24 February 2019 3:15 Vincennes Grand La Lusophonie(monflanquin) - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 56000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:45 15:19


Amour Encore FR

Modestly over recent months and done little of note at Vincennes since 2017. Disregard
Owner: Ecurie Des Moreaux
Prize Money: €150,870

G 2850m 9 E Raffin
P Godey
0a6a6a0a180a9a8aDa0a 45.0 59.0

Altea De Piencourt FR

Has been struggling for some time and is hard to make a case for here
Owner: S Guelpa
Prize Money: €175,120

F 2850m 9 J Guelpa
J Guelpa
0aDa8aDaDa180a5aDa9a 72.0 96.0

Virus FR

Has looked decidedly ordinary since the summer so makes little appeal
Owner: Th Devouassoux
Prize Money: €175,700

G 2850m 10 Tanguy Devouassoux
Tanguy Devouassoux
0a0a9a186aDa4a0a9aDa 116.0 158.0

Banquiere FR

Modest recent form is probably reflective of her chances and can be passed over
Owner: O Bizoux
Prize Money: €189,900

F 2850m 8 O Bizoux
O Bizoux
189a7a0a8a6a3a8a4a0a 75.0 98.0

Bayokos Atout FR

Capable sort when he can stay in stride so will have a role to play if applied
Owner: Ch Neirinck
Prize Money: €210,100

G 2850m 8 F Nivard
F Nivard
5a18Da2a1a5aDaDa3a1a 6.0 5.4


Bad Company FR

Serious mare on her day but not the most dependable in recent times. Place chance
Owner: L Terbeche
Prize Money: €196,980

F 2850m 8 D Thomain
M Dollion
6a184a6a3a9a3a7a9a4a 17.0 21.0

Bora Bora Jiel FR

Has not made the frame for over a year so has no realistic chance in this contest
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €258,980

F 2875m 8 M Mottier
J L Dersoir
Da0aDaDa187a0aDaDaDa 43.0 56.0

Cocktail Julino FR

Has never been in better shape and should be competitive under these conditions
Owner: L B Martin
Prize Money: €336,750

G 2875m 7 M Abrivard
L B Martin
4a8a1a185a5a3a1a1a4a 6.9 7.0

Cerenzo Turbo FR

Respectable for the most part and proven under conditions. Will be on the premises
Owner: Ecurie Turbo
Prize Money: €324,880

M 2875m 7 J Ph Monclin
P H Billard
5a1a2a1a186m7a0a0a5a 8.3 7.4

Copernic De Play FR

Versatile trotter more than capable under these conditions. Could surprise
Owner: Ecurie Franck Blandin
Prize Money: €330,810

G 2875m 7 F Blandin
F Blandin
0a9a185a2a0a9a1a4a3a 11.0 14.0

Baladin Hongrois FR

Not the most reliable but has ample ability and reaffirmed last time. Player
Owner: L Adam
Prize Money: €384,790

G 2875m 8 Arnaud Desmottes
A Desmottes
3a0a185a9aDa4aDa0aDa 4.5 4.2


Amiral Du Bisson FR

Disappointing on the whole since returning from a long absence. Will have few takers
Owner: A Quentin
Prize Money: €338,620

G 2875m 9 B Goop
B Kernivinen
Dm0a187a0a0aRa170a16 20.0 24.0

Bilooka Du Boscail FR

Blows hot and cold but has ample ability. Reassuring recent efforts are encouraging
Owner: Mme J Hurel
Prize Money: €416,530

F 2875m 8 Y Hurel
Y Hurel
4aDa1a182a6m2a6a3a7a 21.0 25.0

Aufor De Mire FR

Has ample ability but been off the boil for some time now. Nees to reaffirm
Owner: A F Bigeon
Prize Money: €348,780

G 2875m 9 C H J Bigeon
C H Bigeon
Dm180m0a4a7aDa8a8a9a 19.0 17.0

Cicero Noa FR

No slouch on his day and is confirmed over course and distance. Has a role to play
Owner: J Vanhoucke
Prize Money: €399,730

G 2875m 7 P Vercruysse
J Vanhoucke
4a4a188a7a7a2a2a0a8a 6.0 6.0


Paris Turf

A serious trotter when racing barefoot and currently at the top of his game (11) BALADIN HONGROIS sets the standard in this Quinte and is most likely to challenge for the win. However (8) COCKTAIL JULINO is proven at this level of competition and should also play an active role in the finish. On recent form the chances of front-row starter (5) BAYOKOS ATOUT must be respected too especially with Franck Nivard at the helm. Both (9) CERENZO TURBO and (15) CICERO NOA are holding form and have the means to make their presence felt in a typically wide-open event. (10) COPERNIC DE PLAY is not without a chance either.

Selection: 11-8-5-9-15