16 February 2019 6:27 Saint Galmier Zonza - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2650 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:57 18:34


Figaro De Busset FR

First run for a Jeanbat du Vivier gelding out of Vahine Lebel. Likely to need this experience
Owner: David Arnaud
Prize Money: €0

G 2650m 4 B Ruet
G Presles
34.0 81.0

Fidelio Du Rabutin FR

Has not shown much in three starts but is barefoot this time and could improve
Owner: Ch Faivre Pierret
Prize Money: €0

G 2650m 4 S Peltier
G R Huguet
Da188aDa 11.0 8.3


For Ever D'aurcy FR

Well beaten on recent debut. Might be smarter this time but best watched for now
Owner: L Gueleraud
Prize Money: €4,030

M 2650m 4 M Daougabel
R Mourlon
Da 26.0 44.0

Forever Du Rabutin FR

Improved when third last time out but has struggled over this distance. Might place
Owner: Ecurie Du Rabutin
Prize Money: €10,670

G 2650m 4 A Tintillier
G R Huguet
3a189aDaDa 12.0 24.0

Fric Frac Du Mill FR

Probably needed come back run and is better this distance. Deserves consideration
Owner: P Foucart
Prize Money: €0

G 2650m 4 L Peltier
L Peltier
Da182a 7.6 12.0

Felin Du Loisir FR

Did struggle in last two starts which was at this track. Others are preferred
Owner: Ecurie De Belgrave
Prize Money: €14,500

M 2650m 4 L Lerenard
L Lerenard
18DaDa6aDaDaDaDa3a4a 41.0 87.0

Falco Da Vinci FR

Ran a much improved race when barefoot last time out. Remains barefoot. Can place
Owner: M Colin
Prize Money: €0

G 2650m 4 Th Lemoine
M Bonnefoy
3a18Da6a5aRaDaDa6a6a 9.3 8.7


8 A
Fox Trot Du Stade FR

Modest recent runs and could need this come back run. Might earn minor money
Owner: F Carpentier
Prize Money: €4,410

G 2650m 4 R Despres
F Carpentier
188a6a0a4a0a2aDa5a 35.0 86.0

Figaro De Laubois FR

Much improved last run. Could go one better and is the one to beat in this line-up
Owner: P Clairy
Prize Money: €15,430

G 2650m 4 L Verriere
P Clairy
2a187aRa3aDaDaDaDa9a 6.8 3.9


Funky Julry FR

Much improved when third last time out. Is clearly unreliable but could earn some money
Owner: Ecurie Julry
Prize Money: €14,890

G 2675m 4 J P Gauvin
J P Gauvin
3a18DaDaDa1aDa 10.0 10.0

Forever Marancourt FR

Probably needed come back run. Has done well on a right-handed track and must be considered
Owner: Ph Auge
Prize Money: €7,080

G 2675m 4 Martin Cormy
P Callier
8a181a3a 21.0 14.0

Fab Stone FR

Unreliable but was not disgraced when fourth in latest start. Could play a minor role
Owner: G Alaine
Prize Money: €8,440

G 2675m 4 R Volle
G Alaine
4a180a7a7a2a9a2aDaDa 34.0 71.0

Foxy Du Fer FR

Probably needed come back run but might needs another run or two to get to peak fitness
Owner: Ecurie Thierry Busset
Prize Money: €20,590

G 2675m 4 Th Busset
T H Busset
0a180m0a3m4a6m5a8aDa 26.0 50.0

Filou De Bourgogne FR

A bit disappointing when only fifth last time out. Capable of better. Place chance
Owner: Ph Darmochod
Prize Money: €8,170

G 2675m 4 F Jamard
P Callier
5a182aDa3a3a4a 11.0 14.0

Flocon De Ginai FR

Disappointing last run but is capable of better and could contest the finish
Owner: J J X Barre
Prize Money: €25,080

G 2675m 4 P Callier
P Callier
6a3a181a8aDaDaDaDa 22.0 13.0

First D'eronville FR

Has some fair form but does need to do a bit more to win. Could need this come back run
Owner: D Guillochon
Prize Money: €10,940

G 2675m 4 A Bonnefoy
A Bonnefoy
182a3aDa2a0a 26.0 22.0

17 A
Florest D'argent FR

Mostly modest form of late. Needs to do more to win but could earn some minor money
Owner: F Carpentier
Prize Money: €19,430

G 2675m 4 J Boillereau
F Carpentier
0a187aDa9a5a2a6aDa4a 19.0 31.0

Full Metal Jacket FR

Improving and did win well last time out. Has a winning chance giving 25m
Owner: Ch Schandrin
Prize Money: €0

G 2675m 4 J Cuoq
J Cuoq
181a3a7aRa0aDa5a5a9a 11.0 10.0

Coupling A 12.0 23.0

Paris Turf

(9) FIGARO DE LAUBOIS indicated when runner-up last time out that a win was close at hand and this race may well be it. (11) FOREVER MARANCOURT will improve on the last run and is likely to be right there at the finish. (15) FLOCON DE GINAI and (18) FULL METAL JACKET are tow others worth some consideration especially for the places.

Selection: 9-11-15-18-14