22 May 2020 5:35 Laval St Pierre La Cour - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2875 m
  • No. of Runners: 12 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:05 17:36


Frange Fleurie FR

Downfield in a higher class at Caen last time out. Needs more.
Owner: F Bezier
Prize Money: €11,950

F 2875m 5 Ch Bezier
F Bezier
0a199m5mDaDa5a6a8a0a 122.0 76.0

Fee Chocolat FR

Ninth but only beaten 12m in this class at Laval. Not out of this.
Owner: Ecurie Bertrand Lefevre
Prize Money: €37,690

F 2875m 5 F Anne
Bert Lefevre
9a195a5a0a3a2a7a8a2a 18.0 44.0

Flore De Crennes FR

Sixth five days ago in a lower class. Needs a bit more.
Owner: Ecurie Haras De Crennes
Prize Money: €42,640

F 2875m 5 E Szirmay
E Szirmay
6a1a6a3a4aDm199a0m8a 18.0 42.0

Front Line FR

Disqualified in this class latest when going well. Place claims.
Owner: Ecurie Fosse Blanc
Prize Money: €54,840

F 2875m 5 Ch Chalon
C H Chalon
Da7a0a3a19Da6aDa8a2a 7.70 20.0

Felicitations FR

Well beaten at Cherbourg ten days ago. Previously back to back seconds in this class. Player.
Owner: Ecurie Comte P De Montesson
Prize Money: €51,800

F 2875m 5 Y Lebourgeois
E Ruault
0a2a2a0a197a1a9aDaDa 4.00 2.80


Feminine FR

Eighth in this class five days ago and requires a bit more.
Owner: Ecurie Christophe Gallier
Prize Money: €53,540

F 2875m 5 Ch Gallier
C H Gallier
8a6m2m2m6m2mDa197m3m 19.0 42.0

Fury D'evel FR

Fifth beaten 17m in a class E back in March. Would need improvement to go close.
Owner: O Potier
Prize Money: €54,220

F 2875m 5 O Potier
O Potier
5a4a2a191a7a6a5a7a0a 29.0 40.0

Folie De Houelle FR

Downfield on recent outings and requires more.
Owner: J Cl Meignan
Prize Money: €56,020

F 2875m 5 L Guinoiseau
F Leblanc
0a190aDa8aDa3a4a3aDa 15.0 20.0

First Lady Carjac FR

Second beaten 11m in this class in March at Enghien. One to consider.
Owner: Ch Audouin
Prize Money: €54,460

F 2875m 5 M Mottier
Mme A F Marcillac
2m8aDa8a196a8a5a5a5a 13.0 18.0

Fee De Cerisy FR

Sixth beaten 9m in a class D at Vincennes. Returning with shoes on so likely to need this.
Owner: Ecurie G Delacour
Prize Money: €56,830

F 2875m 5 P A Delacour
G Delacour
6a198a0a2a2a1a0a0a6a 26.0 63.0

Feria De L'iton FR

Second beaten 5.4m in a class E. Consistent at this level and is a top chance.
Owner: Ecurie De L' Iton
Prize Money: €57,260

F 2875m 5 T De Genouillac
Hughes Levesque
2a3a2a6a193aDa3aDa6a 3.30 3.30


Full Moon Draliam FR

Won by 9.1m in a class E. Returning with same shoeing combination and is a big player.
Owner: P R Maillard
Prize Money: €57,750

F 2875m 5 A Wiels
Mme A F Marcillac
1a5aDa197a7a3a6aDa4a 8.20 3.90


Racing and Sports

FULL MOON DRALIAM (12) made all the running at Laval in March winning by 9m. Returns at the same level and cannot be ruled out. FERIA DE L'ITON (11) placed past three outings including latest at Caen in this class finishing second. Strong chance. FIRST LADY CARJAC (9) and FELICITATIONS (5) both hold solid form and need to be considered again.

Selection: 12-11-9-5