15 Apr 2019 5:55 Maisons-Laffitte Bords De Seine Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2100 m
  • No. of Runners:17 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 26000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 17:25 18:00


1 (17)
Moonwalk Step FR

Four wins from thirty seven and not without a chance here either today
Owner: D Dahan/t Castanheira
Prize Money: €135,800

G 6/60.0 C Pacaut
T Castanheira
360 9p1p180p2p8p9p8p6p9p - -


2 (5)
Hard Talk FR

Just the one win from twenty two which came two starts back but blew out then last time
Owner: Mme A Moser/gerhard Mose
Prize Money: €61,465

G 5/60.0 T Piccone
W Gulcher
360 0p1p5p183p3p3p3p0p8p 29.0 22.0

3 (9)
Dance With Stars FR

Four wins from twenty six. Has been a consistent sort and is ruled in here too
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €88,260

G 6/60.0 Alex Roussel
E Libaud
360 186p4p6p3p2p2p0p0p2p 22.0 28.0

4 (2)
Cafe Royal GER

Four wins from forty four and was minor placed at Compiegne last time out
Owner: German Racing Club
Prize Money: €208,900

G 8/60.0 S Pasquier
A Kleinkorres
360 4p9p5p8p187p1p9p9p 5.60 10.0

5 (10)
Chill Wind FR

Four wins from forty two and a very nice place in a Quinte at Saint+AC0-Cloud last time
Owner: B Giraudon/ecurie Ascot
Prize Money: €168,130

G 8/59.5 P C Boudot
D&P Prod'homme
355 3p1p4p4p180p2p7p2p6p 4.70 3.70


6 (15)
Red Mountain FR

One win from twenty two which came at Chantilly two goes back but blew out at Saint+AC0-Cloud last time
Owner: Cm Holschbach
Prize Money: €52,060

M 5/59.5 C Soumillon
H Blume
355 2p1p184p0p1p7p0p0p7p 8.90 7.10


7 (8)
Linardo GB

A triple winner from seventeen runs and arrives in lovely form here and respected
Owner: G Barbarin
Prize Money: €88,050

G 6/58.5 A Badel
S Cerulis
345 0p6p186p0p3p0p1p3p4p 6.60 10.0

8 (3)
Monde Chat Luna JPN

Placed two times in six starts to date ad ran well at Chantilly last time out
Owner: H Yamamoto
Prize Money: €47,265

M 8/58.5 P Bazire
H Shimizu
345 3p0p180p8p2p6p9p173p 32.0 32.0

9 (11)
Carry Out FR

Grand strike rate with nine wins from sixty and is another in good heart coming here
Owner: Ecurie Willy Sebag
Prize Money: €113,370

G 7/56.5 M Barzalona
As&D Allard
325 2p1p2p180p0p1p4p2p4p 16.0 15.0

10 (1)
Dame D'Id FR

A triple winner from thirty one runs and third at Saint+AC0-Cloud last time out
Owner: A Fehr
Prize Money: €87,370

F 6/56.5 M Guyon
E Lyon
325 3p5p180p1p1p5p5p2p3p 9.80 6.50


11 (13)
Dark Desire GER

A dual winner from thirty runs but finished tamely enough last season
Owner: A Sauty De Chalon
Prize Money: €76,120

G 7/56.5 R Thomas
J E Hammond
325 180p9p8p0pTp1p4p8p5p 21.0 32.0

12 (16)
Empire Hurricane GER

Two wins from forty six runs but always runs an honest race so each way claims
Owner: Hubertus Diers & Associes
Prize Money: €137,675

G 9/55.5 T Bachelot
A Bolte
315 4p180p9p2p3p2p3p4p0p 18.0 12.0

13 (7)
Puelo FR

One win from thirteen runs and is completely out of form coming in here
Owner: Stall Allegra Rc
Prize Money: €49,140

M 5/55.0 E Hardouin
Mlle C Fey
310 0p0p0p187p8p3p1p3p 20.0 21.0

14 (14)
Menardais FR

Very good strike rate with thirteen wins from fifty seven and always respected
Owner: Mlle M Plat
Prize Money: €257,605

G 10/53.0 A Coutier
N Caullery
290 7p183p1p7p3p4p5p4p1p 45.0 53.0

15 (4)
Shannoise FR

Four wins from thirty six. Came fourth at Compiegne last time out but more needed
Owner: T Lemarie
Prize Money: €60,395

F 7/52.0 M Michel
T Lemarie
280 4p7p0p7p182p4p7p0p8p 23.0 32.0

16 (6)
Art Of Zapping FR

Has a dozen wins from sixty starts and should be taken into account here
Owner: R Pires
Prize Money: €194,045

G 8/51.5 T Trullier
C Boutin
275 8p2p1p3p3p5p186p0p0p 21.0 20.0

17 (12)
April Angel FR

A triple winner from forty one runs. Was going for the hat trick when bombing out here last time
Owner: T Huck
Prize Money: €44,850

F 5/51.0 D Santiago
P Capelle
265 0p1p1p0p0p180p7p5p9p - -


Paris Turf

A big field to close out the day. (6) RED MOUNTAIN should definitely be hanging around at the finish following two excellent efforts so far this season a win at Deauville and a second at Saint-Cloud. He can see off (5) CHILL WIND who is very much feared. (12) EMPIRE HURRICANE is a genuine sort and can be trusted. (NP) MOONWALK STEP and (10) DAME D'ID are also considered.

Selection: 6-5-12-10