21 November 2020 7:30 Toulouse Cru De Limoux Anne De Joyeuse- Attele

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  • Race Distance:2750 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:00 19:33


1 (1) A
Fanfaro Bello FR

Held 30m fifth at Chatelaillon three weeks ago. Others preferred.
Owner: Ecurie Dominik Cordeau
Prize Money: €49,280

G 2750m 5 B Lerebourg
D Cordeau
5a8a5a7a2a3aDa3a2a3a 24.0 47.0

2 (2)
First Marceaux FR

Below par 13th in a handicap at Moulins in August. Minor role likely.
Owner: Ecurie H M France
Prize Money: €50,640

G 2750m 5 J c Rotger Serra
J c Serra
0a9aDmDm5a9a0a8a2a19 61.0 138.0

3 (3)
Family Du Chene FR

Down the field 15th in an auto-start at Bordeaux earlier this month. Better expected racing barefoot.
Owner: B Chalmel
Prize Money: €47,020

F 2750m 5 F Clozier
Y Hamon
0a5a2a8a1a7aDaDa3a8a 11.0 6.00


4 (4)
Fruit D'ibiza FR

DQ'd both starts since finishing runner-up at Mauquenchy in September. Step forward expected racing barefoot.
Owner: F Tardieu
Prize Money: €50,890

G 2750m 5 Cedric Terry
A Buisson
DaDa2a3a6a2aDa2a2aDa 3.50 3.20


5 (5)
Flower Glamour FR

DQ'd two of her last three starts. Races barefoot here and is dangerous if maintaining stride.
Owner: Mme Cl Auche
Prize Money: €47,840

F 2750m 5 D Laisis
D Laisis
Da3aDa1a5a4a5a4a1aDa 12.0 7.60

6 (6)
Flower Of Life FR

Good 9.1m third in a lower class handicap at Bordeaux start of this month. Bold show expected.
Owner: J Cl Labrousse
Prize Money: €47,800

F 2750m 5 N Vimond
N Vimond
3a1a4a0a0aDaaaDa2a8a 11.0 12.0

7 (7)
Fangio Du Poncelet FR

Absent since a neck victory in an auto-start at Beaumont-de-Lomagne in September. Strong claims on return.
Owner: Mme Lisette Bonnin
Prize Money: €50,590

G 2750m 5 C Gazengel
C Gazengel
1a3a1a4aDa6a1a4mDa19 7.00 5.10


8 (8)
Flora Tartifume FR

Victorious on her penultimate start but struggled when 24m tenth in an auto-start at Bordeaux subsequently. Interesting.
Owner: Ecurie Noel Langlois
Prize Money: €50,560

F 2750m 5 N Langlois
N Langlois
0a1a5a7a2a6a6a0a7a4a 32.0 56.0

9 (9)
Famous Jet FR

Held 60m 11th at Beaumont-de-Lomagne last month on his return. Improvement needed.
Owner: L De Wael
Prize Money: €44,030

G 2750m 5 B Muel
B Muel
0aDmDmDm3mDm1m5a194a 54.0 118.0

10 (10)
Fortuna Rose FR

Fair 30m ninth in a mounted race at Bordeaux start of this month. Others make more appeal.
Owner: L Ginestet
Prize Money: €41,440

F 2750m 5 S Bouisson
S Bouisson
9m6m3m5m2m1m4m1m3m0m 142.0 278.0

11 (11)
Fedor D'heripre FR

Faded into 13th at Toulouse in June. Best watched.
Owner: Ecurie Tenacious Sauvigney
Prize Money: €46,885

G 2750m 5 F Marty
F Marty
0a5a4a9a5a3a3a6a195a 104.0 252.0

12 (12)
France De Fleur FR

Struggled all three starts since returning from a break. Races barefoot.
Owner: J M Machet
Prize Money: €43,760

F 2750m 5 D Brossard
G Riviere
0aDaDm8m4a5aDa3a5a2m 40.0 59.0

13 (13)
First Lady FR

Good 9.1m fourth in a handicap at Bordeaux three weeks ago. Interesting contender.
Owner: Ecurie Duem
Prize Money: €45,960

F 2750m 5 J Chavatte
J Chavatte
4a4aDa1a1aDa0aDa0aDa 8.80 13.0

14 (14)
Fantasque D'enfer FR

21m tenth in an auto-start at Toulouse start of last month. One to note.
Owner: Gerard Gautier
Prize Money: €45,020

G 2750m 5 M Criado
M Criado
0a9aDaDa4a3a1a5aDaDa 64.0 93.0

15 (15) A
Furious Bey FR

Placed on last three starts including neck second in a handicap at Bordeaux six days ago. Leading contender.
Owner: Ecurie Dominik Cordeau
Prize Money: €43,620

G 2750m 5 D Cordeau
D Cordeau
2a3m2a4a7a3a9a3a2a5a 8.40 11.0

16 (16)
Flash Back Du Nord FR

Showed good form 9.3m third in an auto-start at Saint Galmier 19 days ago. Notable runner.
Owner: Stall Escapade Ab
Prize Money: €46,330

G 2750m 5 B Piton
R Kuiper
3aDa5a2a2a6a8a7aDa19 9.60 19.0

Racing and Sports

FURIOUS BEY (15) looks to hold strong claims of going one better than when a neck runner up at Bordeaux. Considered for the win. FANGIO DU PONCELET (7) is noted on the back of an auto-start success at Beaumont-de-Lomagne. Include. FLOWER OF LIFE (6) also enters equations having faded in the closing stages when third at Bordeaux. Interesting. FLASH BACK DU NORD (16) finished third in a competitive heat at Saint Galmier. Worth a second look.

Selection: 15-7-6-16