9 November 2018 8:15 Vincennes Gemma - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 46000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:46 20:24


Cingala Normande FR

Delicate but hard to knock these days when applied. Won in good order at Lisieux last time but still has more to find
Owner: A Laine
Prize Money: €88,390

F 2850m 6 A Lamy
H Daougabel
1aDaDa2a2a0mDm0a0aRa 28.0 27.0

Croma Du Guibel FR

Dynamic winner at Les Sables three weeks ago but failed to confirm at Argentan. Is barefoot this time though and must not be ignored
Owner: F Heon
Prize Money: €138,050

F 2850m 6 A Barrier
F Heon
0a1a0a0a4a0aDa6a5a0a 36.0 47.0

Crescendis FR

Useful on a good day. Left a decent impression on re-entry mid-October and should not be entirely overlooked
Owner: Th De Wazieres
Prize Money: €187,520

F 2850m 6 J F Senet
J F Senet
5aDa7a2a0a1a175a0a0a 86.0 114.0

Chiva Des Racques FR

Has been on a superb run since the summer. Arguably better on turf but will be reined by Lebourgeois and can get in on the action
Owner: Ecurie Alexandre Buisson
Prize Money: €110,060

F 2850m 6 Y Lebourgeois
A Buisson
1a1a8a1a4a2a1a1a1aDa 10.0 11.0

Comete FR

Moderate sort that has failed to impress in either start since the break and can be passed over
Owner: D D Aubert
Prize Money: €113,060

F 2850m 6 P Y Verva
F Bougon
0a0aDm0m0a174mDa8m0a 94.0 124.0

Chanelle Du Perche FR

Blows hot and cold but is barefoot for the occasion and with application can finish in the mix
Owner: Ec Foiret
Prize Money: €128,240

F 2850m 6 D Thomain
V Seguin
Da0a1aDa7a1a6a7a3a6a 10.0 9.5

Chacha De Gontier FR

Quality sort that won her last two - including over track and trip. Steps marginally up in class but a major player nonetheless
Owner: J R Cisterne
Prize Money: €144,850

F 2850m 6 A Wiels
J Marmion
1a1a3a9a6a4aDa5a2a1a 4.4 3.8


Calie De Pebrisy FR

Not the biggest fan of these conditions but is back on the boil and looks capable of getting a look in
Owner: Ecurie Franck Boismartel
Prize Money: €122,980

F 2850m 6 M Verva
F Boismartel
4a6a2a0a4a3a8aDa8a4a 32.0 41.0

Cannelle Des Pres FR

Handy mare that has been hard to fault lately when barefoot but has no love for the inner track and others preferred
Owner: Ecurie M Et A P Bezier
Prize Money: €128,050

F 2850m 6 M Bezier
M Bezier
0a1a2a2a4aDa0a4a4a4a 24.0 29.0

Chimene D'osny FR

Hardy type that gets on like a house on fire with Nivard. Finished a place behind (11) CLARA MAZA last time here and will not be far off the mark
Owner: J Danin
Prize Money: €144,600

F 2850m 6 F Nivard
F Heon
5a8a1m3a3a3m0a3m5m2a 9.2 10.0

Clara Maza FR

Serious mare that always performs when barefoot. Is proven over track and trip and if she stays covered up should have this in the bag
Owner: Ecurie Du Maza
Prize Money: €139,180

F 2850m 6 S Ernault
S Ernault
4a8a2a1a1a2a1a3a7a4a 4.8 4.6


Capucine D'Avril FR

Has done nothing of note under harness since the spring and has no realistic chance
Owner: Ed Coubard-meunier
Prize Money: €134,800

F 2850m 6 A Thomas
C H Mary
0a8mDa4m0a3m7a0a6a3a 30.0 23.0

Caracas FR

Has placed just once in nine starts this season and can be confidently disregarded
Owner: Mme F Allera
Prize Money: €136,840

F 2850m 6 P Vercruysse
P Vercruysse
0a0aDa9a2aDa8a5a6a17 57.0 80.0

Chachoo Bond FR

Mixes the good with the less good but reassured at Laval eight days ago. Won her last two under these conditions and must be afforded respect
Owner: A Dutheil
Prize Money: €137,225

F 2850m 6 J M Bazire
P Lelievre
2a9a0a4a1a5aDa7a4a1a 7.7 7.5


Clef De Fa FR

Has been particularly disappointing all year and appears to have nothing to offer
Owner: Thierry Cattan
Prize Money: €151,760

F 2850m 6 G Gelormini
Mme S Raimond
9aDa0aDa0a6a5a4aDa0a 23.0 27.0

Cadence Del Fretta FR

Mixes the good with the less good but beat (10) CHIMENE D'OSNY at Les Sables last month and will have her supporters
Owner: P Guilloux
Prize Money: €150,910

F 2850m 6 S Tribourdeau
Sebastien Tribourdeau
6a4a6a1a2m2a0a1a6a1a 13.0 16.0

Paris Turf

Seldom out of the picture when unshod all four (11) CLARA MAZA has nothing to prove under these conditions and can well win this. Ernault will however need to keep an eye on the in-form (7) CHACHA DE GONTIER who vies for the hat-trick. A quality dual-discipline mare (10) CHIMENE D'OSNY always performs when partnered by Nivard and should be good enough to make the frame. (14) CHACHOO BOND has decent references under these conditions and her reassuringly good Laval performance will stand her in good stead. (6) CHANELLE DU PERCHE is barefoot like she was when winning at Mauquenchy mid-September and will have her chances.

Selection: 11-7-10-14-6