25 Mar 2019 5:50 Chantilly Region Forestie Valois Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1300 m
  • No. of Runners:14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 26000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Fibresand
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 17:20 17:55


1 (12)
Capchop FR

Seven wins from thirty four including over this course and distance last time and every chance
Owner: Dr Lodge
Prize Money: €112,685

G 5/60.0 P C Boudot
N Caullery
315 1p5p1p0p180p9p0p7p0p 7.40 5.60


2 (7) A
Verti Chop FR

Four wins from fifty five and was runner up at Compiegne last time out
Owner: D Duglas
Prize Money: €131,590

G 6/59.5 A Crastus
C Boutin
310 2p9p3p7p1p8p186p7p3p 16.0 19.0

3 (6)
Maytime FR

Just the one win from twenty five but was runner up to Capchop here last time
Owner: M Horse Racing
Prize Money: €65,390

F 5/59.5 S Pasquier
Frau Y Vollmer
310 2p5p0p189p7p7p0p0p6p 5.70 5.30


4 (5)
Diamant De Vati FR

Half a dozen wins in career so far and fourth behind a clutter of these last time here
Owner: Stall Laurus
Prize Money: €164,780

G 8/59.0 P Bazire
Mme H Sauer
305 4p0p186p7p7p3p0p4p9p 8.00 8.80

5 (11)
Fresco IRE

Both wins from twenty three have come here already this season but did blow out last time
Owner: R Barbedette/j Knafo/b Huet
Prize Money: €38,590

G 5/57.0 M Barzalona
G Barbedette
285 0p1p7p1p4p187p3p0p0p 17.0 14.0

6 (9)
Armorica IRE

Half a dozen wis from fifty two runs but not going the correct way at this time
Owner: D Dumoulin
Prize Money: €105,835

F 7/56.5 F Lefebvre
G Courbot
280 8p0p0p184p9p0p7p1p8p 21.0 37.0

7 (8)
Senator Frost FR

Three wins from sixty five. Runner up at La Teste-de-Buch last time out
Owner: A Couane
Prize Money: €103,610

G 6/56.0 T Piccone
B Legros
275 2p0p5p4p3p2p6p180p6p 9.80 11.0

8 (4)
Showtime Star GB

Good strike rate with eleven wis from seventy three and can always be recognized
Owner: S hoffmeister
Prize Money: €128,762

G 9/55.5 D Santiago
D Henderson
270 7p2p4p6p180p7p3p2p4p 11.00 8.30

9 (13)
Duquesa Penguin GB

Fur wins from forty six and was third in a finish with some off these here last time
Owner: Stal Vie En Rose
Prize Money: €101,215

G 7/55.5 C Soumillon
Mme S Lanslots
270 3p9p0p4p181p6p9p6p9p 8.00 7.70


10 (2)
Kensai FR

Just the one win from twenty six and also down the field here last time out
Owner: A Salikbayev
Prize Money: €65,570

M 5/54.5 A Hamelin
L Loisel
260 0p183p4p4p2p3p3p9p0p 11.0 11.0

11 (10) A
Ribot Dream IRE

A triple winner from seventy runs but soundly beaten here last time out
Owner: D Duglas
Prize Money: €91,380

G 6/52.0 T Trullier
C Boutin
235 0p3p9p8p0p6p187p3p3p 30.0 50.0

12 (14)
Mocklershill FR

Four time winner from sixty three but must improve on seasonal return here
Owner: J Bertin
Prize Money: €114,330

G 7/51.0 E Hardouin
J Bertin
225 0p183p6p8p1p2p3p6p4p 24.0 33.0

13 (1)
Shot In The Dark FR

A dual winner from thirty nine runs but has a run of fourth place finishes at the moment
Owner: C C Boutin
Prize Money: €95,220

G 6/51.0 A Badel
C Boutin
220 4p4p4p3p0p180p0p5p0p 11.0 14.0

14 (3)
Never Without You FR

Still a maiden after thirty five runs and simply cannot be fancied here
Owner: T Huck
Prize Money: €18,340

G 5/51.0 Mlle A Massin
P Capelle
150 9p7p0p0p180p9p0p0p0p 55.0 89.0

Coupling A 10.0 14.0

Paris Turf

This final race very much revolves around another contest that took place over this course and distance earlier in the month where (3) MAYTIME was runner up to (1) CAPCHOP but on much better revised terms can easily reverse the form with that one. (8) SHOWTIME STAR and (9) DUQUESA PENGUIN can also be considered.

Selection: 3-1-8-9