25 March 2019 4:22 Le Croise-Laroche Bretagne - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2825 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:30 16:35


Chanelle De Ginai FR

Usually gives of her best but is probably more effective over a bit shorter
Owner: P Plassais
Prize Money: €50,265

F 2825m 7 P Pacaud
P Plassais
5a1a182a6a3a1a1a1a2a 39.0 39.0

Dark Night FR

Has been struggling for some time now and need major improvement to win
Owner: Freddy Wehrung
Prize Money: €43,060

F 2825m 6 F Lagadeuc
G Houel
Da0aDa0a186a8aDaDa0a 59.0 59.0

Chance Classique FR

Ha sbeen very consistent this year and can fight out the finish once again
Owner: Ecurie Online
Prize Money: €43,080

F 2825m 7 M Nimczyk
W Nimczyk
2a2a1a1a2a1a2a18Da0a 4.10 4.10


Easy Des Sarts FR

Unreliable but is distance and remains barefoot for this race. Has a winning chance
Owner: D Flamme
Prize Money: €49,100

F 2825m 5 J M Chaineux
J M Chaineux
186a1a4a9a0a4a3a2a7a 53.0 53.0

Dorelie De Labroye FR

Disappointing last run but is fit and well and could earn some minor money
Owner: D Armellini
Prize Money: €54,740

F 2825m 6 D Armellini
D Armellini
Da4a5a181aDaDa8aDmDa 18.0 18.0

Colombe Reynald FR

Only had the two unplaced runs last year and may have needed come back run
Owner: Amaro Leite
Prize Money: €43,480

F 2825m 7 J Vanmeerbeck
J Vanmeerbeck
Da187a8m170m6m4a4a5a 177.0 177.0

Dauphine D'alci FR

May have just needed last run. Fitter now and can get involved in the places
Owner: Mme B Deramecourt
Prize Money: €43,920

F 2825m 6 L Verva
C H Douillet
5a185a1a6a6aDa3a2a4a 36.0 36.0

Diva Du Mexique FR

Well beaten in both starts this year but is barefoot this time and should improve
Owner: Ecurie Mexique Ranch
Prize Money: €43,590

F 2825m 6 G Lannoo
A Lannoo
Da9a188a7a1aDa1aDa2a 13.0 13.0

Eva Girl FR

Just needed last run. Fitter now and can contest the finish once again
Owner: Y Dreux
Prize Money: €87,920

F 2850m 5 Y Dreux
Y Dreux
5a182a1a0aDaDa7aDa5a 10.0 10.0

Clara Du Hauty FR

Probably needed come back run. Did better last year but may need another run
Owner: Mme A Cartry
Prize Money: €74,410

F 2850m 7 O Bizoux
O Bizoux
9a18Da0a0a0a1a7a0a4a 113.0 113.0

Calba Du Pont FR

Remains barefoot but has been struggling this year and others are preferred
Owner: D R Blin
Prize Money: €77,420

F 2850m 7 F Ouvrie
J m m Riaud
Da6a9a187a3a9a4a7a6a 27.0 27.0

Etoile Du Perche FR

In good form at the moment and does have a winning chance in this line-up
Owner: Ec Foiret
Prize Money: €97,020

F 2850m 5 D Thomain
V Seguin
4a4a1aDm189a1a3aDa3a 2.40 2.40


Cadmea FR

Improved top win latest start but this is a tougher race. Could play a minor role
Owner: F Geirnaert
Prize Money: €89,595

F 2850m 7 Ph Masschaele
Mme G Masschaele
1m4mDm185m6m7m4m1mDa 239.0 239.0

Donna De Karmel FR

Just needed last run. Fitter now and is remains barefoot and ready. Go close
Owner: Henk Depypere
Prize Money: €94,460

F 2850m 6 P Y Verva
Henk Depypere
6a184a4a0a5aDa6a3a9a 8.30 8.30


Deesse Du Plessis FR

Remains barefoot. Is unreliable but is always capable of popping up in the places
Owner: Ecurie Du Grand Plessis
Prize Money: €86,770

F 2850m 6 M Lenoir
M Lenoir
Da2a8a9aDa183a7aDa4a 25.0 25.0

Dotka De Loiron FR

Struggled in 2018 and is likely to need this come back run. Others are preferred
Owner: D B Leclerc
Prize Money: €117,110

F 2850m 6 L Guinoiseau
F Leblanc
18aa0a0aDa0a5a7a172a 255.0 255.0

Paris Turf

An open looking race but it is (12) ETOILE DU PERCHE who looks the most likely winner. She has been doing well at Vincennes this year and drops a bit in division. (14) DONNA DE KARMEL needed her last run and can go close in this line-up. (3) CHANCE CLASSIQUE (4) EASY DES SARTS and (9) EVA GIRL have all done well enough of late to have a winning chance.

Selection: 12-14-3-9-4