17 September 2020 5:02 Pornichet Restaurant La P'tite Franquette - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2725 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:32 17:05


Grace De Mai FR

15m fifth at Laval. That was better and can improve again. Each way hope.
Owner: Ph Gendry
Prize Money: €22,850

F 2725m 4 Ph Gendry
Ph Gendry
5a0m9a8a1a6a8a7a9aDa 84.0 183.0

2 A
Go Go Timoka FR

Won at a country track. Harder here and outside chance.
Owner: Ecurie E Varin
Prize Money: €23,640

F 2725m 4 O Raffin
E Varin
1a5a4a1a3a1a6a2a9a5a 36.0 22.0

Galaxy De Castelle FR

Progressing steadily. Placed at Ecommoy and interesting if able to build upon that.
Owner: X Lignel
Prize Money: €23,770

F 2725m 4 B Rochard
X Lignel
2a5a8aDa0aDaDaDaDa4a 21.0 50.0

4 A
Gaga Lady Benach FR

17m third at Le Croise Laroche. This is tougher and likely a place will prove best.
Owner: Ecurie E Varin
Prize Money: €24,110

F 2725m 4 P ph Ploquin
E Varin
3a0a7a1a6a2a1aDa3a9a 27.0 71.0

Grande Soiree FR

Has finished second on last three starts and overdue a victory. Remains unexposed and can do better yet. Keep safe.
Owner: Ecurie Christian Boisnard
Prize Money: €24,180

F 2725m 4 Ch Boisnard
C H Boisnard
2a2a2a5aDa7aDa3aDa9a 26.0 35.0

Gamin Jaba FR

DQ last two starts and hard to have.
Owner: Mme G Bazire
Prize Money: €24,510

G 2725m 4 R Congard
J M Bazire
DaDa2a3aDa1aDaDa1a19 4.90 6.40

Giuseppe FR

2.6m winner at La Capelle two starts ago. That was his third win in five starts but disappointed subsequently. Is progressing and a threat if at best.
Owner: Ecurie Des Charmes
Prize Money: €29,750

G 2725m 4 Theo Duvaldestin
T H Duvaldestin
8a1aDa1aDa1aDaDa1aDa 4.90 5.10


Ganalie FR

DQ on reappearance and needs to bounce back.
Owner: F G Longepee
Prize Money: €26,100

F 2725m 4 B Robin
B Robin
Da0a6a0aDa195a3a4a7a 57.0 115.0

9 B
Granit Du Gers FR

Thriving at present. Won twice and placed from last three starts. This is easier than at Bernay and can improve.
Owner: A Le Courtois
Prize Money: €27,190

G 2725m 4 N Biagini
A Le Courtois
2a1a1a5a5aDa1a4a193a 25.0 30.0

Ghost Light FR

Placed on three of last five starts but DQ on other two runs. Has ability to take this out if able to find the finish.
Owner: P Devaux
Prize Money: €27,445

M 2725m 4 G Beaufils
G Beaufils
Da2aDa3a2a0a1a2a8a19 32.0 20.0

Gitane D'azur FR

0.1m second at Durtal when bidding to go back to back. Goes well for this driver and is a solid pick.
Owner: Ecurie Jean Paul Marmion
Prize Money: €27,460

F 2725m 4 A Wiels
J Marmion
2a1a4a4a6a191a4a1a2a 5.00 5.40


Girl De Guysej FR

1.3m winner at Les Sables d'Olonne. Won two of last three starts and is improving. Keep safe.
Owner: Ecurie Arnaud Desmottes
Prize Money: €27,840

F 2725m 4 Arnaud Desmottes
A Desmottes
1a4a1aDa5a194a2a1aDa 8.40 9.00

Gaby Meslois FR

Inconsistent and has been DQ on two of last three starts. Best watched.
Owner: Ecurie Bois Doufray
Prize Money: €29,670

M 2725m 4 P Belloche
P Belloche
Da9aDa6a3aDa6aDaDa19 12.0 6.60

14 B
Gascoin FR

Consistent gelding. 9.5m third at Enghien and this is no tougher. Each way.
Owner: A Le Courtois
Prize Money: €28,690

G 2725m 4 E Lelievre
A Le Courtois
3a3a4a2a5a2a1a2aDa19 7.70 5.40


Racing and Sports

GIUSEPPE (7) was slightly disappointing in latest. Won the start before that and is progressing this campaign. Expected to bounce back as the one to beat. GRANIT DU GERS (9) delivered a close second bidding for third straight victory. Clearly in great form and looks a solid pick. GIRL DE GUYSEJ (12) gamely held rivals and remains unexposed so can improve further. Keep safe. GASCOIN (14) is consistent. Sure to run usual race and each way backers are advised to look closely.

Selection: 7-9-12-14