3 September 2019 12:25 Le Mont Saint Michel Credit Agricole Normandie - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2675 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 12:30 12:33


Faveur Buroise FR

Sanctioned in last eight performances so she is very hard to make a case for
Owner: Ecurie Aurmath
Prize Money: €6,770

F 2675m 4/55.0 Antoine Morin
S T Meunier
DmDaDaDaDa18DmDaDa3a 72.0 70.0

Fiesta Del Phedo FR

Last four appearances fail to inspire any confidence. Needs to improve
Owner: Olivier Touvais
Prize Money: €7,460

F 2675m 4/55.0 Maxime Gilbert
Olivier Touvais
8m9mDm3m5m18Dm2m4mDm 91.0 80.0

Flicka Galaa FR

Maiden who has been sanctioned in six of nine starts. Place chance at best
Owner: Ch Mottier
Prize Money: €8,280

F 2675m 4/55.0 A Ernault
C H Mottier
DmDmDmDm2m4m2mDm18Dm 6.20 6.60


Fakir Du Levant FR

Registered a very good victory and a third prior to being disqualified in latest. Consider
Owner: D Bethouart
Prize Money: €15,010

G 2675m 4/55.0 S D Jardin
D Bethouart
Dm3m1mDaRmDm5m187aDm 17.0 16.0

Filante Tege FR

One-time winner who tends to get disqualified more often than not. Look elsewhere
Owner: Ecurie Dominique Lemetayer
Prize Money: €19,840

F 2675m 4/55.0 G Lenain
D Lemetayer
DaDa7a1aDaDaRa18Da0a 52.0 50.0

Fozzano Phedo FR

Long-time maiden who has only run a place in three of twenty-three starts. Others preferred
Owner: P Touvais
Prize Money: €21,190

G 2675m 4/55.0 L Balu
P Touvais
7a3m6a5a4aDaDa6a2a0a 27.0 27.0

Flirt Du Terroir FR

One-time winner who has only missed the first three once under the saddle. Player
Owner: D Pepin
Prize Money: €11,450

G 2675m 4/57.0 M Kondritz
F Provost
3m3m6m181m2mDa 7.70 7.50

8 A
Fleur Du Guelier FR

On recent report cards she appears to have a place chance at best. Outsider
Owner: Ecurie Sassier
Prize Money: €37,840

F 2675m 4/55.0 Mlle L Planchenault
M Sassier
9a0m5a1a6mDaDm8a9m3a 56.0 54.0

9 A
Festival Gema FR

Although just a one-time winner he rarely finishes too far from the action. Chance
Owner: Ecurie Sassier
Prize Money: €22,280

G 2675m 4/55.0 Mlle G Godard
M Sassier
4m5m1m4m4mDm5mDaDa18 14.0 13.0

Flash Venesi FR

Has sparked tremendous improvement since racing under the saddle even winning penultimate at Rochefort-sur-Loire. Can earn
Owner: J Bescher
Prize Money: €13,660

M 2675m 4/55.0 C Ferre
J Bescher
Dm1m3m6m5m8a5aDa6a9a 48.0 46.0

Forcing Verone FR

Tends to blow hot and cold but does have ability and can feature. Still not an obvious choice
Owner: Ecurie Sebastien Hardy
Prize Money: €18,660

G 2675m 4/57.0 Mlle Noemie Hardy
S Hardy
8aDm4a0a6a3aDaDa8a3a 6.90 7.10


Fiesta De Larre FR

Two victories and just as many thirds under harness. Each way prospect
Owner: Ecurie De La Frenaie
Prize Money: €22,670

F 2700m 4/55.0 Mlle V Hesse
S Leblond
Da1aDa3a3a4a1a4aDa9a 92.0 88.0

Feerie Des Ventes FR

Very disappointing for the past six months and has no realistic chance of winning
Owner: J F Duval
Prize Money: €40,700

F 2700m 4/57.0 M Tijou
A Henard
DmDm7m0a9mDm0aDaDm0a 24.0 23.0

Flicker Boteurmoel FR

One-time winner who has finished second in two of last four efforts. Chance
Owner: S Guiheneuf
Prize Money: €32,220

G 2700m 4/57.0 L Jublot
F Leblanc
Dm5m2m2m6m5mDmDm4m1m 8.50 8.10

Fee De Cerisy FR

Although previous form is sketchy she was an eye-catching third at this venue last time. Can go a lot closer
Owner: Ecurie G Delacour
Prize Money: €56,830

F 2700m 4/55.0 Mlle Ch Van-dyck
G Delacour
3m9a5a9a0a3a9aDa6a0a 39.0 38.0

Fribuste Du Corbon FR

His consistency was finally rewarded with a victory here last time. If reproduces a similar effort he could double-up
Owner: Ph Deroyand
Prize Money: €0

G 2700m 4/55.0 Mlle I Fraigne
P H Deroyand
1m3m8a4m3m2m6m8a2a3m 11.0 11.0

Finlande Pierji FR

Will need to improve many lengths on last two ninth-place finishes to trouble the market leaders
Owner: Ec Julienne
Prize Money: €32,030

F 2700m 4/55.0 Mlle L Fauchon
C H Mary
9a9a6a7m4a0aDa2a3a18 103.0 99.0

Freedom Du Parc FR

Dual winner who has finished second in three of last four starts. Big player
Owner: Ecurie Pierrick Lecellier
Prize Money: €57,040

F 2700m 4/55.0 Bastien Joseph
P Lecellier
2a2m7a2aDa3a7a181a5a 4.80 5.10


Racing and Sports

Dual winner (18) FREEDOM DU PARC has finished second in three of last four including in only effort under the saddle. On this evidence she looks a lively contender for top honours. (16) FRIBUSTE DU CORBON does exceptionally well in mounted contests and will be going for a second straight win. Both (7) FLIRT DU TERROIR and (14) FLICKER BOTEURMOEL have the right form credentials and could go close to winning

Selection: 18-16-14-7