30 June 2020 1:45 Vichy Serge Audin (px De L'ile De France) - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2950 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:15 13:50


Frimeur Pipol FR

No form in last three outing. Tough in the same grade.
Owner: A Chapey
Prize Money: €1,130

M 2950m 5 A Chapey
A Chapey
0aDaRaDa7a0aDa190a8a 125.0 138.0

Franc Atout FR

Disqualified in a claimer on comeback. A lot tougher.
Owner: Ecurie Sebastien Hardy
Prize Money: €20,920

G 2950m 5 S Hardy
S Hardy
RaDa193a5a8a2a0a3a7a 22.0 61.0

Fugitif De Po FR

Fourth in a lower grade two weeks ago and passed over.
Owner: Mme Amandine Angee
Prize Money: €17,970

G 2950m 5 G Gelormini
Mlle L Kindler
4a7aDa192aDaDa1aDaDa 22.0 32.0

Finger Des Landes FR

Second beaten 10m at Vichy in this class. Barefoot now and can improve.
Owner: M Hardy
Prize Money: €30,630

G 2950m 5 B Hardy
S Hardy
2m0a4mDa196a0a5aDa6m 37.0 29.0

Funky Julry FR

Out the frame in last five and tough ask.
Owner: Ecurie Julry
Prize Money: €24,600

G 2950m 5 J P Gauvin
J P Gauvin
0a0a0a19DaDa1aDmDa2a 22.0 72.0

Funny Guy FR

Won well by 9.2m in a lower grade latest. Interesting back up in class.
Owner: G Mesnilgrante
Prize Money: €50,360

G 2950m 5 A Lamy
T H Levesque
1aDa193a7a3a6a4a5aDa 3.90 2.90


Fosbury FR

Six straight disqualifications. Going up in class.
Owner: Ecurie Les Tilleuls
Prize Money: €0

G 2950m 5 Cedric Terry
P Terry
DaDaDa19DaDaDa9a1a4a 15.0 8.50

Flobart Du Toulay FR

Won by a nose at Argentan two starts back. Well beaten subsequently.
Owner: Ecurie Franck Blandin
Prize Money: €30,040

M 2950m 5 F Blandin
F Blandin
0a1a7a5a0aDa0a190a8a 7.60 10.0

Fripon Du Jour FR

Back to back fourths in this class. Most recently at Lyon Parilly. Place chance.
Owner: Ecurie Thierry Busset
Prize Money: €0

G 2975m 5 Th Busset
T H Busset
4a4a6a0a0a1a0a195a1a 22.0 21.0

Fangio Des Iris FR

Won in a lower grade three starts back. Not at that level on next two. Shoes off.
Owner: Ecurie De Belgrave
Prize Money: €64,210

G 2975m 5 L Lerenard
L Lerenard
0a8a1a8aDaDa2a198a2a 18.0 19.0

Falko De Nouville FR

Won well in this class two starts back. Seventh at Feurs earlier this month when well held. Place claims.
Owner: Ecurie Laurent Viricel
Prize Money: €52,440

G 2975m 5 P Callier
P Callier
7a1aDa6a6a5a190aDa3a 34.0 78.0

Fitzroy FR

Won by a neck at Chartres in this class at the start of the month. Top claims.
Owner: B Perrin
Prize Money: €80,820

G 2975m 5 Y A Briand
B Bourgoin
1a3a3aDa2a2a8a6a197a 6.60 5.30


Femto De Vauvert FR

Eighth and beaten a distance in two grades higher. Time before won by 5.3m in this class. Will go close down in grade.
Owner: Marc Mathevet
Prize Money: €78,990

G 2975m 5 S Peltier
R Mourlon
8a1aDa196a4a1a2a4a1a 6.20 7.30


Falco De Vandel FR

Fourth at Lyon Parilly in this class beaten 10m. Should feature again.
Owner: G Paolini
Prize Money: €69,190

G 2975m 5 Martin Cormy
Mickael Cormy
4a7a9a2a9a5a4a9a3a6a 7.80 11.0

Racing and Sports

FEMTO DE VAUVERT (13) won well in this class two starts back by 5.3m. Struggled at a much higher level in latest however is capable of winning at this standard. FITZROY (12) comes after finding success by a neck at Chartres in this class. Could go close again. FUNNY GUY (6) is up in grade after an impressive win. FINGER DES LANDES (4) ran second at Vichy and will progress with shoes coming off.

Selection: 13-12-6-4