25 Mar 2019 4:40 Chantilly Garenne Maillard Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:12 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 23000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Fibresand
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:10 16:49


1 (5)
Prince Kerali FR

Placed just one time in seven runs but did show a little spark once or twice
Owner: Ec N Forgeard/p Bonier
Prize Money: €20,130

G 3/59.0 A Badel
Mme M Bollack-Badel
300 7p0p189p4p5p7p5p 6.80 5.80


2 (11)
Mister Charlie FR

Placed one time in half a dozen runs. Will need to do a fair deal more
Owner: A Le duff
Prize Money: €21,900

M 3/59.0 T Piccone
A Le Duff
300 7p188p8p0p4p0p 9.50 11.0

3 (4)
Dandy Wine IRE

Just the four runs and was fourth in a claimer here last month. Enters calculations
Owner: F Boucey / Ecurie West Bretagne
Prize Money: €4,350

G 3/59.0 B Hubert
P&F Monfort
300 4p186p6p0p 9.00 7.00

4 (10)
Chacha Boy FR

One win from eleven runs and has the back form to be competitive here
Owner: Passion Racing Club/ec Billon
Prize Money: €27,670

M 3/58.5 T Bachelot
Y Barberot
295 0p9p3p188p0p0p2p1p6p 6.20 5.20


5 (6)
Madison Vanzales FR

Placed in a third of fifteen efforts but needs more now at this point
Owner: M M Boutin
Prize Money: €16,200

F 3/58.0 C Pacaut
Boutin (s)
290 0p6p186p7p4p3p7p3p8p 13.0 17.0

6 (3)
Oil On Canvas FR

One success from ten outings but hardly seems to be progressing now so ruled out
Owner: Mme G Reille-villedey
Prize Money: €0

G 3/57.5 Q Perrette
Butel & Beaunez
285 8p185p9p9p4p5p3p9p1p 12.0 13.0

7 (2)
Aguas De Moura FR

A dual winner from fourteen outings but will have to do better than of late
Owner: Ecurie Desjardins
Prize Money: €21,700

F 3/57.0 D Santiago
R Doleuze
280 0p7p189p6p7p0p2p6p1p 6.90 5.90


8 (9)
La Bourdonais FR

Just the one fourth place finish from seven starts so will need to be doing better
Owner: Mme C Martin
Prize Money: €1,900

F 3/57.0 A Duporte
A Bonin
280 0p189p4p0p8p9p0p 48.0 94.0

9 (8)
Ah Pass GB

One win from a dozen runs. Placed fourth in last couple of outings so not ruled out
Owner: P&f P&f Monfort
Prize Money: €12,575

F 3/56.5 M Delalande
P&F Monfort
275 4p4p0p181p6p9p4p8p0p 10.00 8.00

10 (12)
Royale Theyss FR

Placed in two of twelve runs and that may be the very best hope again
Owner: Ecurie De Theyss
Prize Money: €8,720

F 3/56.0 T Trullier
C Boutin
270 7p4p0p5p5p3p5p9p186p 10.0 13.0

11 (7)
Deluree FR

Still a maiden after eighteen and not coming forward at all now so not fancied
Owner: L Gruson
Prize Money: €20,620

F 3/55.5 E Hardouin
N Caullery
265 7p0p0p7p187p3p3p6p4p 14.0 22.0

12 (1)
Free Horse FR

Hit the frame one time in nine outings and looks a forlorn hope again today
Owner: Mlle V Dissaux
Prize Money: €1,600

F 3/54.0 A Crastus
Mlle V Dissaux
250 9p7p9p0p180p0p0p8p4p 14.0 32.0

Paris Turf

A three year old handicap that might not take much winning. (3) DANDY WINE is the least exposed of all of these and showed a bit more last time out here when fourth in a claimer and there is surely more to come from him. He is only learning how to race. (4) CHACHA BOY has decent back form and can be looked at. (7) AGUAS DE MOURA and (9) AH PASS have frame claims.

Selection: 3-4-7-9