20 Feb 2019 3:30 Cagnes-sur-Mer Saint-Raphael Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 26000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Fibresand
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:50 15:58


1 (13)
Rockdale FR

Five wins from thirty three. In great form already this season and a major player
Owner: Mme R Bouckhuyt
Prize Money: €74,550

G 5/60.0 M Guyon
F Vermeulen
345 2p1p189p0p6p2p1p1p1p 6.5 4.8


2 (18)
Keravnos FR

One time useful sort. Needs things to go his own way but big shout if on a going day
Owner: Mme V Fragiskos
Prize Money: €251,050

G 9/59.5 A Lemaitre
Y Barberot
340 3p5p0p188p2p5p7p0p6p 9.4 7.0


3 (16)
Agua De Valencia FR

Four time winner from twenty four. Better effort last time and is now well handicapped
Owner: Ecurie Jean-paul Gauvin
Prize Money: €70,825

F 5/59.5 M Velon
J P Gauvin
340 6p187p4p1p0p6p7p4p0p 13.0 20.0

4 (3)
Xotic FR

Seven time winner from seventy eight. Out of sorts and not fancied today
Owner: B Giraudon/ecurie Ascot
Prize Money: €319,950

G 10/59.0 A Crastus
D&P Prod'homme
335 9p0p180p0p0p3p4p0p6p 9.6 15.0

5 (8)
Carlton Choice IRE

Four wins from forty two. Last two efforts here need some explaining though
Owner: T Marechal
Prize Money: €123,020

G 5/59.0 G Trolley De Prevaux
R Chotard
335 0p0p2p7p183p4p2p1p6p 38.0 25.0

6 (14)
Beama FR

Five time winner from thirty one. Runner up in a claimer here last time out
Owner: P Duraincie
Prize Money: €130,390

F 6/58.5 S Pasquier
P&F Monfort
330 2p7p184p2p2p1p2p6p0p 9.1 8.5

7 (15)
Wikita FR

Five time scorer from fifty four but not so hot on latest few outings. Might do better here
Owner: Ecurie Carre Magique Sas
Prize Money: €143,500

F 8/58.5 T Piccone
Cha Rossi
330 0p0p182p3p4p6p0p9p5p 9.8 11.0

8 (6)
Cry Baby IRE

Three time winner from thirty eight but has not been flying high in latest few efforts. Still a possibility
Owner: Ecurie Des Monnaies
Prize Money: €152,634

F 5/58.0 C Demuro
Y Barberot
325 8p0p7p180p0p0p7p7p4p 6.0 7.5


9 (1)
Sometaste FR

Four wins from eighteen and was going for a hat trick of claiming wins when sixth here last time
Owner: C Theodorakis
Prize Money: €60,980

G 5/57.5 I Mendizabal
C Theodorakis
320 6p1p1p9p8p187p9p2p3p 20.0 15.0

10 (4)
A Head Ahead GER

Four time winner from thirty four and was in flying form up to last effort here
Owner: Stall 3 Musketiere
Prize Money: €86,290

M 5/57.5 C Stefan
S Smrczek
320 0p1p182p1p5p4p5p6p5p 22.0 15.0

11 (2)
Afsane FR

Three time winner from thirty one including here last time out. In form candidate
Owner: German Racing Club
Prize Money: €66,560

F 6/55.5 M Michel
S Smrczek
300 1p0p180p5p4p3p0p3p2p 24.0 18.0

12 (5)
Deer Bere FR

Four time winner from forty four but did disappoint here last time out
Owner: Ecuries Serge Stempniak
Prize Money: €65,620

G 6/54.5 A Molins
J M Capitte
290 0p5p184p7p0p5p1p1p9p 31.0 74.0

13 (12)
Karynia FR

Five wins from forty nine including here last time out. An obvious contender
Owner: Mme Sa Stark
Prize Money: €101,630

F 6/54.0 R C Montenegro
J Parize
285 1p0p183p4p5p5p5p0p0p 37.0 26.0

14 (17)
Teryag FR

Five time winner from thirty four but seems a bit high in the handicap at present
Owner: P Hartzer
Prize Money: €82,050

G 5/53.0 A Coutier
J Parize
275 6p4p180p8p5p6p1p2p3p - -


15 (7)
Connected FR

Three time winner from forty four. Below par here last time so needs to bounce back
Owner: Stall Traberfreunde
Prize Money: €46,820

F 7/52.5 M Forest
Frau Cl Barsig
270 0p2p183p0p2p6p6p4p4p 31.0 34.0

16 (11)
Deimos FR

A three time winner from thirty six. Third here last time so may be involved
Owner: A Giannotti
Prize Money: €101,075

M 5/51.5 S Ruis
C Escuder
260 3p7p180p8p7p0p3p5p4p 21.0 24.0

17 (10)
Jiosco IRE

Ten time winning ten year old from ninety runs but maybe not another one here today
Owner: Ecurie Des Horsewives
Prize Money: €157,150

G 10/51.0 E Hardouin
Mlle V Dissaux
255 8p1p180p0p0p9p3p0p0p 21.0 44.0

18 (9)
Life Pride FR

Five wins from fifty seven runs but is on a very long losing sequence right now
Owner: Mme K Denambride
Prize Money: €117,950

M 8/51.0 C Pacaut
M Delaplace
255 7p7p188p0p8p0p5p5p5p 44.0 75.0

Paris Turf

This mammoth field of eighteen runners should carry the obvious health warning as regards the amount of your betting stake so only the minimum few euros on (1) ROCKDALE is the advice. The topweight is in great form and has the assistance of Guyon in the plate. (2) KERAVNOS should be suited by the likely strong gallop. (8) CRY BABY and (7) WIKITA have each way claims along with (11) AFSANE.

Selection: 1-2-8-7-11