20 Feb 2019 1:45 Cagnes-sur-Mer Saint-Maxime Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 52000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Fibresand
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 13:15 13:52


1 (12)
Alfieri FR

Great strike rate with a dozen wins from fifty one. Was going for a fantastic four time when runner up here on seasonal reappearance
Owner: C Faure
Prize Money: €214,020

G 6/61.0 S Ruis
F Rossi
420 2p181p1p1p4p4p5p5p5p 14.0 13.0

2 (15)
On The Sea GB

A three time victor from nineteen runs. Still competitive of what looks a stiffish enough mark
Owner: C Bodin/mme V Bodin
Prize Money: €79,060

G 5/60.5 K Barbaud
N Caullery
415 6p5p186p6p6p6p1p5p4p 20.0 22.0

3 (1)
Crepusculedesdieux FR

Another very nice animal with a strong strike rate of a dozen wins from sixty one attempts. Always to be feared
Owner: G Linsolas
Prize Money: €252,850

G 8/60.5 M Forest
J Reynier
415 7p186p6p2p3p6p1p2p0p 14.0 18.0

4 (16)
Gris D'Argent FR

He has won a third of his eighteen races including a small event at Pau last time out. In form runner
Owner: Mme A Negre De Watrigant
Prize Money: €110,430

G 5/58.5 J B Eyquem
D De Watrigant
395 1p7p188p1p0p1p2p6p6p 20.0 21.0

5 (2)
Mata Utu IRE

A five time victor from fifty seve runs. Back to form runner up here last time out and maybe more to come
Owner: Stall Estrada
Prize Money: €134,530

G 8/58.5 C Stefan
M Rulec
395 2p0p186p8p5p8p6p4p5p 38.0 51.0

6 (8)
Walec GB

Seven victories from thirty nine runs and a very welcome return to form when third here last time out
Owner: Ecurie Normandie Pur Sang
Prize Money: €225,540

G 7/58.0 P C Boudot
N Caullery
390 3p0p180p0p0p0p3p1p3p 9.1 7.8


7 (11)
Cashbag FR

Four wins from twenty six runs and did particularly well in a very busy season last year. Frame maybe at best today
Owner: Jl Medina/p Guedj
Prize Money: €90,650

M 5/57.0 T Piccone
C Escuder
380 7p184p3p0p2p8p4p2p8p 24.0 28.0

8 (3)
Degrisement FR

A three time winner from twenty runs. Was going for the hat trick when down the field here last month. Best left alone today perhaps
Owner: Jc Seroul
Prize Money: €100,610

G 5/57.0 N Perret
J Reynier
380 9p181p1p0p0p0p2p6p3p 21.0 24.0

9 (10)
Esperitum FR

Made it win number five from thirty three when beating several of these runners here last time. The penalty is the problem today
Owner: T Raber
Prize Money: €108,090

G 5/56.5 D Santiago
Mlle C Fey
375 1p180p2p2p6p0p5p1p2p 19.0 22.0

10 (5)
Pastichop FR

Four time winner from fifteen and is so ultra consistent. Should turn around the form with Esperitum. Major chance
Owner: Traditia Racing Club
Prize Money: €79,880

G 5/56.5 J Auge
C Gourdain
375 3p182p4p3p2p2p1p4p3p 7.7 8.3


11 (6)
Rebel Lightning IRE

Split big rivals Esperitum and Pastichop here last time out. Bound to go very close in search of win number seven
Owner: P Fellous
Prize Money: €139,816

G 6/56.0 S Pasquier
P&F Monfort
370 2p187p3p2p1p3p1p6p0p 5.6 5.9


12 (4)
L'Optimiste FR

Has achieved half a dozen victories from thirty six starts. Handicap mark looks much too high however
Owner: P Hartzer
Prize Money: €84,990

G 6/55.5 E Hardouin
J Parize
365 5p0p6p180p4p1p1p2p3p 39.0 47.0

13 (7)
Monteverdi FR

Four time winner from twenty three runs. Such a consistent type and will have plenty of followers in the betting for this
Owner: Millennium Horses/a&g Botti
Prize Money: €71,305

G 6/55.5 C Demuro
A&G Botti
365 3p181p3p4p2p5p0p3p4p 9.9 9.5

14 (13)
Namasjar FR

Is a five time winner from two dozen starts but is desperately looking for some leeway from the handicapper
Owner: Jp Vanden Heede
Prize Money: €103,060

F 5/54.0 M Guyon
F Vermeulen
350 6p8p188p6p8p4p3p6p0p 9.7 8.3

15 (14)

A three time winner from twenty three runs. Can be very difficult to predict at time so therefore best left alone
Owner: Gwh Schmitt
Prize Money: €66,870

G 5/54.0 C Pacaut
A Suborics
350 7p0p2p187p1p0p5p4p1p 29.0 28.0

16 (9)
Aprilios FR

Five time winner from forty six starts including here last time out. The mainn concern is the penalty as always in such circumstances
Owner: A Poulopoulos
Prize Money: €153,620

G 7/54.0 I Mendizabal
G Alimpinisis
350 1p6p180p5p0p0p0p0p0p 9.7 8.3

Paris Turf

The biggest race of the day and it comes early for punters so they need to be wide awake. It may seem a bit unusual but there happens to be a standout bet in such a competitive event. (11) REBEL LIGHTNING is the animal in question. The six year old gelding was beaten by one of today's rivals here last time but can turn the tables on that one and also confirm the form with (10) PASTICHOP. (1) ALFIERI is topweight for a reason and is a threat. (3) CREPUSCULEDESDIEUX and (14) NAMASJAR have fair claims also.

Selection: 11-10-1-3-14