15 April 2019 7:45 Reims Mag Presse Cora Cormontreuil - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2550 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 6000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:15 19:56


Bonheur De Jal FR

Ultra+AC0-consistent seven+AC0-time winner who has finished second in last two performances. Consider
Owner: Mlle M Goetz
Prize Money: €46,390

G 2550m 8 Mlle M Goetz
Mlle M Goetz
182a2a1a3a3a2a7a2aRa 10.00 5.50


Carla Des Angles FR

Has failed to make a real impact since triumphant at Rouen+AC0-Mauquenchy in 2017. Place chance
Owner: Y Nollevalle
Prize Money: €47,010

F 2550m 7 P L Devouassoux
J P Piton
5m6m185a0m5m5a4m9a6a 29.0 54.0

Daphne Clemaxelle FR

One+AC0-time winner from 47 starts who has finished eighth in last two outings so is unlikely to trouble the market leaders
Owner: G Lecellier
Prize Money: €49,060

F 2550m 6 P M Allais
D Armellini
8a8a18Da6a6a9a0a6a0a 26.0 31.0

Coup D'Eclat FR

Is returning from a lengths stint off so may be in need of a run or two. Look elsewhere
Owner: T Ait-hamouda
Prize Money: €48,380

G 2550m 7 F Bouly
V Collard
182m0a171m7a8a4m2m4m 46.0 129.0

Crack Des Autels FR

In exceptional form at the moment and will be looking to register a third consecutive victory
Owner: P Coulon
Prize Money: €57,570

G 2550m 7 J Barbier
T H Coulon
1a181a3a5a9a2a2a1a1a 2.00 2.00


Crazy Love FR

Has failed to win a race since triumphant at Vincennes in 2015. Each way chance
Owner: A Laloum
Prize Money: €63,300

G 2550m 7 L G Cohen
S Laloum
4m3a189aDaDaDm2a9aDa - -


Dream Des Andiers FR

Disqualified in four of last six performances. Recent form fails to provide any sort of confidence
Owner: J Koubiche
Prize Money: €54,210

G 2550m 6 S Laboutique
J Koubiche
9a18Da5aDaDaDa2a1aDa 10.0 10.0

Bebert Du Varlet FR

Has struggled to make a real impact since winning at Biarritz in mid 2018. On recent form has a place chance
Owner: B Dupuis
Prize Money: €53,935

G 2550m 8 Th Huchede
M Dupuis
0aDa18Ta5a8a7m9a9a6a 38.0 61.0

Caius FR

Four+AC0-time victor who has disappointed in last four performances. Triumphant prior to that effort and if reproduces it has a fair chance
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €77,580

G 2575m 7 S Dales
S T Provoost
9a187a7a9a1a2aDa4a4a 60.0 96.0

Aristo De Chanjac FR

Much improved when runner+AC0-up at this racetrack last time so is in it with a solid chance
Owner: S Pichon
Prize Money: €84,365

G 2575m 9 Bruno Jolivet
J m m Riaud
2a7a189aDa6a0aDa0aDa 22.0 23.0

Always Madrik FR

Sanctioned in last nine performances so it very hard to make a case for. Others preferred
Owner: L Vinagre
Prize Money: €85,190

G 2575m 9 L Vinagre
L Vinagre
DaDa18DaDaDaDaDaDaDa 43.0 94.0

Alexis Des Pres FR

Regained winning from in most recent start but will now have to prov it was no fluke. Each way chance
Owner: Ecurie A G Leduc
Prize Money: €91,695

G 2575m 9 L Rivenet
J R Declercq
1a4aDaRa17DaDa4a5a0a 7.00 7.00


Arano Josselyn FR

Caught the eye when fifth at Vire last time out. On best form could sneak into the minor money placings
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €96,430

G 2575m 9 E Fremiot
J L Dersoir
5a180a0a4aDa4aDa174a 10.0 11.0

A Jet Sport FR

Six+AC0-time winner from 97 starts. Last two uncanny results aren't a true reflection of his ability +AC0- place chance
Owner: Mme E Lamour-devenne
Prize Money: €93,240

G 2575m 9 Mme E Lamour
E Devenne
0a0a4a4a7a5a180a3a3a 28.0 58.0

Brasilia Du Bourg FR

Ignore latest showing was returning from a layoff so will improve. Ultra+AC0-consistent prior so could make the frame
Owner: Y Legros
Prize Money: €93,680

F 2575m 8 Dominique Lepage
F Legros
0a182a4a4a4a0a9a8a7a 29.0 46.0

Paris Turf

(5) CRACK DES AUTELS is in great form at the moment and will be looking to register a third consecutive victory. Looks hard to beat. (1) BONHEUR DE JAL is a consistent seven-time winner who has finished second in last two performances. Be in the mix-up. (12) ALEXIS DES PRES regained winning from in most recent effort and will now have to prove that effort was no fluke

Selection: 5-1-12-10