20 February 2019 6:02 Saint Galmier France Bleu - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2650 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:32 18:13


Ebasgau D'Anjou FR

Has yet to win a race and is unreliable. Might possible play a minor role
Owner: A Gaudin
Prize Money: €40,530

G 2650m 5 J M Gaudin
J M Gaudin
18Da3aDa8aDa3a3a5a3a 141.0 156.0

Eloise Du Jour FR

Unreliable and was well beaten in last three starts. Others are preferred
Owner: Ecurie Thierry Busset
Prize Money: €0

F 2650m 5 Th Busset
T H Busset
Da18DaDa1aDa0aDa1a4a 45.0 125.0

Edea Desbois FR

Remains barefoot but has been struggling for some time now. Others are much preferred
Owner: Joris Filograsso
Prize Money: €24,380

F 2650m 5 J Filograsso
Joris Filograsso
0a18DaDaDaDaDa3aDa1a 111.0 156.0

Elton Magic FR

Fair last three starts but is likely to need this run returning from a break
Owner: J L Verriere
Prize Money: €34,320

G 2650m 5 L Verriere
J L Verriere
Dm181a2a3a9a5a4a4a17 34.0 43.0

Epona Du Buis FR

Ignore last run. Did win over this track and distance in penultimate start. Respect
Owner: A Tintillier
Prize Money: €31,460

F 2650m 5 A Tintillier
A Tintillier
Dm1aDa18Da3a5a5a3a0a 20.0 7.2


Emma Du Loisir FR

Mostly modest form of late but is barefoot this time so could be the surprise package
Owner: Mme Soee|verine Buee
Prize Money: €33,770

F 2650m 5 F Broust
M Messager
Da4aDa0a180a4a8a2a1a 53.0 69.0

Escroc De Villabon FR

Remains barefoot and has some fair recent form. Could contest the finish once again
Owner: Mlle N Despres
Prize Money: €29,300

M 2650m 5 J Boillereau
J Boillereau
5a182a2a5a3a1a0a3a4a 11.0 11.0

Erreur De Casting FR

Has not won for some time but is quite capable of popping up in the places
Owner: Ecurie Martial Gauvin
Prize Money: €39,070

F 2650m 5 Martial Gauvin
Martial Gauvin
7a6a182a0a2a2a4a9a9a 99.0 123.0

9 A
Evasion D'urzy FR

Ignore last run. Is unreliable but has run well over this track and distance
Owner: Ecurie H D Trot
Prize Money: €30,230

F 2650m 5 D Haon
D Haon
18Da1a2aDa3a9a7aDa4a 22.0 40.0

Esope Du Bellay FR

Unreliable but is barefoot this time and could finish in the money once again
Owner: G Touron
Prize Money: €48,190

G 2650m 5 G Touron
G Touron
4a6a6a3a185aDa6a7aDa 16.0 15.0

Eden Du Boulay FR

Ignore last run. Barefoot this time and could be capable of an upset. Consider
Owner: Ecurie S R Trot
Prize Money: €44,600

G 2650m 5 L Lamaziere
J Huguet
0a185a4a5a1a1a0a9aDa 11.0 8.5

Echo Du Goutier FR

Struggling of late but is better this distance and is capable of winning a race like this
Owner: F Le Floch
Prize Money: €31,910

G 2650m 5 T H Le Floch
T H Le Floch
DaDaDa181a2aDaDa2aDa 4.1 6.5


Elixir Du Rabutin FR

Usually gives of his best and could finish in the money once again. Place chance
Owner: Ecurie Sidere
Prize Money: €101,535

G 2675m 5 S Peltier
G R Huguet
3a181a5a1a1a2a1a4a4a 14.0 9.4

Elmika De Viette FR

A bit unreliable this year but could fight out the finish once again. Go close
Owner: Patrice Gentil
Prize Money: €85,290

F 2675m 5 B Piton
B Marie
3aDa1a18Da1a3a3mDaDa 8.0 5.5


15 A
Epice Ligerienne FR

Has been struggling for some now and does need major improvement to win
Owner: Ecurie H D Trot
Prize Money: €61,410

F 2675m 5 B Ruet
D Haon
Da5a189aDaDaDa3a5aDa 34.0 82.0

Emiliana FR

Versatile and has some fair form this year. Is clearly not out of it. Chance
Owner: Ecurie Des Charmes
Prize Money: €60,300

F 2675m 5 Y A Briand
Y A Briand
4a1m4a185a2mDaDa3aDa 16.0 15.0

Emmy Joyeuse FR

Has found her form of late including a Mounted race last time out. Consider
Owner: Mathieu Daougabel
Prize Money: €82,470

F 2675m 5 M Daougabel
Mathieu Daougabel
1m5a1aDa180aDmam7a0a 18.0 29.0

Emissoro FR

Modest form in Vincennes. Likely to do better at this track. Big chance
Owner: Ecurie Franck Anne
Prize Money: €60,990

G 2675m 5 Ch Heslouin
F Anne
Da5a180a5a0a2a3a6a5a 5.6 7.5

Coupling A 13.0 27.0

Paris Turf

Good race. Delicate but very talented (18) EMISSORO is suited by these conditions and is well engaged so promises to be formidable if keeping his action together. (14) ELMIKA DE VIETTE successful at Vincennes this winter promises to pose a serious threat though. Barefoot after a comeback run (11) EDEN DU BOULAY will have a good shot at top honours too.

Selection: 18-14-11-10-5