15 Apr 2019 5:20 Maisons-Laffitte Chateau De Zhang-laffitte Claiming

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  • Race Distance:1200 m
  • No. of Runners:14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:50 17:24


1 (2)
Vautrin IRE

One success from nine outings which came on debut. One to be interested in here
Owner: Fh Delaunay/m Delaunay
Prize Money: €34,960

M 4/59.0 P C Boudot
K Borgel
380 6p0p4p186p4p5p8p4p1p 6.80 5.50


2 (3)
Daring Match GER

Four wins from thirty one. Off the track since last August so a bit to prove
Owner: Gestut Auenquelle
Prize Money: €150,450

M 8/59.0 A Hamelin
J Hirschberger
- 180p5p9p5p2p173p2p5p 9.40 7.00


3 (12)
Cloud Eight IRE

A dual winner from nineteen runs and sure to be in the shake up here today
Owner: Paul Richard
Prize Money: €35,133

G 4/58.0 T Bachelot
P&F Monfort
360 7p186p1p4p6p1p5p0p0p 8.60 9.00

4 (5)
Film GB

Seven wins from twenty six starts and looks a player here as well today
Owner: Verdijk Logistiks Boxmeer
Prize Money: €76,930

M 7/57.5 C Soumillon
Cjm Wolters
- 1p188p1p9p2p5p5p2p3p 3.80 3.50


5 (4)
Soho Universe FR

One success from thirty one runs. Well beaten here last time but this is easier today
Owner: L Benoit
Prize Money: €64,160

G 5/56.0 L Grosso
E Mikhalides
340 0p5p8p0p9p180p7p3p8p 16.0 16.0

6 (14)
Castle Dream FR

Four successes from thirty including at Chantilly last time out in March. Must be a player
Owner: Mme Mc Boutin
Prize Money: €89,000

G 5/56.0 M Guyon
Boutin (s)
330 1p0p7p0p184p8p2p4p4p 8.20 7.20

7 (9) A
Black Sea IRE

Three wins from thirteen including at Mons last time out this month so in form
Owner: Mme N Moons
Prize Money: €59,125

G 6/56.0 F Lefebvre
Toon V D Troost
- 1p4p3p5p0p183p5p170p 12.0 19.0

8 (6) A
Never Compromise FR

Five time winner from thirty seven. Fourth in a claimer last time and makes little appeal
Owner: Mme N Moons
Prize Money: €86,210

G 6/56.0 T Lefranc
Toon V D Troost
285 4p0p9p185p0p0p8p8p0p 24.0 60.0

9 (10) B
Paul Soto IRE

Two time winner from seventeen runs but last few efforts are way off the mark
Owner: E Vasseur
Prize Money: €23,700

G 5/56.0 R Thomas
L Loisel
270 0p0p9p186p0p2p7p176p 19.0 63.0

10 (11)
Strada Di Carsoli GB

A dual victor from twenty six runs but very hard to fancy here though
Owner: D Verhestraeten
Prize Money: €17,693

G 6/56.0 E Verhestraeten
D Verhestraeten
- 4p187p7p0p5p0p0p0p8p 60.0 95.0

11 (8)
Red Duma FR

A two time winner from twenty one runs but really needs to do more than of late
Owner: S hoffmeister
Prize Money: €70,690

F 4/54.5 D Boche
L Gadbin
335 5p9p0p180p5p0p4p0p1p 16.0 15.0

12 (1)
Heptathlete IRE

One victory from fourteen starts but completely out of sorts and not fancied at all
Owner: S Saadia
Prize Money: €32,565

F 4/54.5 T Piccone
Mme B jacques
315 0p0p180p0p3p2p0p7p0p 16.0 13.0

13 (7)
La Farfallina GB

Off the mark on penultimate start of twenty one last October and a fair effort after that
Owner: F Sheridan
Prize Money: €29,150

F 4/54.5 C Demuro
F Sheridan
305 187p1p0p0p6p6p7p7p2p - -


14 (13) B
Asap FR

A dual winner from twenty seven and an each way chance at the very best
Owner: E Vasseur
Prize Money: €45,530

F 6/54.5 A Lemaitre
L Loisel
270 6p5p0p183p0p3p3p6p1p 16.0 36.0

Coupling A 8.40 14.00
Coupling B 9.00 23.00

Paris Turf

This claiming event for older horse just might fall to (6) CASTLE DREAM who bids to follow up a victory at Chantilly last time out which came last month and should be capable of doing so. He can supply Guyon with yet another winner. (1) VAUTRIN has strong claims as well while (3) CLOUD EIGHT and (2) DARING MATCH also deserve mention.

Selection: 6-1-3-2