15 April 2019 2:07 Cavaillon France Bleu Vaucluse - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2600 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 6000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:37 14:25


Chediba Morliere FR

Has struggled throughout 2019 and does need major improvement to win this race
Owner: J M Larre
Prize Money: €43,300

F 2600m 7 Mlle M D'esparbes
J M Roubaud
6aDaDaDmDm9aDa18Da3a 29.0 40.0

Brem Orange FR

Has been a bit unreliable this year. Needs to do more to win. Might place
Owner: P Polizzi
Prize Money: €53,100

G 2600m 8 P Polizzi
P Polizzi
8a2a0a5a3a6a18Da3a1a 29.0 30.0

Calice FR

Well beaten in latest start but has won at this course so must be considered
Owner: E Ohanessian
Prize Money: €63,300

G 2600m 7 Ph Millan
E Ohanessian
0a4a180a1a3aDaDa1a5a 15.0 15.0

Canal D'Arthe FR

Has not won for some time but is in good form and can contest the finish
Owner: J J X Barre
Prize Money: €63,110

M 2600m 7 Mlle M Callier
P Callier
3a3a2aDaDa6a180a4a7a 11.00 5.80


Brave Gamin FR

Probably needed come back run. Best watched until improvement is shown
Owner: Ph Pradal
Prize Money: €59,200

G 2600m 8 Ph Pradal
P H Pradal
0a180aDa5a1a9a8a9a1a 68.0 98.0

6 A
Balika Paguerie FR

Well beaten in come back run and has been struggling for some time now
Owner: Ecurie Uroz
Prize Money: €61,190

F 2600m 8 Mlle G Ambrogio
J Uroz
Da180aDm9aDm6m7m6aDa 27.0 43.0

Chantelou Lignerie FR

Remains barefoot. In top form at the moment and does look the one to beat
Owner: Mme N Viel-pierre
Prize Money: €109,870

G 2625m 7 Mlle M Le Vexier
D Bekaert
2a1a0a6a180a5a6a5a9a 2.10 2.60


8 A
Baladin Du Reynard FR

Modest recent form but does have a place chance on best form. Might play a minor role
Owner: Ecurie Uroz
Prize Money: €116,700

G 2625m 8 J M Jolit
J Uroz
8aDa7a3a0a180a7a8a0a 52.0 81.0

Alain De L'Ante FR

Remains barefoot. Disappointing of late but is capable of causing an upset
Owner: A Binet
Prize Money: €122,500

G 2625m 9 Mlle E Jousset
R Mourice
Daaa9a1aDa5a0a0a180a 14.0 24.0

Bolide De Lulu FR

Remains barefoot and did win latest start but has struggled at this course
Owner: Mme M J Gout
Prize Money: €121,440

M 2625m 8 Mme I Metzemaekers
E Gout
1m8a0a9a180a6a4a9a7a 20.0 20.0

Abricot Du Bugey FR

Disappointing last run. Capable of much better and should fight out the finish
Owner: Christophe Bache
Prize Money: €125,195

G 2625m 9 Ch Bache
N Mourot
Da2a1a1a1a182a0a5a1a 11.00 6.50


Buffalo Dub's FR

Much improved last run but is unreliable. Has a place chance on best form
Owner: Ecurie Dub's
Prize Money: €125,460

G 2625m 8 Mlle S Blanchetiere
Y A Briand
3aDa4aDa8a18Da2a8aDa 7.50 6.80

Bodega Del Arte FR

Has not won for some time. Needs to do a bit more to win but might place
Owner: S Guelpa
Prize Money: €124,520

F 2625m 8 L Guelpa
J Guelpa
5a0a3a7a2a9m5m180a4a 27.0 30.0

Braveheart Jiel FR

Not disgraced when fourth in come back run. Does have a winning chance
Owner: S Olivi
Prize Money: €133,070

G 2625m 8 B Bonet
R Mourice
4a187a0a3a3a3a9a6a4a 30.0 28.0

Coupling A 18.0 28.0

Paris Turf

(7) CHANTELOU LIGNERIE gave away a lot of start when winning recently and could follow up and win this race. (12) BUFFALO DUB'S has been consistent of late and could go close once again. (11) ABRICOT DU BUGEY is clearly a lot better than the last run would suggest and should be right there at the finish. (4) CANAL D'ARTHE has been good of late and also has a winning chance.

Selection: 7-12-11-4