18 Oct 2020 7:35 Toulouse La Mediterranee Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2100 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:Heavy
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 14000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 19:05 19:46


1 (13)
Old Danish FR

Sixth last time at Salon-de- Provence and faces an uphill battle.
Owner: Gr Petit
Prize Money: €25,025

G 4/60.0 R Liegeois
Mlle C Courtade
245 6p0p5p2p0p6p8p198p1p 34.0 34.0

2 (7)
Baileys Diamant FR

Only just behind when racing against rival Le Raffut. Should be thereabouts once again.
Owner: Mme C Melet
Prize Money: €31,600

F 4/59.5 M Forest
W Walton
240 2p2p5p3p1p0p9pRp3p5p 7.80 6.10


3 (6)
Curly Chop FR

Took a while to return to winning ways. Should be challenging for the placings.
Owner: F Seguin
Prize Money: €28,700

G 5/59.0 C Ghersi
F Seguin
235 1p8p7p2p1p7p0p3p0p 15.0 8.30

4 (16)
Fuenteesteis FR

Without a win in a long while and will find it tough on these terms.
Owner: R Avial Sanchez
Prize Money: €173,010

F 6/58.5 A Crastus
R Lopez
230 9p6p0p8p0p9p0p8p4p8p 12.0 21.0

5 (4)
Doble O Nada FR

Below par in recent starts. Will need an improved performance to get close.
Owner: Jm Garcia-Sahagun
Prize Money: €18,400

G 5/58.5 C Cadel
Mlle G Madero Parayre
230 0p7p0p4p9p6p8p1p195p 21.0 36.0

6 (14)
Flashy FR

Has faded in recent starts but has a chance if rediscovering the third at Dax a few starts ago.
Owner: C Auche/c Melet/l Roumegoux
Prize Money: €32,890

F 5/57.5 A Gavilan
W Walton
220 9p0p3p6p7p5p2p0p0p 18.0 23.0

7 (15)
Stratonice FR

Needs to bounce back to best to win but remains one for the shortlist.
Owner: P Chenu/a Abrassart
Prize Money: €13,875

F 4/57.5 M Foulon
D Chenu
220 2p2p4p6p6p6p0p4p0p4p 11.0 15.0

8 (10)
Le Raffut FR

Struggled when well beaten at Dax. Has a great chance at this level though.
Owner: Ch Ch Gourdain
Prize Money: €12,875

G 5/57.0 N M Lopes Duarte
C Gourdain
215 0p1p3p6p4p0p9p190p0p 15.0 17.0

9 (9)
Ten Ka FR

Has been held behind both rivals Le Raffut and Baileys Diament a couple of starts ago. Will have to improve.
Owner: F Covinhes
Prize Money: €10,755

F 4/56.0 J Auge
E Dell'ova
205 2p4p4p3p0p190p8p1p4p 7.10 6.90


10 (12)
Diamond Stary FR

Has been inconsistent this season but has a chance at this level. One for the shortlist.
Owner: Mme M Verdu
Prize Money: €9,685

F 4/55.5 G Trolley De Prevaux
Mme M Verdu
200 6p5p3p6p5p0p5p5p190p 20.0 41.0

11 (3)
Kenrisk FR

Was disappointing last time at Pau. Plenty to find on these terms.
Owner: Mme M Aguilera Puente
Prize Money: €26,600

G 6/55.0 C Merille
Mme M Puente
195 0p197p0p2p2p4p180p0p 28.0 62.0

12 (8)
Dakar Eleven FR

Has struggled through the last few runs. However best form is over this trip. Interesting.
Owner: C Guedj
Prize Money: €65,600

G 9/54.0 G Guedj-gay
T Lemer
185 9p7p4p2p1p5p193p2p2p 8.00 5.60


13 (5)
Shakstormy FR

Has not won for a long time. Much to find at this level.
Owner: Mme C Teychenne
Prize Money: €42,500

F 7/54.0 C Cornet
Mme C Teychenne
185 4p4p3p8p5p0p4p190p5p 13.0 9.90

14 (11)
Chines Princess FR

Does not have much chance here. Best watched.
Owner: Mme T Devesse
Prize Money: €63,950

F 9/53.0 Lily Le Pemp
L Larrigade
175 0p0p0p197p3p9p9p9p6p 15.0 32.0

15 (2)
La Miss FR

Could perhaps get into the places as has been consistent at this level over the last few outings. Only playing for places though.
Owner: P Duboisse
Prize Money: €40,770

F 5/53.0 V Seguy
P Duboisse
175 5p4p4p1p4p6p8p6p0p 9.80 8.20

16 (1)
Eva Malpic FR

Has not been in the frame at this level in handicap company. Likely to struggle to get on terms.
Owner: Mlle H Sourbe
Prize Money: €4,475

F 4/52.5 R Delage
Mlle H Sourbe
170 9p9p5p6pAh0p6p190p1p 28.0 62.0

Racing and Sports

LE RAFFUT (8) was beaten last time but holds a great chance at this level to bounce back and have the head in front. A winner recently at Cazaubon. DAKAR ELEVEN (12) arrives fresh and his best form is at this trip so will likely challenge for the placings. BAILEYS DIAMANT (2) holds good form behind rival Le Raffut so consider for the place money. LA MISS (15) could be a surprise package to finish in the placings if returning to earlier form at Pompadour.

Selection: 8-12-2-15