22 May 2020 3:49 Dieppe Sarloveze Handicap Hurdle

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  • Race Distance:3800 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:Soft
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 34000
  • Race Type:Hurdle
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:19 15:51


Eccetera FR

Recent form isn't up to this.
Owner: Ecurie Centrale
Prize Money: €17,635

F 6/71.0 R Schmidlin
F Cottin
540 196h7h0h181h4h5h0h 23.0 33.0

Nurmi GER

Tougher test and would need to step up.
Owner: A Vangelisti/d Satalia
Prize Money: €139,180

G 7/70.0 D Satalia
D Satalia
530 Ts4s196s5sTh1h3h0hAh 14.0 28.0

Colonel D'Aumont FR

Started the campaign with a second at Lyon Parilly and entitled to improve for the run.
Owner: Ecurie Du Levant Sarl
Prize Money: €160,830

G 8/70.0 B Gelhay
M Cesandri
530 2s2h190h4h3s2s7h3hTh 10.0 6.00


Shayandi FR

Returns to hurdles. Some useful performances from earlier in the campaign.
Owner: P P Adda
Prize Money: €81,520

G 9/70.0 W Bertin
P Adda
530 7p1p191p2p2p2h4h7p0p 15.0 12.0

Emanon Vallis FR

Still a maiden after four career starts. Needs to improve jumping.
Owner: Mme An Dutertre
Prize Money: €0

G 6/70.0 A Chitray
L Viel
530 18Th7hTh9p 24.0 52.0

Wind Gold FR

Chasing a double. First start for a new yard after lengthy absence.
Owner: Mme M De Sousa
Prize Money: €18,675

G 6/70.0 D Mescam
M Mescam
530 181h9h4h6h177h 8.40 7.90

Enna Pietra FR

Finished off last campaign with a success at Auteuil. Potential.
Owner: Y Y Fouin
Prize Money: €22,415

F 6/69.5 T Andrieux
Y Fouin
525 1h8hAh196hAh5h4h187p - -


Candos FR

Needs to show more after some poor efforts.
Owner: Tenuta Dei Principi
Prize Money: €92,350

G 6/69.0 L Maceli
L Maceli
520 5hThAh4h4h198h4hAh8h 14.0 16.0

Cesare Di Roma FR

Hard to imagine he'll play a role in this.
Owner: Jp Jp Gallorini
Prize Money: €31,620

G 6/69.0 B Hobart
J P Gallorini
520 9h197h6h180h3h175h6h 19.0 37.0

Vatohio FR

Has gone a long time without a win and unlikely to feature.
Owner: Scea Ecurie Bader
Prize Money: €74,930

F 8/68.0 M Daubry-barbier
Mlle S Delaroche
510 8p198hAh3h4h2h5h3h2h 15.0 21.0

Kroissant Bleu FR

Finished close without hitting the frame past three outings. Place potential.
Owner: A Incurvaja/p Lenogue
Prize Money: €39,825

G 6/68.0 L Philipperon
P Lenogue
510 4h5h194h9hAhTh7h5h4h 8.60 10.0

Roi D'Oudalle FR

Last start winner at the journey and cold sneak into the placings in this.
Owner: Jp Leseigneur
Prize Money: €68,830

G 6/68.0 R Mayeur
J Marion
510 1s6h6sTs193s4s5sTs4h 25.0 33.0

Master Dan GB

Form last time was only ordinary at Auteuil and more required.
Owner: Jl Dehez
Prize Money: €42,364

G 9/68.0 T Beaurain
S Dehez
510 8h195h3h3h184h5h2h3h 11.0 13.0

Papywhite FR

Best efforts give him a chance here and bold showing expected.
Owner: Al Haddad
Prize Money: €8,860

G 6/68.0 Felix de Giles
S Dehez
510 182h3hAs6s5h4p175p 14.0 22.0

Happy Business FR

Returned after a break with a third at Compiegne. Could improve.
Owner: M M Rolland
Prize Money: €26,120

F 5/67.0 C Smeulders
M Rolland
520 3h192h7h2h4h3h5h3h6h 8.60 6.30


King Of Run FR

Placed twice from last three outings and could feature.
Owner: P Ponsot/ml & C Gautier
Prize Money: €50,845

G 5/65.0 N Desoutter
C Aubert
500 2h5h2h19Th6h2h4s0s3s 7.40 5.20


Racing and Sports

PAPYWHITE (14) has finished in the frame past two outings and returns after a lengthy absence. Winning chance if race-fit on return. COLONEL D'AUMONT (3) started the campaign with an eye catching second at Lyon Parilly in March and warrants respect if improving for fitness. KROISSANT BLEU (11) needs to be considered after finishing close-up in last three attempts. HAPPY BUSINESS (15) is open to progression after a third at Compiegne.

Selection: 14-3-11-15