25 March 2019 3:47 Vire Px Robledo Constructions-vire Normandie - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 27000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:17 16:22


1 (1)
Defi Pierji FR

In flying form since the turn of the year and is expected to play a big part at the finish once again
Owner: J Cottel
Prize Money: €186,540

G 2700m 6 A Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
3a1a2a3a188aDa3a1a9a 2.70 2.70


2 (2)
Deganawidah FR

Very effective in this division this term and should not be far off the action at the finish
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €153,140

G 2700m 6 Y Lebourgeois
S T Provoost
1a2aDa1a7a7a2aDa185a 4.10 4.10


3 (3)
Diego D'Uka FR

Ended a long losing run last week at Pontchateau and can follow up
Owner: Mme O Raffegeau
Prize Money: €155,380

G 2700m 6 F Lecanu
J Raffegeau
1a7a6a9a7a188a6a7a8a 12.0 12.0

4 (4)
Bayahibe Des Vents FR

Disqualified on re-entry but should rapidly make amends and could be a big player from this excellent draw
Owner: Mme Nathalie Chapdelaine
Prize Money: €147,910

F 2700m 8 B Coppens
R Coppens
Da4a184a5a2a0a3a2a1a 20.0 20.0

5 (5)
Bolide Du Guet FR

Has not once made the frame in ten starts last year and returns to competition following a 314 days absence
Owner: D Heon
Prize Money: €152,680

G 2700m 8 D Heon
D Heon
18Dm6a5a5aDa8a9a0a7a 197.0 197.0

6 (6)
Demoiselle Mika FR

Smart mare but has not been seen at her best since the turn of the year and is unlikely to garner much support
Owner: P Hediger
Prize Money: €174,370

F 2700m 6 S Hardy
S Roger
0a7a6a185a4a3a5a5a9a 29.0 29.0

7 (7)
Bolide De La Cote FR

Seldom wins races but has been in good form at Cagnes sur Mer this winter and commands respect
Owner: G Nivelet
Prize Money: €151,950

G 2700m 8 S Ernault
C H Mary
3a5a4a2a3a180a9m3a8a 10.0 10.0

8 (8)
Berlioz Delo FR

Is confirmed under these starting conditions and in this division but returns from a seven months break
Owner: Ecurie Peloski
Prize Money: €154,070

G 2700m 8 Ch Petrement
C H Petrement
18Da1a2a0a1a7aDa7a6a 110.0 110.0

9 (9)
Well Done La Marc FR

Eleven time winner from forty-one who has been running well in Quinte races at Vincennes recently and should be able to pick up some money here too
Owner: Invest 4 All Sweden Ab
Prize Money: €94,948

F 2700m 8 M Mottier
B Goop
5a6aDa4a187a0aDa 4.30 4.30


10 (10)
Basco De Villodon FR

Eight time winner from forty-eight. Has not run for 130 days and is probably best to watch for now
Owner: P Dessartre
Prize Money: €119,090

G 2700m 8 M Fribault
P Dessartre
185a4a1a0aaa9a170m4m 168.0 168.0

11 (11)
Braque Turgot FR

A complete write-off for the past twelve months and is easily overlooked
Owner: Ecurie D L
Prize Money: €127,290

G 2700m 8 G Donio
M Donio
7a8m0a186a9a0a0m0a0a 249.0 249.0

12 (12)
Temon Your Sm FR

Italian import who scored at Bernay in May last year on first start for new yard but has gone off the oil since then
Owner: Ch Coppola
Prize Money: €133,486

M 2700m 7 D Locqueneux
D Locqueneux
7a0a0a180aDaDa9a1a17 55.0 55.0

13 (13)
Clovis Montaval FR

Overcame troubles in the running to take the third spot in a competitive Caen class D last time and in similar form can play a role here too
Owner: Mme B Chaudemanche
Prize Money: €139,880

G 2700m 7 M Coignard
F Lercier
3a6a0a180aDa2aDaDa8a 36.0 36.0

14 (14)
Digital Control FR

Scandinavian import who won two races in France last year but is fully shod on return from the winter break and is better watched
Owner: Aimoee| Degenne
Prize Money: €116,297

G 2700m 8 P Coignard
P Coignard
180a6a1a0a8a7a1aDa17 322.0 322.0

15 (15)
Dragster FR

Eleven time winner in Scandinavia. Disappointed in first four starts on French soil last back end but showed improvement in first run of 2019
Owner: Astrom Bm Konsult Ab
Prize Money: €125,069

G 2700m 7 A Wiels
R Malmqvist
5m180aDaDaDa8a 62.0 62.0

16 (16)
Clea Miquellerie FR

Was far from disgraced on re-entry at Caen one week ago but does not have much room for maneuver in a contest of this nature
Owner: F Heon
Prize Money: €136,820

F 2700m 7 R Marty
F Heon
5a0a18Dm3a5a8a4m8a7a 154.0 154.0

Paris Turf

(1) DEFI PIERJI has been firing on all cylinders since the start of the year and should make good use of his inside draw on the front line. He will be slightly preferred to (2) DEGANAWIDAH who was a convincing winner of his last start at Cordemais and (3) DIEGO D'UKA who got back down to business at Pontchateau following a long dry spell.

Selection: 1-2-3-7-4