17 October 2020 3:32 Caen La Ville De Caen - Attele

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  • Race Distance:4400 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 55000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:02 15:36


1 A
Datcha FR

Placed on final four starts last campaign. Resumes following seven month absence and interesting if able to run similarly. Has needed first start back in the past however.
Owner: Ecurie Comte P De Montesson
Prize Money: €289,500

F 4400m 7 E Ruault
E Ruault
3a2a2a3aDa6a191a1a3a 74.0 115.0

All Feeling FR

Well beaten on reappearance and hard to imagine he will improve enough to score in this field.
Owner: M Lemercier
Prize Money: €312,010

M 4400m 10 M Lemercier
M Lemercier
0a0a8a19Dm0a9a9m9a3a 185.0 285.0

Astor De Rozoy FR

Upped in grade and may find this too tough.
Owner: J P Lemelletier
Prize Money: €325,980

M 4400m 10 L J Legros
J M Legros
7a2a7a3a3a3a5a2a2a4a 29.0 27.0

Classic Haufor FR

DQ on three of last four starts and hard to have following that.
Owner: Ecurie Christian Bigeon
Prize Money: €332,800

M 4400m 8 C H J Bigeon
C H Bigeon
Da7aDaDa1a6a0aDm0a19 23.0 41.0

Digne Et Droit FR

Midfield in this grade last time and needs more on that performance to win.
Owner: J Fernandez-sanchez
Prize Money: €337,480

M 4400m 7 A Barrier
P a Rynwalt-boulard
7a0a4a2a4a4a5a2a7a2a 11.0 28.0

Elvis Du Vallon FR

9.1m fifth at Craon on reappearance was promising. Great record second up so has to be of interest.
Owner: Ecurie Du Haras De L'epinay
Prize Money: €344,260

M 4400m 6 D Thomain
C H Cuiller
5a0a0a4a2a3a195a4a1a 21.0 28.0

Divine Mesloise FR

DQ last twice and hard to trust following that.
Owner: Ecurie Bois Doufray
Prize Money: €347,700

F 4400m 7 P Belloche
P Belloche
DaDa5a3a8a1a4a4a4aDa 12.0 18.0


Brillant Madrik FR

Thriving at present having won three of last four starts. This is toughest task yet but could not be coming into this in any better form. Keep safe.
Owner: G Champie
Prize Money: €347,980

G 4400m 9 A Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
1m1aDa1aDmDa9a2a7a9a 8.60 3.20


Cyriel D'Atom FR

Struggling this campaign and looks up against it.
Owner: Stal D'atom
Prize Money: €350,042

G 4400m 8 F Nivard
A Graeve
0a8aDa7a4a3a3a2a2a3a 39.0 63.0

Crepe De Satin FR

This is a lot tougher than the events she has placed in of late. Needs more.
Owner: Ecurie Bkm
Prize Money: €363,100

F 4400m 8 B Marie
B Marie
2a3a0a0a9aDa9a4a8a19 33.0 53.0

Baron Du Bourg FR

Won three starts back but well beaten since. Needs more in better race.
Owner: J G Van Eeckhaute
Prize Money: €365,570

G 4400m 9 E Raffin
J G Eeckhaute
6m0a1a0a7m6m7m7a7a8a 20.0 28.0

Balando FR

Modest recent form figures and looks up against it.
Owner: A Taieb
Prize Money: €425,190

M 4425m 9 G Gelormini
B Gelormini
5a0a6a1a0a196a6a3a4a 65.0 125.0

13 A
Estola FR

Easily opposed following well beaten performances.
Owner: Ecurie Comte P De Montesson
Prize Money: €429,560

F 4425m 6 F Lecanu
E Ruault
0aDaDaDa8a7a9a3a6a6a 42.0 119.0

Aldo D'Argentre FR

Honest overall record and been running consistently this campaign without troubling the judge.
Owner: E Lamy
Prize Money: €536,780

M 4425m 10 A Lamy
E Lamy
5a6a3a8a6aDaDa9a9aDa 26.0 46.0

Caban Prior FR

Placed on three of four starts this campaign and is clearly in great form at present. Beaten 8.2m in similar contest last time. Each-way player.
Owner: Ecurie S Desmarres
Prize Money: €546,690

G 4425m 8 S Desmarres
S Desmarres
3m3m4m2m3m1m193m1mDa 77.0 191.0

Carly FR

Down the field on reappearance. That run too bad to be true so expect a better effort here.
Owner: M Nadji
Prize Money: €597,110

G 4425m 8 M Chadeyron
T H Duvaldestin
0m3m192m3m2m2m1m8m1m 233.0 258.0

Etoile De Bruyere FR

Just missed the placings when a 12m fourth in similar contest last time. Each-way claims now third up.
Owner: Ch Dreux
Prize Money: €670,420

F 4425m 6 Ch Dreux
C H Dreux
4m7a3m0a2m2m3m19Da1m 145.0 223.0

Bugsy Malone FR

Thriving at present and has won two of last three starts. Impressive 9.8m winner of a G2 at Agen La Garrene last time and this is easier. The one to beat.
Owner: Ph Allaire
Prize Money: €998,430

G 4450m 9 Y Lebourgeois
P H Allaire
1a3a1aDm2a8a5a1a192a 1.80 1.80


Racing and Sports

BUGSY MALONE (18) impressed when a 10m winner of a G2 last time. This is easier so looks hard to oppose. BRILLANT MADRIK (8) is improving rapidly and has won three of last four starts. Expect another bold showing. CABAN PRIOR (15) has placed on three of last four runs. Honest gelding that will enjoy conditions. Threat to all. ELVIS DU VALLON (6) shaped promisingly on reappearance. Should improve and holds each way claims. ETOILE DE BRUYERE (17) just missed the placings when 12m fourth in similar contest last time. Place hope third up.

Selection: 18-8-15-6-17