3 September 2019 2:53 Le Mont Saint Michel Beauvoir - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2675 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 14:23 14:57


Divine Emma FR

Has struggled to produce the goods in all four starts this year. Needs to show improvement
Owner: Tony Matias
Prize Money: €26,920

F 2675m 6/67.0 A Foin
A Foin
Dm0a5mDmRm187m0mDaDa - -


Diego De Miennais FR

Although just a one-time winner he tends to feature in the minor money placings
Owner: Mme Joelle Laignel
Prize Money: €0

G 2675m 6/57.0 M Tijou
M Charuel
Da3a0aDa9a0a9a5aRa17 7.90 5.60


Dexter La Roulais FR

Clearly doesn't know the definition of consistency but tends to run in and out of the placings
Owner: K Champenois
Prize Money: €29,060

G 2675m 6/55.0 Mme M Herleiksplass
K Champenois
5m3mDm4mRm2m7m6m18Da 13.0 16.0

Daine Du Ruisseau FR

Will need to improve many lengths on recent form to trouble the market leaders
Owner: Cl J Morin
Prize Money: €30,720

F 2675m 6/55.0 V M Morin
Arnaud Morin
6a7a0a1a4a7a4a6a9aDa 67.0 113.0

Dauphine Coterie FR

Recent report cards fail to inspire any confidence. Look elsewhere for a winner
Owner: Mme VeRonique Quettier
Prize Money: €31,030

F 2675m 6/55.0 Antoine Morin
P H Quettier
5mDm7m8a5a0mDa0m0a7m 57.0 73.0

Ery Louzeen FR

Three-time winner who has finished fourth in three of last five starts. Place chance
Owner: F Joseph
Prize Money: €32,110

G 2675m 5/67.0 F Joseph
F Joseph
4a6a4a4a0a9aDa18Da0a 18.0 33.0

7 A
Dune Des Landes FR

Has battled to produce the goods since winning at Brehal in July 2018. Others preferred
Owner: Ph Deroyand
Prize Money: €32,750

F 2675m 6/55.0 W Dersoir-habib
P H Deroyand
7aDa7a3mDm7m4mDmDa6m 66.0 95.0

8 A
Diwezh De Tremahou FR

Has ample ability but is very temperamental. Could sneak into the minor money placings
Owner: Ph Deroyand
Prize Money: €0

G 2675m 6/55.0 Mlle I Fraigne
P H Deroyand
6m7m5mDm8mDmDaDa3mDm 50.0 78.0

Eclair Des Landes FR

Although came out on top most recently previous form is far too sketchy to trust
Owner: M Hardy
Prize Money: €43,520

M 2675m 5/57.0 Mlle Noemie Hardy
S Hardy
1m7a7a6a8a0a8a187a9a 11.0 9.80

Elfie De Banville FR

Tends to blow hot and cold but is not without ability and can pick up some money
Owner: Ecurie Thomas Levesque
Prize Money: €50,940

F 2675m 5/65.0 A Lamy
T H Levesque
7m6m1m1mDm3m8a3aDaDm 6.20 6.50

Edgar Thoris FR

Third in a mounted race in penultimate. Is clearly in good shape and likely to play a role here
Owner: Pierre Tirapu
Prize Money: €48,130

G 2675m 5/67.0 F Lagadeuc
P L Desaunette
6a3m5a5a2aDaDa4aDa0a 6.10 5.90


Daisy Du Clos FR

Disqualified in five of last six so she is hard to make a case for
Owner: M A Ravalet
Prize Money: €54,405

F 2700m 6/67.0 R Marty
F Heon
DmDa8mDmDmDm3m1m1m18 23.0 65.0

Daidou FR

Appears to have found his niche in this specialty. Runner-up in latest is a lively contender for top honours
Owner: Ecurie Daidou
Prize Money: €85,480

G 2700m 6/57.0 J Cerisier
T Le Beller
2mDaDaDa9a1mDaDaDm4a 5.60 4.00


14 B
Diana D'evel FR

Has finished second in two of last four under the saddle. Minor money shout
Owner: O Potier
Prize Money: €84,720

F 2700m 6/57.0 M Kondritz
O Potier
DaDm2m2m5m8aDm7aDmDa 21.0 27.0

15 B
Egir Des Apres FR

More than capable on a good day and considering all four wins have been under the saddle he looks a serious contender
Owner: O Potier
Prize Money: €66,860

G 2700m 5/67.0 D Thomain
O Potier
Da5m7a2m5a0a4a4a7a3a - -


Djeson D'Ariane FR

A capable runner when focused on the job but that is too seldom the case
Owner: D Bethouart
Prize Money: €68,550

G 2700m 6/55.0 S D Jardin
D Bethouart
DmDa8a4mDm0a2mDm1mDa 10.0 11.0

Eudes De L'Aunay FR

Remains unshod but has been struggling of late and needs major improvement to win
Owner: Ecurie L M David
Prize Money: €101,070

G 2700m 5/67.0 L M David
L M David
4a9a7a4aDa7m7a8a0a3m 12.0 16.0

Dorylee FR

Latest successes came in the autumn of 2017. On current form she is hard to recommend
Owner: P G Veugeois
Prize Money: €70,570

F 2700m 6/67.0 A Collette
G Delacour
DmDm6m0aDm0m4m186mDm - -


Racing and Sports

There are a few with chances here. (13) DAIDOU was runner-up in latest and appears to have found his niche in this speciality so makes most appeal. (15) EGIR DES APRES should be shortlisted having scored all four wins under the saddle. (16) DJESON D'ARIANE is far better than recent results suggest and (10) ELFIE DE BANVILLE has each way claims

Selection: 13-15-16-10