14 March 2019 1:25 Lyon-Parilly Pays De Caux - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 11 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 24000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 12:55 13:39


Flims De Paumar FR

Good recent form when barefoot and is barefoot again. Does have a winning chance
Owner: J Davet
Prize Money: €35,070

M 2850m 4 L Lamaziere
J Huguet
1a3a187a0a1a3a6a6a4a 14.0 8.8

Funny Pierji FR

Has been doing well when barefoot this year and can contest the finish once again
Owner: Ec Julienne
Prize Money: €34,360

F 2850m 4 Y A Briand
Y A Briand
2a2aDa2a8a186a0aaa3a 5.0 5.6


Filopoto Pena FR

Fair form this year. Remains barefoot but may have to do more to win this race
Owner: J et Le Bec
Prize Money: €40,770

G 2850m 4 D Brouwer
Y A Briand
5a0a3a180a4a7a7m2a4a 40.0 62.0

Folle De Toi FR

Modest form this year. Could improve at this track but others are preferred
Owner: J L De Marin De Montmarin
Prize Money: €54,570

F 2850m 4 F Jamard
J Despres
6a7a9a7a187a6a2a4a8a 19.0 33.0

Feria De Busset FR

Unreliable and is probably better over the shorter distance but is not out of it
Owner: C Milliere
Prize Money: €42,130

F 2850m 4 Ph Gaillard
P H Gaillard
8a3a4a189aDa4aDa1a0a 22.0 27.0

Fidele Amour FR

Well beaten in last two starts including when barefoot in penultimate start
Owner: C L Guy
Prize Money: €31,950

M 2850m 4 L Peltier
L Peltier
DaDm181m8a5aDa7a0a1a 12.0 25.0

First Des Mares FR

Fair last run and is back barefoot. Could finish in the money once again
Owner: J G Van Eeckhaute
Prize Money: €43,350

M 2850m 4 J G Van Eeckhaute
J G Eeckhaute
4a7a2a184a7a4a8a7a2a 4.7 3.6


Fantome D'am FR

Very good recent form over shorter. Does have a winning chance once again
Owner: Ecurie Du Vieux Chene
Prize Money: €45,980

M 2850m 4 Martin Cormy
Mickael Cormy
1a3a181a9a6a7a2a2a3a 5.6 5.7

Feltena De Lubel FR

Has really struggled in last two starts but could improve back at this track
Owner: Joee|roee|my Jeuffe
Prize Money: €57,720

F 2850m 4 A Rozzoni
A Rozzoni
DaDa2a180a7a0aDa6a4a 7.4 24.0

Falcon De Godrel FR

Fair form this year and could play a minor role once again. Place chance
Owner: G Laboureau
Prize Money: €50,820

M 2875m 4 L Garcia
Y A Briand
4a5a5a181a5a0a5a3a4a 16.0 12.0

Filou Des Tyll FR

Ignore last run. Better this distance and did win well in penultimate start
Owner: R Chanonat
Prize Money: €77,220

G 2875m 4 B Chanonat
B Chanonat
7a1a6a185a2a2a3a3a3a 8.0 5.1


Paris Turf

(11) FILOU DES TYLL looks the one to beat after winning well in penultimate start. This longer distance will suit him better than his last run. The distance may be a problem for his biggest danger as although (8) FANTOME D'AM has some very good recent form over shorter. (7) FIRST DES MARES and (2) FUNNY PIERJI should be in the battle for a stake cheque.

Selection: 11-8-7-2