 78.0

Chrono Atout FR

DQ'd both starts since finishing 6L seventh at Pont-de-Vivaux first up. More needed.
Owner: K Vanderschelden
Prize Money: €76,365

G 2950m 9 S Triomphe
K Vanderschelden
Da20Da7a9a8a8mDa2a1a 29.0 34.0

Enjoue Jenilou FR

Improved effort 7L fourth at Pont-de-Vivaux earlier this month. Notable contender with no shoes.
Owner: Ecurie Romuald Mourice
Prize Money: €76,465

G 2950m 7 M Feltesse
R Mourice
4a20DmDaDmDa2a0a8a1a 11.0 16.0

Racing and Sports

DOTHIA (11) may complete a double following a 1L success here. ENJOY DANCER (9) warrants consideration having shown good form prior to a 10L sixth at Lyon-Parilly. FOR ME GEDE (4) enters equations after delivering a 3L fourth at Lyon-Parilly. ENJOUE JENILOU (16) holds each-way claims after producing a 7L fourth at Pont-de-Vivaux.

Selection: 11-9-4-16