25 March 2019 7:37 Le Croise-Laroche Camille De Wazieres - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:07 19:47


1 (1)
For Daddy FR

Disappointing last run. Is unreliable but is also clearly not out of it
Owner: G Cantin
Prize Money: €20,040

M 2700m 4 J Degardin
J Degardin
Da1a188a2a7aDa6a9a1a 16.0 28.0

2 (2)
Formentera Jiel FR

has some fair form but could need this run returning froma break. Might place
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €20,280

F 2700m 4 F Ouvrie
J L Dersoir
186a2aDa1aDa4a3aDa5a 35.0 40.0

3 (3)
Flemington FR

Has really been struggling of late but is capable of an upset on best form
Owner: H G Stihl
Prize Money: €39,950

G 2700m 4 F Senet
F Senet
DaDaDaDa18DaDaDa3a3a 17.0 13.0

4 (4)
Filea De Jelma FR

Disappointing last run. Capable of better but could need this come back run
Owner: Joel Bouteiller
Prize Money: €19,760

F 2700m 4 A Garandeau
A Garandeau
18Da3a1a4a3a2a 45.0 70.0

5 (5)
Faon Du Vivier FR

Has struggled in three starts this year but is barefoot this time and can improve
Owner: Ph Beauvisage
Prize Money: €21,380

G 2700m 4 Cl Duvaldestin
T H Duvaldestin
0a0a0a188a1aDa1aDaDa 8.90 6.40


6 (6)
Fasliyen D'orgeres FR

Good last three wins and can make it four in a row. Clearly hard to beat
Owner: Jean Luc Le Baron
Prize Money: €29,130

G 2700m 4 F Lamare
F Lamare
1a181a1a3a 4.70 3.00


7 (7)
Flash Du Saptel FR

In good form this year. Does have a winning chance and deserves respect
Owner: Ecurie Eric Lemaitre
Prize Money: €34,480

G 2700m 4 P Y Verva
M Perril
2a1a18DaDaDa2a1aDa4a 17.0 12.0

8 (8) A
Fax De L'aumoy FR

Good consistent form this year and can contest the finish once again. Respect
Owner: Ec Foiret
Prize Money: €25,490

G 2700m 4 D Thomain
V Seguin
2a3a4a188a0a1a6a1a3a 7.40 9.50

9 (9)
Fee Zia De Nappes FR

Modest last two runs at Vincennes. Might need this come back run but could place
Owner: G Brochet
Prize Money: €22,470

F 2700m 4 O Dagnicourt
G Brochet
188a7a1a6a6a3a3a4a2a 253.0 230.0

10 (10)
Frise Pont Vautier FR

Disappointing last run. Won nicely at this course in penultimate start. this is tougher though
Owner: F Bourdelois
Prize Money: €25,400

F 2700m 4 J ch Piton
A Lindqvist
Da1a3a3a18Da4a3a173a 47.0 59.0

11 (11)
Festival Jenilou FR

Improved to win a nice race last time out. This is tougher task returning from a break
Owner: Mlle A Lemonnier
Prize Money: €31,050

G 2700m 4 S Dieudonne
G Thorel
181mam5m2m 108.0 186.0

12 (12)
Flash Haufor FR

Showed improvement when runner-up at this course last time out. Has a winning chance
Owner: Ecurie Christian Bigeon
Prize Money: €19,720

M 2700m 4 C H J Bigeon
C H Bigeon
2a8a183a3a2a0aDa1a 2.50 3.30


13 (13)
Filae Cadence FR

Has struggled in three starts this year. Did a lot better last year but is best watched for now
Owner: A Turquet-Lepreux
Prize Money: €19,820

F 2700m 4 E Allard
E Allard
DmDm5a18DaDm2m3a7a8a 55.0 137.0

14 (14)
Fleur Charentaise FR

Remains barefoot but has only been modest this year and does need to find a few lengths
Owner: Ecurie Roee|gis Maurice
Prize Money: €21,610

F 2700m 4 L Guinoiseau
F Leblanc
8m7a6a189a3a0a0a4a8a 44.0 61.0

15 (15) A
Flicka Du Perche FR

Needed come back run. Fitter now and could improve. Could play a minor role
Owner: Ec Foiret
Prize Money: €21,250

F 2700m 4 V Seguin
V Seguin
7a185a9a5a5a3a3a2a4a 47.0 132.0

16 (16)
Fayette Dream FR

Needed come back run. Likely to improve and could earn some minor money
Owner: P Van Klaveren
Prize Money: €15,410

F 2700m 4 L Verva
A J Mollema
0a187a2a1a2a3aDaDa 92.0 121.0

Coupling A 6.40 8.80

Paris Turf

It could be four wins in a row for the impressive (6) FASLIYEN D'ORGERES and there is no real reason to suggest anything else. (5) FAON DU VIVIER is barefoot and can improve this time. (12) FLASH HAUFOR has good course experience and could finish in the money. (3) FLEMINGTON has ability but is unreliable. He is not out of it.

Selection: 6-5-12-3-8