22 November 2020 5:22 Reims Grand Reims - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2550 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:52 17:23


Forever Isques FR

Successful in three of his last five starts including by 9m at Rouen at the start of this month. Strong claims.
Owner: Stal Triumphe Stable
Prize Money: €0

G 2550m 5 Julien Raffestin
F Ghekiere
1a3a1a2a1aDa3a0a195a 8.80 5.60


Fergie Highland FR

Down the field when 33m 13th at this venue earlier this month. Others preferred.
Owner: Mlle L Coatleven
Prize Money: €57,470

F 2550m 5 B Chanonat
B Chanonat
0aDa7a1a1a1a8a3a4a7a 44.0 65.0

Fortune D'Opale FR

Fair 18m ninth at this track just under two weeks ago. Step forward required.
Owner: Ecurie Alexis Garandeau
Prize Money: €49,720

F 2550m 5 David Lefevre
C H Douillet
9a9aDa1a7aDa1a2aDa4a 36.0 87.0

Fedra FR

Decent effort 9m fifth here 13 days ago. Interesting.
Owner: M Hagon
Prize Money: €60,640

F 2550m 5 G Lannoo
A Lannoo
5a9a4a2a1a5aDa6a2a19 7.40 7.10

Fee Zia De Nappes FR

Beaten 15m eighth here earlier this month. Improvement needed.
Owner: G Brochet
Prize Money: €49,290

F 2550m 5 M Verva
G Brochet
8a7a3a8a3a8aDa6a192a 11.0 18.0

Flemington FR

DQ'd last four starts including in a mounted race at Argentan at the end of last month. Races barefoot.
Owner: H G Stihl
Prize Money: €49,290

G 2550m 5 F Senet
F Senet
DmDa19DaDm6m1mDm3m2m 34.0 20.0

Ephilou FR

Held 33m ninth at Nantes earlier this month. Back from a break that day and likely capable of better.
Owner: F L Adam
Prize Money: €56,530

G 2550m 6 B Robin
D Bonne
Ra199a0a8a0aDa7a0a18 36.0 75.0

Delta De La Vallee FR

Struggled 30m ninth in an amateurs contest at Mauquenchy at the start of last month. Others hold more obvious claims.
Owner: A Ternisien
Prize Money: €62,520

G 2550m 7 Aurelien Ternisien
A Ternisien
9a7a8a2a7mDaDa9a7a8m 42.0 118.0

Dino Du Dome FR

DQ'd in a mounted race at Montier-en-Der in September. Others make more appeal.
Owner: M Louasse
Prize Money: €0

G 2575m 7 F Chartier
F Chartier
Dm7a0a3a9m3m6m0a0m1m 91.0 230.0

Flora Suedoise FR

Disappointing 75m 14th in a big field at Vincennes nine days ago. Bold show expected down in grade.
Owner: Ecurie Skytten
Prize Money: €104,570

F 2575m 5 J Melis Macias
J Niskanen
0a8a3a5a3aDaDaDa5a4a 32.0 91.0

Eclair Star FR

Races barefoot following a 33m 12th in a handicap at Chartres 15 days ago. More needed.
Owner: Ecurie De La Balagne
Prize Money: €98,350

M 2575m 6 M Lenoir
M Lenoir
0a0a5a8aDa1aDa4aDa9a 12.0 16.0

Fearless Jiel FR

Decent 24m fifth in a higher grade at Vincennes just under three weeks ago. Leading contender.
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €151,065

G 2575m 5 P Y Verva
J L Dersoir
5a2a3a1a3aDa4m3a8a2a 3.00 2.70


Fascinoso De Lou FR

Beaten over 50m 13th in a higher grade at Vincennes at the start of this month. Better expected.
Owner: Ch Germain
Prize Money: €157,850

G 2575m 5 Adrien Tabu
L Cl Abrivard
0a5m4m0a4mDm0a2m1m1m 76.0 225.0

Electric Schmar FR

Held 18m eighth at Caen just over two weeks ago. Others preferred.
Owner: Ecurie G Delacour
Prize Money: €99,620

G 2575m 6 P A Delacour
G Delacour
8a9a2a9a1a2a4a7aDaDa 17.0 33.0

Felli Eleven FR

Below par 27m fifth in a class A event at Chartres 15 days ago. Contender down markedly in grade.
Owner: Cuadra Hermanos Iniguez
Prize Money: €167,160

M 2575m 5 J ch Piton
A Rigo
5a5a2a4a2a4a7aTa4a8a 5.10 4.30


Draga Du Chatelet FR

Fourth two most recent starts including in an auto-start at Bordeaux. Interesting.
Owner: J Herard
Prize Money: €0

F 2575m 7 L Guinoiseau
J Herard
4a4aDa1a9a1a2a1aDa2a - -


Racing and Sports

FEARLESS JIEL (12) has been performing well in higher grade races including when fifth at Vincennes. Looks set to play a leading role. FLORA SUEDOISE (10) is another down in grade following a downfield finish in a class D at Vincennes. May prove to be better in this. FOREVER ISQUES (1) recorded a victory at Rouen. Capable of registering a big effort in this stronger looking contest. FELLI ELEVEN (15) is another to consider following a fifth in a class A at Chartres.

Selection: 12-10-1-15