16 February 2019 5:52 Saint Galmier Mimosa - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2650 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 28000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:22 18:00


Aigle De Dompierre FR

Ignore last run. Better this distance and could play a minor role at the finish
Owner: F J Peltier
Prize Money: €134,460

G 2650m 9 S Peltier
S Peltier
180a3a2a7a0aDa0a0a0a 63.0 78.0

Bonviva FR

Struggled last year and does need major improvement to win this race. Others are preferred
Owner: Ecurie De Belgrave
Prize Money: €131,390

F 2650m 8 L Lerenard
L Lerenard
180m8aDm8m5mDa177mDm 194.0 212.0

Balou D'Angis FR

Remains barefoot but has been struggling for some time now. Others are preferred
Owner: Cl Bossy
Prize Money: €137,680

G 2650m 8 B Ruet
C L Bossy
9a180a0a8aDaDa9a9a0a 48.0 93.0

Viva L'etrat FR

Well tried already this year without success and does need major improvement to win
Owner: B Thomas
Prize Money: €141,820

F 2650m 10 B Thomas
B Thomas
9a4a6mDm18Dm3m3a9a0a 60.0 136.0

Clovis Du Val FR

Modest last run which was at this track. Capable of improvement. Can upset
Owner: R J Robin
Prize Money: €144,720

G 2650m 7 L Lamaziere
L Lamaziere
8a186a1a3a3a4a7a0a1a 16.0 13.0

Armany D'Hermes FR

Unreliable but has been really struggling and others are much preferred this time
Owner: Y Marechal
Prize Money: €142,080

G 2650m 9 A Tintillier
Y Marechal
DaDaDa7a18DaDaDmDa2a 81.0 142.0

Vrai De Clerlande FR

Battling to regain form and does need major improvement to win. Others are preferred
Owner: D J Henry
Prize Money: €147,670

M 2650m 10 L Verriere
D J Henry
0a0a7a188m6a0a7a8a6a 189.0 157.0

Cristal Pierji FR

In good form of late and is fit and ready for this race. Must be considered
Owner: Ecurie Club Rmc
Prize Money: €0

G 2650m 7 Martin Cormy
Mickael Cormy
1a3a186a4a6a0a4a5aDa 12.0 12.0

Atchoum Pan FR

Returned to form with a nice win last time out. Remains barefoot and deserves respect
Owner: A Chere
Prize Money: €165,700

G 2650m 9 B Goetz
B Goetz
1a180a5a7a2a1a2a8aDm 14.0 10.0

Bijoux De Sauzette FR

Remains barefoot but he does seems to have lost his way completely. Others preferred
Owner: J Viale
Prize Money: €151,380

G 2650m 8 P Callier
P Callier
7a6a186a0a7a8a3a0aDm 34.0 49.0

Dixit Danica FR

Only sixth at this track last time out. Better this distance. Has a big chance
Owner: Ecurie Des Atiaux
Prize Money: €163,960

G 2650m 6 J Boillereau
M Busset
6a181a4a8a3a2a2a2a5a 3.2 2.4


Cepage Des Ulmes FR

Holding form well and is fit and ready for this race. Should contest the finish
Owner: Ph E Trible
Prize Money: €151,850

G 2650m 7 R Le Creps
Ph e Trible
3a2a189m1m9a4a3a6aDa 11.0 9.2

Visbie De Lorjac FR

Well beaten in latest start. Capable of better but could play a minor role
Owner: G Gauvin
Prize Money: €222,600

F 2675m 10 F Gauvin
G Gauvin
Da184a3a8aDa7a7a1a5a 69.0 110.0

Cross Dairpet FR

Unreliable but was not disgraced when third last time out. Has a winning chance
Owner: Ecurie Michel Sardou
Prize Money: €259,870

M 2675m 7 Mickael Cormy
Mickael Cormy
3a5a180a2a8a1a6a4a6a 9.4 9.1


Chistou D'Iraty FR

Has been in very good form of late. Remains barefoot and can go close to winning
Owner: J Bodin
Prize Money: €325,810

G 2675m 7 F Jamard
J Bodin
2a0a181a1a7a7a0a4a2a 2.8 4.4


Paris Turf

(11) DIXIT DANICA ran well on his come back run and he is quite capable of taking out a race like this. (15) CHISTOU D'IRATY has been doing well of late and could contest the finish once again. (14) CROSS DAIRPET is holding his form and does have a winning chance. (9) ATCHOUM PAN is another that is not out of it and is barefoot and ready.

Selection: 11-15-14-9