2 August 2020 5:17 Aix-Les-Bains Bochard Charpente - Vichy - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2000 m
  • No. of Runners: 12 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:47 17:21


Doulis D'Occagnes FR

Well beaten in lower class in June and passed over.
Owner: Lionel Giraud
Prize Money: €45,600

G 2000m 7 Q Chauve-laffay
H Chauve-Laffay
5aDa3a1a4a195a4a2a3a 15.0 11.0

Duchesse Fouteau FR

No form in last six and best watched.
Owner: B Cury
Prize Money: €45,690

F 2000m 7 A Cury
B Cury
0a0a0a9a0a190a9a4a0a 71.0 114.0

Darling Oaks FR

Won three starts back but hasn't been at that level since. Hard up in class.
Owner: S Dumont
Prize Money: €46,880

F 2000m 7 L Lamaziere
S Dumont
Da9a1a7a0aDa190mDaDa 56.0 71.0

Dakota De Digeon FR

Won by a nose here latest. Up two levels but could place.
Owner: F Demoulin
Prize Money: €56,710

G 2000m 7 G Demoulin
F Demoulin
1a2a5a190a7a2aDa1a0a 4.70 4.50


Desir De Banome FR

Second six starts back but not at that level since.
Owner: Ecurie De Belgrave
Prize Money: €48,280

G 2000m 7 Y A Briand
L Lerenard
0m0aDm0a5m2m0a19Da0a 33.0 14.0

Dandy De Melodie FR

Well beaten in this class on last two and hard to have.
Owner: A Bonnefoy
Prize Money: €49,375

G 2000m 7 A Bonnefoy
A Bonnefoy
0a0a7a5aDa9a0a0a19Da 40.0 58.0

Dow Jones FR

DQ at this level two weeks ago and failed to make the frame the time before.
Owner: D Herbin
Prize Money: €52,270

G 2000m 7 P Callier
A Bonnefoy
Da0a3a7a8a190a3a6aDa 13.0 12.0

Duc De Clarbec FR

Ended last campaign with a third in a lower class. Returned with a DQ but should progress with shoes off.
Owner: M Busset
Prize Money: €49,475

G 2000m 7 M Daougabel
M Busset
Da3aDa2aDaDa196aDaDa 4.10 3.50


Dream Du Rabutin FR

Third at a provincial venue in this class two weeks ago. Worth including.
Owner: O Bizoux
Prize Money: €62,410

G 2000m 7 O Bizoux
O Bizoux
3a0a2a7aDa4a5aDa0a0a 6.80 7.00

Didji Du Messi FR

Out of form since a break and best watched.
Owner: Y Le Bris
Prize Money: €95,980

G 2025m 7 Y Le Bris
Y Bris
8a7a5a3a197a6a7a1a4a 43.0 42.0

Darby Kalouma FR

Third Cagnes Sur Mer in this class. This looks winnable.
Owner: Michel Torres-arnau
Prize Money: €105,080

G 2025m 7 K Thonnerieux
K Thonnerieux
3a9a7a7a6a195a5a1a6a 3.30 5.00


Diabolo Night FR

Fourth in this grade four starts back. Not shown much since.
Owner: J S Morancais
Prize Money: €104,670

G 2025m 7 Martin Cormy
Mickael Cormy
7a0aDa4aDm2a0a3a6a3a 27.0 26.0

Racing and Sports

DARBY KALOUMA (11) finished third in this class at Cagnes Sur Mer beaten 9m. This looks a winnable contest and is considered. DREAM DU RABUTIN (9) was third at a provincial venue in July and shows up well in this grade. DUC DE CLARBEC (8) finished third two starts ago and may bounce back from DQ on reappearance. DAKOTA DE DIGEON (4) won by a nose and is worth considering up in class.

Selection: 11-9-8-4