17 September 2020 6:45 Pornichet Association Oligocyte - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2725 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 18:15 18:48


Elue De Fleur FR

Running consistently well without troubling the judge. Needs more.
Owner: Ecurie Bucephale
Prize Money: €37,690

F 2725m 6/55.0 E Lelievre
W Michel
5m0a8a4m4m7m5aDmDm3m 109.0 141.0

Express Jim FR

Four straight DQ and hard to fancy.
Owner: Ecurie La Rousseliere
Prize Money: €47,430

G 2725m 6/67.0 N Martineau
N Martineau
DmDaDaDa7a7aDaDa6aDm 34.0 39.0

Ecu Du Parc FR

DQ last three runs. Easily opposed.
Owner: T Bernier
Prize Money: €41,250

G 2725m 6/67.0 A Dabouis
M Dabouis
DaDmDa8a4mDa3m5m4mDm 15.0 5.60


Dragon Du Gue FR

Placed four starts ago but struggled since. Needs more.
Owner: Mme V Beaufils
Prize Money: €42,490

G 2725m 7/67.0 Mlle M Bacsich
Mlle A Brouel
9a0a7a2aDa7mRa191m1m 21.0 21.0

Doc De L'Ormerie FR

Has some good form in the book but is an inconsistent type and hard to predict.
Owner: Jonathan Juge
Prize Money: €44,090

G 2725m 7/57.0 J Cerisier
V Jarry
Da9m4m6aDaDa9aDaDm4a 12.0 13.0

Etain D'Echal FR

Placed on last two runs and overdue a victory. Modest winning record but has each way claims.
Owner: M Constantin
Prize Money: €46,470

G 2725m 6/67.0 Mme A Constantin
M Constantin
3m3mDa5m2m2m3m4m8m7m 13.0 9.90

Dalomane FR

Rates well on best form but DQ latest and may prove best watched.
Owner: N Perrelle
Prize Money: €50,420

F 2725m 7/67.0 B Rochard
N Perrelle
Dm8m9m3m6m4m2m4m9m7m 14.0 26.0

Edjame Visais FR

Uninspiring form figures and likely best watched.
Owner: G Lherpiniere
Prize Money: €49,960

G 2725m 6/67.0 A Voisin
D Piel
0a0a5aDm1m7aDa8a1a7a 9.60 9.90

Escorte Vrie FR

Struggling this campaign and is a long-standing maiden. Would be a shock winner.
Owner: R Baudron
Prize Money: €49,980

F 2725m 6/67.0 M Barre
R Baudron
7a0a8aDa5a6a9a190a0a 25.0 67.0

Deesse Du Houlme FR

2.6m third at a country track on reappearance. Interesting if able to build upon that.
Owner: J Groizeau
Prize Money: €82,990

F 2750m 7/67.0 Christopher Corbineau
J Groizeau
3m195m2m3m4m4m4a2m9a 6.20 6.30


Deesse Des Sables FR

Winner at Luxe two starts ago and does have a good winning record. Interesting.
Owner: E Lunardi
Prize Money: €87,000

F 2750m 7/67.0 J Y Ricart
Ph Gendry
8m1m7m5m8m5m0m0a9m6m 10.0 13.0

Calin Des Moissons FR

Placed on three of last five starts and has each way claims.
Owner: Ecurie Christian Boisnard
Prize Money: €87,390

G 2750m 8/55.0 W Dersoir-habib
C H Boisnard
9m3m3m7m3m8m4m4mDm5m 26.0 29.0

Doranic Fouteau FR

Mid-field finish in stronger race last time. Interesting if able to improve.
Owner: A Dreux
Prize Money: €89,400

G 2750m 7/67.0 A Wiels
A Dreux
8a0a5a0a4a7a5aDa1aDa 14.0 16.0

Cohibo FR

Running consistently without troubling the judge. Needs more.
Owner: Ecurie Olivier Raffin
Prize Money: €92,365

G 2750m 8/55.0 A Gendrot
O Raffin
6m5a7a0a6a0a0m0a6m3m 19.0 55.0

M.t.king Of Cash FR

Highly tried this campaign but struggled. Drops in grade and remains unexposed so capable of improvement.
Owner: E Verhaert
Prize Money: €96,988

G 2750m 8/67.0 P ph Ploquin
C H Mary
Da6mDa7aRa183a 4.60 4.10


Carla Des Caraibes FR

18m fourth at Craon. Outran market expectations that day and interesting if able to improve.
Owner: F Pourrier
Prize Money: €97,090

F 2750m 8/57.0 M Pean
D M Olivier
4a7a4a9a5a3a6a8a8aDa 29.0 77.0

Racing and Sports

DEESSE DU HOULME (10) was a close third on reappearance delivering a great run and may progress again. The one to beat. DEESSE DES SABLES (11) produced a game victory two starts back. Though inconsistent is a threat to all if showing best form. M.T.KING OF CASH (15) is unexposed after only eight career attempts. Tried in much stronger races than this previously and whilst struggling can improve. Keep safe. ETAIN D'ECHAL (6) placed past two outings. In good form and each way backers are advised to look closely.

Selection: 10-11-15-6