9 Nov 2018 4:45 Saint-Cloud De Gravelle Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2100 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:15 16:53


1 (14)
Mathonville FR

Last of two victories came exactly a year ago. Has every chance though in a weak affair
Owner: Mme Am Roux
Prize Money: €41,450

F 4/60.0 M Guyon
C Lecrivain
220 4p6p8p0p0p0p5p3p3p4p 7.4 6.5


2 (15)
Semeur D'Espoir FR

Sole win from fifteen came at Deauville in July but has had three nice attempts subsequently
Owner: Monnier Roland
Prize Money: €34,380

G 4/60.0 M Barzalona
A Bonin
220 5p2p3p1p5p0p8p8p3p9p 7.5 4.9


3 (7)
Sunday Winner FR

Dual winner from thirty efforts but it has been all too much of a struggle thus far during current season
Owner: H Bellentani
Prize Money: €39,350

G 4/60.0 T Trullier
Y Gourraud
220 0p6p0p0p0p0p0p7h177h 21.0 18.0

4 (4)
Monkey Fire GB

Placed in eight of his twenty three runs but such types are difficult to keep following
Owner: Cj Delamarre
Prize Money: €18,500

G 4/60.0 P C Boudot
C Scandella
220 0p5h4h3h0p0p6p17Ah6h 26.0 24.0

5 (5)
Bahiamy FR

Unplaced in all eleven attempts and seems to be a big outsider for this one too
Owner: P Sauvage
Prize Money: €1,175

F 4/60.0 T Bachelot
J P Sauvage
220 9p5p0p6pAh5hTh6p5p8p 22.0 17.0

6 (13)
Beyond Blue IRE

Runner up once in just the seven starts but very little to offer in the other six. Could still place being so unexposed
Owner: Mme A Fouassier
Prize Money: €2,600

G 4/59.5 C Soumillon
J Doucet
215 7p0p0p0p170p2p0p 11.0 12.0

7 (9)
Cropus FR

Two time winner from twenty six. Form seems to be regressing quickly at the moment
Owner: Me Uzan
Prize Money: €33,700

G 4/59.0 D Santiago
R Le Gal
210 0p9hAh6p9p9p0p0p4p3p 20.0 17.0

8 (16)
Queen's Of Marshal FR

Triple scorer from thirty five. Rare glimpse of form when runner up two starts back but reverted to type last time
Owner: Rob Rob Collet
Prize Money: €97,525

F 4/58.0 A Lemaitre
Robert Collet
200 0p2p0p0p0p0p0p0p9p0p 8.7 11.0

9 (3)
Papa Winner FR

One success from thirty four and would have some sort of outside chance if putting best foot forward
Owner: P Kogue
Prize Money: €40,455

G 4/58.0 A Hamelin
S Jesus
200 9p0p4p4p0p0p5p2p1p5p 12.0 18.0

10 (8)
Reine De Khalvi FR

A triple scorer from twenty eight starts and would have claims on overall form
Owner: P Chenu
Prize Money: €24,300

F 4/58.0 T Piccone
D Chenu
200 0p3p4p6p1p1p5p4p5p9p 10.0 9.4

11 (6)
Rajsa Card FR

Only the one success from thirty seven but would have a chance in such a very weak affair
Owner: P Desplaces
Prize Money: €73,220

G 4/57.5 E Hardouin
C Martinon
195 8p2p4p5p8p7p0p0p5p0p 6.4 8.4


12 (10)
Sowgay FR

One win from forty five runs. Form is going in the wrong direction so easily opposed
Owner: Jo Phelippon / G Barbarin
Prize Money: €46,770

G 4/56.5 C Pacaut
J Phelippon
185 0p0p8p7p0p4p6p6p176p 28.0 19.0

13 (2)
Elio Ska FR

Placed just four times in twenty outings and such types can always be taken on
Owner: T Dettwiller
Prize Money: €11,075

G 4/56.5 S M Laurent
Mme R Philippon
185 5p5p4p7p0p9p5p3p9p0p 19.0 26.0

14 (1)
Vebron FR

One success from twenty eight and that came from out of the blue. Needs to pull off a similar surprise
Owner: Pl Guerin
Prize Money: €14,080

G 4/56.0 J Monteiro
P L Guerin
180 8p0p9p1p9p0p9p8p0p 39.0 63.0

15 (12)
Ken Blood FR

Just two glimmers of hope in a nine race maiden career so far and looks a no hoper
Owner: Mme V Ferrat
Prize Money: €2,375

G 4/56.0 M Nobili
Mme V Ferrat
180 5pAh0p0p0p0p3p170p7p 29.0 50.0

16 (11)
Lance D'estuaire FR

Placed just four times in a twenty three race career and easily tossed aside once more
Owner: Mme C Laur
Prize Money: €22,355

F 4/53.0 Mlle A Massin
Mme C Laur
150 7p0p5p0p7p9p6p0p3p5p 16.0 24.0

Paris Turf

The final race of the day and if punters have not made their money before now then it could be a real struggle as this is most certainly not a betting medium. Several of the runners are average at best while the rest have very much the same chance. At least (1) MATHONVILLE and (2) SEMEUR D'ESPOIR have clearer credentials than most so they might be worth a play in that order. (6) BEYOND BLUE is somewhat unexposed and might perform well. (10) REINE DE KHALVI and (11) RAJSA CARD also have some sort of claims.

Selection: 1-2-6-10-11