16 February 2019 4:07 Agen Jean Lemaire - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2575 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:37 16:14


1 (1)
Elixir De Freca FR

In cracking form since the autumn. Imposed in style here recently and even in this better company can go close
Owner: Ecurie Freca
Prize Money: €44,290

G 2575m 5 E Audebert
E Audebert
1a185a2a2a2a6aDaDa2a 8.6 6.7


2 (2)
Epine D'avril FR

Occasionally a handful but has never been in better shape. Winner of her last two and securing three on the trot is not out of the question
Owner: Ecurie Bkm
Prize Money: €43,430

F 2575m 5 L J Legros
B Marie
1a1a3aDa181aDaDm9a9a 8.4 8.6

3 (3)
Equido Alfa FR

Won here last month before impressing at Toulouse. Benefits from a superb entry and can bring home the bacon
Owner: Ecurie Vimond
Prize Money: €55,470

G 2575m 5 N Vimond
N Vimond
4a1a2a186a7a7a3a1a1a 4.7 3.6


4 (4)
Epicurien FR

In the frame in last two and well placed behind the car. Is arguably better going left handed but one to note all the same
Owner: H J P Journo
Prize Money: €54,230

M 2575m 5 Pierrick Le Moel
Pierrick Moel
3a3a5a189a3a5aDm0a7a 11.0 9.2

5 (5)
Esbeirit FR

Showed improvement when heading (3) EQUIDO ALFA at Toulouse late last month and in similar form will not be far off the mark
Owner: P Sauvage
Prize Money: €60,250

M 2575m 5 R W Denechere
R W Denechere
3a9a184a4a9a3a9a5a0a 7.6 5.7


6 (6)
Et Pourtant FR

Useful sort that has won one of two here. Returns from a spell but can still make his presence felt
Owner: L B Martin
Prize Money: €59,780

G 2575m 5 J Chavatte
L B Martin
185aDa2a3aDa1a9aDaDa 6.1 7.3

7 (7)
Elo De Padd FR

In the mix for the most part these days. Fifth in the race of reference and unlikely to improve on that
Owner: F Clozier
Prize Money: €41,090

G 2575m 5 F Clozier
F Clozier
5a4a183a8a0aDa1a0a8a 16.0 16.0

8 (8)
Ellee Du Metz FR

Tends to show more in the claiming division and latest effort did little to inspire confidence
Owner: L Lachere
Prize Money: €46,980

F 2575m 5 L Lachere
L Lachere
7a2a8a182a2a0m0aDa8a 20.0 29.0

9 (9)
Etoile De Narmont FR

Delicate sort that encouraged at Bordeaux last month before flopping next time and chances limited
Owner: Ecurie De Narmont
Prize Money: €15,450

F 2575m 5 M Criado
R Debue
0a4aDaDa18Da7a4a5a0a 34.0 67.0

10 (10)
Earnshaw FR

Moderate type debuting at the venue following a poor run of form and will have few friends
Owner: Mme Coee|lia Pinelli
Prize Money: €27,170

G 2575m 5 N Mathias
M J Ruault
Da0a185a5a7aDaDa9a8a 105.0 101.0

11 (11)
Elk Du Patural FR

Impressed last spring but subsequently lost her way. Is confirmed under these conditions but still hard to make a case
Owner: G Champie
Prize Money: €43,190

G 2575m 5 P M Manceau
P M Manceau
6a6mDa188aDa0a0a8a2a 10.0 20.0

12 (12)
Eole Desbois FR

Modest individual that has not made the frame for 11 months. Likes Agen but still not an obvious choice
Owner: Ecurie Dominik Cordeau
Prize Money: €39,300

G 2575m 5 Mme S Larduinat-descout
D Cordeau
0a0a0a6a189a6aDa5a0a 30.0 138.0

13 (13)
Etoile D'haufor FR

Clearly capable but complicated. Encouraged here late last month but has little going for her on this occasion
Owner: Ecurie Christian Bigeon
Prize Money: €31,020

F 2575m 5 M X Charlot
M x Charlot
0a3a0a180aDaDa2a1aDa 22.0 33.0

14 (14)
Entre Deux Toon's FR

Has done nothing of note since placing at Cabourg during the summer and has no realistic chance
Owner: Ecurie M Bezier
Prize Money: €31,790

G 2575m 5 A Hureau
M Bezier
0a7a8a180a9a0a0a5a5a 41.0 152.0

15 (15)
Eurydice FR

Blows hot and cold but pleased here three weeks ago. Badly drawn though and chances limited
Owner: Ecurie D' Alibert
Prize Money: €35,800

F 2575m 5 J Asselie
J M Lourtet
0a3a8a189m2a9a1a7a6a 99.0 128.0

Paris Turf

A quality trotter that won here mid January before giving a good account at Toulouse next time (3) EQUIDO ALFA has an ideal position on the front line and gets the nod here. Vimond will however want to keep a watchful eye on (2) EPINE D'AVRIL who makes the trip south in a bid to secure the hat trick. Easy winner over longer here two weeks ago (1) ELIXIR DE FRECA moves marginally up in class and while unlikely to repeat can still play a major role. (5) ESBEIRIT finished ahead of the selection last time out and will will similarly garner support.

Selection: 3-2-1-5