30 June 2020 5:48 Vincennes Callisto - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 49000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 17:18 17:50


Deedjar Du Vivier FR

Pulled up latest in a lower class at Laval. Tough ask.
Owner: Ecurie Fast
Prize Money: €138,940

G 2700m 7/67.0 E Raffin
C H Dreux
am1mDa3mDmDm191m1m1m 6.90 5.50


Best Of Bourbon FR

Won in two grades lower recently at Caen. Needs a bit more.
Owner: Ecurie Nice Nasach
Prize Money: €211,950

G 2700m 9/67.0 Mlle M Blot
V Jarry
1mDmDm0a196mDm3m4m2m 19.0 26.0

Dynamite Marceaux FR

Second behind Best of Bourbon at Caen thirteen days ago. Tough ask.
Owner: J Groizeau
Prize Money: €212,150

F 2700m 7/67.0 Christopher Corbineau
J Groizeau
2m1m4m4m5m2m8mDmDa19 8.00 9.10

Abercrombis FR

Struggled latest in a lower class but had been going well prior.
Owner: Th De Wazieres
Prize Money: €237,980

G 2700m 10/67.0 F Desmigneux
J F Senet
8m2m2mDa3mDa0a0a0a19 32.0 55.0

Daniel Bon FR

Fifth in a lower grade at Laval recently. Going up a level and needs more.
Owner: Ecurie Arnaud Desmottes
Prize Money: €241,990

G 2700m 7/67.0 Guillaume Martin
A Desmottes
5m3mDm3m4m195m8m4m5m 11.0 24.0

Buster De Beaufour FR

Five disqualifications in last six. Hard to trust.
Owner: Ecurie Damien Bonne
Prize Money: €243,890

G 2700m 9/67.0 D Bonne
D Bonne
DmRm190mDmDmDm18Dm6m 61.0 108.0

Equinoxe Jiel FR

Won in two grades higher three starts back. Struggled on next two including G3. Big chance back down in grade.
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €244,980

M 2700m 6/67.0 M Abrivard
J L Dersoir
Da0a1a2a2m4aDaDa19Dm 6.40 5.70

Ezalyo Smart FR

Ended last campaign with back to back wins including at G3 level. Struggled in two driven races on return. Can win now back under the saddle.
Owner: Ecurie Smart
Prize Money: €249,280

M 2700m 6/67.0 M Mottier
C Buhigne
0a5a1m1mDa192mDa4a7a 3.60 3.70


Caporal De Bry FR

Midfield on last two starts and requires improvement up in grade.
Owner: B Piton
Prize Money: €249,490

G 2700m 8/57.0 Mlle L Planchenault
B Piton
7m5mDm9mDa5m4mDm19Dm 54.0 126.0

Ciroco D'Auvillier FR

Won impressively at Laval by 8.2m in this class. Include again.
Owner: B Guillot
Prize Money: €252,520

G 2700m 8/67.0 Cl Frecelle
B Guillot
1m2m7m9a3mDa195a7m6m 19.0 10.0

Dede De Montauran FR

Second behind re-opposing Ciroco D'Auvillier latest. Needs more to reverse this form.
Owner: Y Vidal
Prize Money: €253,560

G 2700m 7/67.0 A Abrivard
Y Vidal
2m7a0a2m1m2m1m19Dm2m 6.50 5.10


Ariane D'And FR

No form in three starts since her return.
Owner: Ecurie Arnaud Leduc
Prize Money: €259,220

F 2700m 10/57.0 Mlle Ch Callico
A Leduc
0a6m0a193m3m6m5m1m1m 90.0 137.0

Dream De Nilrem FR

Well beaten at claiming level latest. Only third mounted start. Hard.
Owner: N Krouchi
Prize Money: €263,250

G 2700m 7/67.0 M Krouchi
M Krouchi
9a0a0a3a3a7m190m7a8a 131.0 178.0

Diademe Blue FR

Won by a neck two starts back at Meslay du Maine this class. Midfield at a lower level next time.
Owner: Mme C Dabouis-Mary
Prize Money: €275,350

G 2700m 7/67.0 A Dabouis
J Ph Mary
7m1m9a190a9a5a9a18Dm 19.0 30.0

Racing and Sports

EZALYO SMART (8) was only moderate in two driven races after a break. Ended previous campaign in form which included a G3 mounted race success. Hard to beat now back in the saddle. CIROCO D'AUVILLIER (10) won by 8.7m in this class at Laval earlier in the month. Similar contest and has to be considered. EQUINOXE JIEL (7) struggled past two outings and drops in grade while did win three starts back at a higher level. DEDE DE MONTAURAN (11) ran second in latest and is one for the placings.

Selection: 8-10-7-11