16 February 2019 12:45 Agen Serignac Sur Garonne - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2575 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 6000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 12:30 12:52


1 (1)
Apollo De Ry FR

Useful sort in both codes. Decent third under these conditions recently and backs up with justified ambition
Owner: J M Teillet
Prize Money: €101,650

G 2575m 9 Y Vigouroux
J M Teillet
3a7a5a189m3m1m3m9m17 15.0 9.6

2 (2)
Cloud Of Life FR

Tough type that seldom disappoints at this level. Appreciates the venue and in current form can win this
Owner: J Cl Labrousse
Prize Money: €93,130

G 2575m 7 Mlle C Morlot
N Vimond
6a181a0aDa1a2a1a3a1a 2.7 2.7


3 (3)
Bella De Ginai FR

Drops back in class following two real clinkers. Is well placed in front though and could get a look in
Owner: F Levesques
Prize Money: €86,800

F 2575m 8 Mlle L Lizee
D Cordeau
0a0a4a7m180a5a3aDa7a 13.0 18.0

4 (4)
Astre Eclatant FR

Has made the frame just once in last nine and in current condition can be passed over
Owner: S Itard
Prize Money: €80,495

G 2575m 9 J M Freyssenge
B Grasset
9a6a6a9a7a4aDa18Da3a 38.0 93.0

5 (5)
Aline De Touchyvon FR

Decent sort in the amateur division. Trotted third to (2) CLOUD OF LIFE last time they met and can again apply the pressure
Owner: Q Fleury
Prize Money: €91,720

F 2575m 9 Q Fleury
Pierrick Moel
0a183a0a4a4a7a3a6a9a 7.6 6.6


6 (6)
Cirrus Briolais FR

Gives a good account for the most part when barefoot. First time under harness here but can get a look in
Owner: B Reboussin
Prize Money: €90,710

G 2575m 7 C Baty
P H Boutin
7a0m18Da7m4a1m2mDa9a 4.3 4.1


7 (7)
Autour De Bec FR

Not the most attractive on paper but has merit. Will be fully fit and going barefoot for the occasion must not be underestimated
Owner: J Hamelet
Prize Money: €91,050

G 2575m 9 J Hamelet
K Thonnerieux
0aDa0m186a4m0a7a1a6a 22.0 24.0

8 (8)
As D'Anjou FR

Nothing noteworthy on his formsheet since June 2016. Disregard
Owner: Ludovic Debayles
Prize Money: €79,140

G 2575m 9 L Debayles
Ludovic Debayles
0a187a0a170a0a0aDa0a 121.0 183.0

9 (9)
Bolero Du Gribout FR

Dependability not his strong suit but has good references at this level. Has placed just once here though and a minor place chance at best
Owner: J F Chauvel
Prize Money: €59,045

G 2575m 8 Charly Clozier
F Clozier
0a7a182a7a7a3aDa1a2a 30.0 28.0

10 (10)
Ciceron D'Or FR

Moderate type making first appearance since early September and can be ruled out
Owner: B Laroche
Prize Money: €63,040

G 2575m 7 G Ache
Y Vidal
18DaDa2a2a6aDa9a0a4a 52.0 79.0

11 (11)
Antingo FR

A total write off for past 16 months and has no realistic chance
Owner: G Simon
Prize Money: €65,410

G 2575m 9 F Leszczynski
M Criado
Da8a180a0a0a0a8aDaDa 101.0 162.0

12 (12)
Cristal Des Baux FR

Proven here but has just one race under his belt since the long layoff and others preferred
Owner: J Cl Porche
Prize Money: €77,150

G 2575m 7 G Martiniere
N Langlois
0a182m5aDa3a17Dm5aDm 34.0 77.0

13 (13)
Apache Fosca FR

Acquits himself decently most of the time. Left a good impression in a similar event at Toulouse a week ago and despite the draw must be afforded respect
Owner: D Maucourt
Prize Money: €77,465

G 2575m 9 D Maucourt
J Cl Maucourt
2a6a4a2a183a0a0a8m3a 10.0 9.1

14 (14)
Amon Re Win FR

Not always the most reliable but has twice won over course and distance. Not ideally drawn but worth noting all the same
Owner: J H Treich
Prize Money: €67,120

G 2575m 9 G Solignac
J H Treich
0a0a184a6a4aDa0a2a8a 48.0 40.0

15 (15)
Bluffeuse Erca FR

Moderate mare that has not been seen out since September and will need the race
Owner: Ecurie G Delacour
Prize Money: €65,180

F 2575m 8 S Beucher
B Muel
180a6m0m1m3m0a0m8a3m 107.0 158.0

16 (16)
Akito Du Vallon FR

No longer the horse he once was. Placed just once in last 11 and no threat
Owner: Mme M Riviere
Prize Money: €56,960

G 2575m 9 A Riviere
A Riviere
7a7a8a2a8a188a9aTa4a 49.0 107.0

Paris Turf

Superb at this level of competition (2) CLOUD OF LIFE has a liking for Agen conditions and from the 2 spot looks capable of imposing his will. (5) ALINE DE TOUCHYVON finished a good third to him at Bordeaux late December and is similarly well positioned in front. Useful for the most part (1) APOLLO DE RY left a fine impression over course and distance last weekend and in similar form can again finish close. After three comeback runs (7) AUTOUR DE BEC goes barefoot this time around and can get back in the game. Twice a winner in four starts under these conditions (14) AMON RE WIN must be respected.

Selection: 2-5-1-7-14