22 November 2020 5:05 Vincennes Brioude - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 12 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 49000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:35 17:07


Dominator Blond FR

21m seventh on second run back after absence. Return to this discipline could spark improvement. Not discounted.
Owner: Ecurie Joub
Prize Money: €210,240

G 2850m 7 D Bonne
F P Bossuet
7aDaRa195a0a9a9a183m 18.0 21.0

Diamant De Larre FR

Hard to fancy after beaten a long way on previous mounted race. Others preferred.
Owner: Mlle M A Goetz
Prize Money: €211,880

G 2850m 7 A Barrier
B Goetz
2a6aDa3aDa6m0a7m5a6a 15.0 15.0

Berenice Du Loisir FR

Mixed form this campaign but has ability. Best watched on mounted debut.
Owner: Mlle V Lemetayer
Prize Money: €216,810

F 2850m 9 D Thomain
G Fournigault
6a2a4aDaDa1a2a2a3a2a 10.0 8.30

Devise Du Vivier FR

Ran above market expectations in previous mounted race here on penultimate outing. Could go well.
Owner: Ch Germain
Prize Money: €217,990

F 2850m 7 Th Roullier
L Cl Abrivard
Da3mDa1a8a5a0aDaDa2a 12.0 25.0

Dusty Wood FR

Solid form in this grade prior to absence. Bold show expected.
Owner: Y Desmet
Prize Money: €220,980

G 2850m 7 Mlle L Planchenault
T H Duvaldestin
3m3m1mDm1m1mDmDm7m19 4.00 5.90


Dorgali FR

Out of form in two mounted races since returning. Best watched.
Owner: Ph Beauvisage
Prize Money: €227,110

G 2850m 7 J Condette
T H Duvaldestin
4m0m2mDm190m1m2m0a2m 5.90 5.10


Dextase Montaval FR

Late headway in a course mounted race eight days ago. Each-way claims up in distance.
Owner: R Malherbe
Prize Money: €231,890

F 2850m 7 A Abrivard
J Guelpa
3a5a4m4a3a7a0a8a0a3a 3.60 2.50


Desperado FR

No worthwhile form to grasp onto. Readily opposed.
Owner: M Moureaux
Prize Money: €237,060

G 2850m 7 Mme M Herleiksplass
J M Bazire
Da0a0a0a0a3a8aDa0a0a 18.0 36.0

Berlioz De Ginai FR

Beaten a long way in previous two outings. Look elsewhere.
Owner: C Pavone
Prize Money: €233,570

G 2850m 9 E Raffin
S Roger
0a0aDm9a2mDaDaDaDaDa 13.0 10.0

Cristal Du Perche FR

Down the field in Argentan walk-up latest. Others have more obvious claims.
Owner: Ecurie Foiret
Prize Money: €240,320

G 2850m 8 M Tijou
V Seguin
0a8a8m8m0a9a7a0a8a3a 44.0 87.0

Davina Du Capre FR

Yet to place in mounted races and DQ when last seen. Ignored.
Owner: Mme J Harbeumont
Prize Money: €242,000

F 2850m 7 F Nivard
C H Ecalard
7aDaDm0a7a7a8a7aDa1a 78.0 119.0

Bel Air FR

Two DQ's in last three attempts. Best watched.
Owner: Ecurie Franck Boismartel
Prize Money: €248,670

G 2850m 9 A Dabouis
F Boismartel
Dm6aDa0a4a0a0aDa9aDa 42.0 106.0

Racing and Sports

DUSTY WOOD (5) maintained solid form in this grade prior to an absence. Could have scope to improve beyond his rivals on first outing back. Rates highly. DEXTASE MONTAVAL (7) made late headway in a course mounted race eight days ago. Holds each-way claims. DOMINATOR BLOND (1) warrants attention returning to a mounted event on third start back. Include for a placing. BERENICE DU LOISIR (3) is hit and miss this campaign. Does have ability and is interesting making mounted debut.

Selection: 5-7-1-3