20 February 2019 3:47 Vire Jamotte Motoculture - Vire Normandi - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2825 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 27000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:17 16:03


Agadir Gede FR

Not without merit in this code but remains much preferred under the saddle and is best to watch
Owner: Ecurie Christian Boisnard
Prize Money: €94,370

G 2825m 9 M Fribault
C H Boisnard
0m180aDa7a8aDmDm0m8m 43.0 154.0

Aufeora FR

Well held in an amateur contest in his last start and looks hard to make a case for
Owner: A Wilderbeek
Prize Money: €94,760

F 2825m 9 A H Post
A Wilderbeek
18Ga9a9a4aDa2a0a3a4a 136.0 235.0

Bon Parcours FR

Nothing of note to his name since surprising in the provinces early December and will have few friends
Owner: A Ternisien
Prize Money: €97,400

G 2825m 8 Aurelien Ternisien
A Ternisien
0a0a0a180a1a9aDa0a0a 37.0 146.0

Bolero Bleu FR

Struggled throughout 2017 was unraced during 2018 and was sanctioned on his recent comeback. Likely to need this run again
Owner: J Ph Simon
Prize Money: €97,000

G 2825m 8 R Delaune
A Lecacheux
0aDa18Ra170aDaDaDaDa 62.0 148.0

Call On Me Ranais FR

Has done nothing of note for some time and can be confidently passed over
Owner: Ecurie M Bezier
Prize Money: €97,950

G 2825m 7 M Bezier
M Bezier
9a0a7a180a8a0a0a6a5a 19.0 31.0

Atout Du Vivier FR

Has not run since end of December and remains fully shod. Look elsewhere
Owner: Ecurie Jean Yves Lecuyer
Prize Money: €98,550

G 2825m 9 R Lagadeuc
R Lagadeuc
184a2m7a5m9a5mDa4a5a 37.0 88.0

Andofax FR

Has not run since 9 September last year and is definitely one who will need the run
Owner: P L Desaunette
Prize Money: €103,420

G 2825m 9 P L Desaunette
P L Desaunette
180aDa2a0m3a3a4a2a8a 173.0 136.0

Berlioz De Tillard FR

Has become more effective under the saddle at present. Others are preferred
Owner: Ecurie Etienne Lefranc
Prize Money: €103,870

G 2825m 8 Et Lefranc
E T Lefranc
0mDa187a9m8m0a0aDm0m 17.0 18.0

Cauziki Du Rib FR

Has an excellent entry on the front row but was out of form at the end of last year and this is a concern
Owner: Ecurie Rib
Prize Money: €99,450

G 2825m 7 Mme C Hallais-Dersoir
Joel Hallais
180aDa7a6a0a5a5a9a5a 30.0 58.0

10 A
Boheme Du Juille FR

Not sighted in three starts since returning from the break and is possibly best to watch
Owner: E Beudard
Prize Money: €152,440

F 2850m 8 E Beudard
E Beudard
8a8a180aDa5aDa5a3a7a 65.0 63.0

Balade Majyc FR

Two good runs under the saddle this term. Fully shod today and is probably here for fitness purpose
Owner: J Y Lherete
Prize Money: €165,450

F 2850m 8 A Lherete
Antoine Lherete
4m1m180a9a2a3a2a1a6a 54.0 125.0

Ben Du Houlbet FR

Beaten a long way on reappearance and needs to show vast improvement to feature
Owner: F Garner
Prize Money: €182,640

G 2850m 8 A Prat
F Prat
0a180a0a9a2aDa3a2aDa 46.0 63.0

Cresta Rossa FR

Outstanding last back end and returns to a tracks that she likes. Big shout
Owner: J Baudron
Prize Money: €0

F 2850m 7 F Lagadeuc
J Baudron
182a2a2a1a9a1a6a1a5a 11.0 11.0

Cadel De Cahot FR

Below-par in last two at Vincennes but drops in class and can make amends
Owner: S Prioul
Prize Money: €203,780

G 2850m 7 F Prioul
S Prioul
0a6a181a1a1a1a1a2a17 4.3 3.5


Clyde Barrow FR

Showed some very good form at the end of last year and is expected to run a big race on return to action
Owner: J P Bessy
Prize Money: €186,630

G 2850m 7 C Raimbaud
Mme S Raimond
181aDa1a6a4a0a5a1a1a 11.0 6.9

16 A
Be Cool D'Eb FR

Disappointing last run but hind shoes come off now and can bounce back
Owner: E Beudard
Prize Money: €183,715

G 2850m 8 D Thomain
E Beudard
7a1a4a183a2aDm2a6a8a 9.8 6.2


Capella De Vrie FR

Fine mare who has been extremely consistent for almost a year and is expected to feature prominently once again
Owner: R Baudron
Prize Money: €204,020

F 2850m 7 D Bonne
R Baudron
2a1a181a9a0aDa2a2a1a 3.0 3.3


Bonheur De Nay FR

Has not visited the podium in last fourteen starts and is unlikely to pose a threat this time either
Owner: Ph Mollay
Prize Money: €201,170

G 2850m 8 B Marie
B Marie
6a0a4a187a6a9a0a6a6a 22.0 60.0

Coupling A 8.5 5.7

Paris Turf

(14) CADEL DE CAHOT won his last five starts of 2018 before flopping on both his outings this year at Vincennes but he is assigned a much easier task here and can expect to return to the winners enclosure. (15) CLYDE BARROW ran a big race in his last winning start of 2018 at Angers. He has freshened up since and can be given some serious consideration. (17) CAPELLA DE VRIE has been in good heart at Vincennes over the winter and looks a plausible candidate too.

Selection: 14-15-17-13-16