30 June 2020 2:18 Vichy Jean Michel Bazire (prix De Savoie) - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2950 m
  • No. of Runners: 17 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:48 14:20


First Lady De Jal FR

No form last six starts and remains in the same grade.
Owner: Ph Thienard
Prize Money: €2,700

F 2950m 5 S Peltier
Y Hallais
Da0a0a0a19RaDa5a5a4a 35.0 103.0

Formalyne A Jojo FR

Well beaten on comeback in a claimer. Tough ask.
Owner: J Sevin
Prize Money: €14,190

F 2950m 5 J Sevin
J Sevin
0a199a8a5a8aDa5a5a9a 47.0 97.0

Fee De Clerlande FR

Midfield on last three outings. Most likely come up short again.
Owner: Franck Rivaton
Prize Money: €0

F 2950m 5 B Thomas
B Thomas
7a6a6aDaRa9a6a0a19Da 41.0 97.0

Fiesta Express FR

Five disqualifications in last six. Was third in a class F on only completed start.
Owner: J Paille
Prize Money: €19,850

F 2950m 5 J Paille
G Paille
DmDa3aDaDaDa192aDa9a 38.0 141.0

Fusion Loisir Urzy FR

Third beaten 7.8m in a lower grade at Saint-Galmier. Consistent and could place.
Owner: Ecurie Rivaillon
Prize Money: €29,410

F 2950m 5 A Tintillier
A Tintillier
3a2a5a5aRa199a7a2a1a 39.0 55.0

Fureur De Vivre FR

Not beaten far last start this course and heading in the right direction. Has claims.
Owner: E Bonvallet
Prize Money: €42,630

F 2950m 5 L Paleau
L Paleau
5a8a8a4a7a3a6a192a2a 32.0 68.0

Fergie Highland FR

Recent form is not up to winning this race.
Owner: Mlle L Coatleven
Prize Money: €51,390

F 2950m 5 B Chanonat
B Chanonat
7a190aDa0a1a5a9a8a8a 130.0 167.0

Feerie Delo FR

Go on third Lyon-Parilly two starts ago and if running up to that performance is a place chance.
Owner: A Bonnefoy
Prize Money: €26,190

F 2950m 5 A Bonnefoy
A Bonnefoy
9a3a2a2a9a5a2a194a9a 51.0 70.0

Fandoria De Glane FR

Won two starts back at Lignieres in a lower grade. Fourth subsequently at the same level.
Owner: M Auvray
Prize Money: €41,305

F 2950m 5 M Auvray
M Auvray
4a1a5a197a1a2a5aDaDa 8.30 4.10


Fanchon De Roche FR

Seventh in this class two starts back beaten 11m at Chartres. Claims on that form.
Owner: Mlle C Cheradame
Prize Money: €32,970

F 2950m 5 C Cheradame
Mlle C Cheradame
5a7a4a0a7a4aDa7a0a19 41.0 170.0

Favolta FR

Won in this grade at this venue recently by 2.6m. The one to beat again.
Owner: E G Blot
Prize Money: €37,230

F 2950m 5 J M Bazire
E G Blot
1a7a3a9a0a5a0a196aDa 2.50 2.10


Fiesta Julry FR

Fifth beaten 4.2m in a lower grade on comeback. Interesting second up in grade.
Owner: Ecurie Julry
Prize Money: €0

F 2950m 5 J P Gauvin
J P Gauvin
5a9a197a1aDaDa2a3a3a 8.70 11.0

Fanny De Guinette FR

Well beaten into fourth at Graignes recently. Needs to improve.
Owner: G Brion
Prize Money: €30,340

F 2950m 5 S Hardy
S Hardy
4a0a6a5a7a2a190aDa3a 18.0 24.0

Faya Treveenne FR

Fifth beaten 7.9m in this class earlier this month at Graignes. Shoes now off and expected to feature.
Owner: D Lecroq
Prize Money: €53,930

F 2975m 5 A Collette
D Lecroq
5a1a4a8a5a4a4a4a198a 7.10 7.50


Filae De Soyora FR

Won impressively by 15m two starts back in a lower grade. Solid third latest and cannot be ruled out.
Owner: R Gaja
Prize Money: €67,050

F 2975m 5 Q Chauve-laffay
H Chauve-Laffay
3a1a7a4a5a9a194a0a3a 19.0 16.0

Fusion De Grez FR

Returning after a break and ended last campaign out of form.
Owner: F Leblanc
Prize Money: €58,430

F 2975m 5 V Hunault
F Leblanc
0m4a9a4a9a0a195a5a1a 123.0 188.0

Folie De Houelle FR

Fifth in this class at La Capelle recently beaten 10m. One for the placings.
Owner: J Cl Meignan
Prize Money: €95,690

F 2975m 5 L Guinoiseau
F Leblanc
5a0a5a3a0a190aDa8aDa 11.0 19.0

Racing and Sports

FAVOLTA (11) won in this class with Jean Michel Bazire taking the drive for the first time. Bazire is back again and is the one to beat. FAYA TREVEENNE (14) has shoes coming off after a good fifth in this grade recently. Big claims. FILAE DE SOYORA (15) ran third at Saint-Galmier. Time before won in a lower grade and is a strong chance. FOLIE DE HOUELLE (17) delivered a respectable fifth in this grade and is one for the placings.

Selection: 11-14-15-17