18 Oct 2020 6:18 Auteuil Miss Hungerford Handicap Hurdle

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  • Race Distance:3900 m
  • No. of Runners:15 runners
  • Going:Soft
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 30000
  • Race Type:Hurdle
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 17:48 18:33


Vaniteux FR

Runner-up two most recent starts including beaten 5L over 3800m at Compiegne (soft-to-heavy) last month. Bold show expected.
Owner: C Leech
Prize Money: €321,607

G 11/72.0 J Reveley
Mrs S Leech
530 2h2h4h2h0s6hAs197s9s 6.90 4.00


Blinis FR

Ended a run of four consecutive claiming chase successes when 2L second over 3700m here earlier this month. Notable runner back over hurdles.
Owner: Mme U Toole
Prize Money: €70,810

G 9/72.0 T Andrieux
Y Fouin
530 2s1s1s1s1s4c0s174sAs 15.0 10.0

Pichelot FR

9L fourth in a 3800m handicap hurdle at Compiegne (soft-to-heavy) 24 days ago. Strong claims.
Owner: S Munir/i Souede
Prize Money: €122,983

G 7/71.5 K Nabet
D Cottin
525 4h2h3s4s193h8h183s4s 4.90 4.70


Nurmi GER

29L seventh in a 4100m hurdle at Le Touquet (heavy) three weeks ago. Others preferred.
Owner: A Vangelisti
Prize Money: €139,180

G 7/71.0 D Satalia
D Satalia
520 7h9hTs4s196s5sTh1h3h 27.0 20.0

Bahia Des Obeaux FR

Faller in a 3600m handicap hurdle on heavy ground here in February. Others make more appeal.
Owner: Mme N Devilder
Prize Money: €68,855

G 9/70.0 O Jouin
N Devilder
510 Th2h184hTh4h174h0h1h 15.0 12.0

N'Attend Pas Trop FR

Unseated rider in a 4200m chase on heavy going at Saint-Brieuc in March. Top jockey up on return to hurdling.
Owner: Mlle L Seurin
Prize Money: €52,490

G 9/70.0 C Lefebvre
T Jouin
510 Ds2h185h1h3hTh2h4h 22.0 23.0

Radiologue FR

Put a pulled up effort behind when 6L third in a 3600m hurdle at Clairefontaine (soft) last month.
Owner: L Glemin
Prize Money: €141,295

G 8/70.0 B Lestrade
E&G Leenders
510 3hAs190s8s3s185s2s6s 7.20 9.00

Fences FR

Held 28L fifth in a 3900m hurdle at Bordeaux (soft) last month. Interesting.
Owner: P Salvadori
Prize Money: €1,950

G 5/70.0 G Re
E Grall
510 5h9p2p2p1p3p9h19Ah4h 16.0 26.0

De Temps En Temps FR

Below par 39L sixth in a 3600m claiming hurdle on soft-to-heavy going here start of this month. Minor role likely.
Owner: Ecurie Centrale
Prize Money: €3,230

G 7/70.0 R Mayeur
F Cottin
510 6h7h184s6hAh177h167h 24.0 55.0

Dylaine FR

Pulled up three of her last four starts including in a 3800m event at Compiegne last month. Best watched.
Owner: C Languedoc
Prize Money: €83,110

F 9/70.0 N Gauffenic
M Rolland
510 Ah8hAh17Ah4hAh161h8h 31.0 39.0

Grand Pretendant FR

49L 13th in a 3900m hurdle on soft going here last month. Others hold stronger claims.
Owner: B Mohamed
Prize Money: €33,325

G 7/70.0 G Siaffa
B Mohamed
510 0hAh19Dh160h3h4h5p5p 67.0 89.0

Santana Du Berlais FR

Back from a break when 18L eighth in a 3900m hurdle on soft ground here last month. Better expected.
Owner: J Hayoz
Prize Money: €189,110

G 7/69.0 A Seigneul
Robert Collet
500 8h0h3h0h3h5h7h19Ah2h 9.00 8.60


Bonfou D'Airy FR

12L fourth in a 4200m chase at Strasbourg (soft) two weeks ago. Looking for a first victory at this track.
Owner: Gc Rudolf
Prize Money: €83,705

G 9/69.0 Jb Breton
G C Rudolf
500 4s2h0hAh19Th4hAh188h 19.0 32.0

Djamena FR

42L ninth in a 3700m handicap chase on soft-to-heavy ground a week ago. Others preferred.
Owner: Ecurie Centrale
Prize Money: €101,750

F 7/69.0 D Mescam
F Cottin
500 9s5s6h182h7hTh0h171s 8.80 12.0

Kroissant Bleu FR

31L fifth in a 3600m claiming hurdle on soft-to-heavy ground here at the start of this month. Poor wins to runs record.
Owner: A Incurvaja/p Lenogue
Prize Money: €43,275

G 6/66.0 L Philipperon
P Lenogue
470 5h0h0h9h7h5h0h4h5h 17.0 47.0

Racing and Sports

VANITEUX (1) showed good form when 5L second in a 3800m handicap hurdle at Compiegne. Strong claims of going one better. PICHELOT (3) performed well when 9L fourth in that Compiegne contest. Can take a hand in the finish. SANTANA DU BERLAIS (12) is ready to take a step forward following an 18L eighth in a course and distance event. BLINIS (2) is noted back in a hurdle after a 2L second over 3700m claiming chase on heavy going at this venue.

Selection: 1-3-12-2