22 May 2020 7:15 Laval Meral - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2875 m
  • No. of Runners: 13 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 18:45 19:17


Grincheuse FR

Disqualified in this class ten days ago. Best watched again.
Owner: D Barrois
Prize Money: €15,910

F 2875m 4 F Anne
Xavier Barrois
Da7a7a4a7a19Da5a3a9a 24.0 90.0

Garden Party FR

Back to back seconds in lower classes. Needs more up a level.
Owner: Etienne Dubois
Prize Money: €19,160

F 2875m 4 Q Perdereau
Etienne Dubois
2a2a5a192a7aDa0a3a5a 13.0 36.0

Glinka Grazia FR

Made all the running in a class F last time out at Graignes. Returns with shoes off and one to consider.
Owner: G Ligeron
Prize Money: €19,760

F 2875m 4 T Le Beller
G Ligeron
1a9a5a19Da5a5a7a8a8a 14.0 16.0

Gloire Du Lupin FR

Finished strongly to win at Vichy eleven days ago in this class. Big player once more.
Owner: Ecurie Jean Paul Marmion
Prize Money: €20,520

F 2875m 4 A Wiels
J Marmion
1a193a1a1aDa 3.00 1.70


Grande Soeur FR

Downfield past three outings. Needs more second up.
Owner: B Vachet
Prize Money: €21,500

F 2875m 4 Y Lebourgeois
S Roger
0a190aDa2a6a2aDa5a6a 10.0 16.0

Gitane De Mai FR

Out the frame on last two starts but won at this level three runs ago.
Owner: Ecurie La Petteviniere
Prize Money: €22,760

F 2875m 4 D Dulong
S Roger
Da0a191mDmDm2mDm3a8a 89.0 155.0

Gabana FR

Second at Vichy in this class last week. Consistent and one to consider again.
Owner: Ecurie D M Mottier
Prize Money: €27,160

F 2875m 4 M Mottier
M Mottier
2a1a1aDaDa3a199a1a 6.50 6.90


8 A
Gipsy Des Caillons FR

Fifth when racing nine days ago at Caen beaten 32m. Needs more.
Owner: Ecurie Jeloca
Prize Money: €25,850

F 2875m 4 J L Cl Dersoir
J L Cl Dersoir
5aDa6a3a9a195a3aDa3a 6.70 10.0

Galaxie De Tillard FR

Fifth two starts back in a class C. Struggled only outing since in February.
Owner: Ecurie Etienne Lefranc
Prize Money: €25,110

F 2875m 4 Et Lefranc
E T Lefranc
0a195a1a2aDa5a5a5a2a 21.0 55.0

Graine De Max FR

No form in the past four attempts and needs this class drop to help.
Owner: Eric Ledoyen
Prize Money: €25,430

F 2875m 4 Y Dreux
Eric Ledoyen
0aDa0aDa7a4a5a196a0a 48.0 122.0

Gloire Divine FR

Disqualified last time out at Vichy. Best watched.
Owner: F Leblanc
Prize Money: €38,780

F 2875m 4 L Guinoiseau
F Leblanc
Da199a7aDa3a2a3aDm6a 22.0 35.0

Gold Star Thonic FR

Third beaten 31m in this class in February. Needs to improve.
Owner: H Allard
Prize Money: €25,740

F 2875m 4 Anthony Dollion
Anthony Dollion
3a8a195a6a3a1a2a1a 13.0 38.0

13 A
Gitane Du Rib FR

No form in the last two outings. Dropping down in class and likely to struggle.
Owner: Ecurie Jeloca
Prize Money: €25,960

F 2875m 4 Mme C Hallais-Dersoir
Mme C Hallais-dersoir
0aDa9a5a0a191a8a7a0a 13.0 8.60


Racing and Sports

GLOIRE DU LUPIN (4) has won three of the past four outings including at this level in latest. Big chance with the benefit of a recent run. GABANA (7) returned with a solid second at Vichy in this class. Had won back to back races prior to that and is a strong prospect in this. GLINKA GRAZIA (3) and GITANE DE MAI (6) are two for the placings.

Selection: 4-7-3-6