9 November 2018 5:00 Laval Marcel Dejean - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2875 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 20000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:30 17:08


Esperance Celeste FR

Moderate filly who has thrice failed to confirm her Durtal win and can be passed over
Owner: S Douaneau
Prize Money: €51,710

F 2875m 4 E Douaneau
S Douaneau
Da0a0a1a8a8a8a7a0a0a 14.0 60.0

Eva Madrik FR

Tends to go well when not disqualified and is not one to be underrated
Owner: Ecurie La Petteviniere
Prize Money: €28,480

F 2875m 4 M Delaroche
S Roger
3aDa1a1aDa17DaDa3aDa 23.0 24.0

Elena De Farchat FR

Honest filly. Has not enjoyed any fortune this season but has remained consistenct nonetheless
Owner: Ecurie Marechal
Prize Money: €35,760

F 2875m 4 Cl Guillon
C H Hamel
2a4a5aDa3a8a2aDa4a2a 9.7 8.3


Empress Pat FR

Complicated sort but has been in excellent shape under the saddle. Unlikely under harness
Owner: Ch Mottier
Prize Money: €57,510

F 2875m 4 A Rebeche
C H Mottier
Dm3m1mDa2mDm2m3mDmDm 83.0 137.0

Elena Stuart FR

Promising under the saddle but not the same in this code. Others preferred
Owner: Ecurie Christophe Gallier
Prize Money: €30,230

F 2875m 4 Ch Gallier
C H Gallier
4m0a0a0a8aaaDa172m3m 31.0 104.0

Easy Girl FR

Unremarkable filly not at her most productive of late. Will struggle to make an impact
Owner: E Cohen
Prize Money: €31,150

F 2875m 4 F Harel
F Harel
5a7aDa7aDa7a17Dm1a9a 78.0 124.0

Emotionless FR

Useful filly but not presently at her most productive and a minor place chance at best
Owner: J Dubois
Prize Money: €33,300

F 2875m 4 J PH Dubois
J Dubois
7a6a6a0a176a2a8a1a9a 14.0 12.0

Extasy Bond FR

Tends to go well when not disqualified and is not one to be underrated
Owner: J Seche
Prize Money: €34,910

F 2875m 4 B Robin
J L Bigeon
Da1a2a4aDa4a5a5a4a9a 23.0 25.0

Egerie De Bannes FR

Unexceptional trotter that has done nothing of note for some time. Can be ruled out
Owner: Ecurie Hervoee| Sionneau
Prize Money: €38,890

F 2875m 4 H Sionneau
H Sionneau
Da6aDaDa0a2a8aDa9a7a 5.4 5.6


Engala De Lou FR

Unexceptional filly with two modest 3rd-place finishes to her name this year. Disregarded
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €50,520

F 2875m 4 J Travers
S T Provoost
9a8m3a5a9aDaDaDa3a5a 38.0 123.0

Emotta FR

Consistency not her strong suit but did reassure with last-start success. Has claims
Owner: Mlle Manon Mottier
Prize Money: €57,460

F 2875m 4 F Lagadeuc
D Mottier
1a6a0a7a4a0a3a177a6a 11.0 10.0

Eureka D'eronville FR

Not the most dependable of trotters but could play a role here if in the mood. Place chance
Owner: Mme Marion Dupuis
Prize Money: €45,010

F 2875m 4 F Lecanu
S T Meunier
9a3aDaDa2aDa0a7aDa0a 20.0 44.0

Etoile Boss FR

Capable filly who has turned a corner since racing unshod. Reunited with Raffin - player
Owner: H Bossuet
Prize Money: €72,640

F 2875m 4 E Raffin
D Lefaucheux
5a5a3a4a4a3aDa3a1a6a 5.5 3.4


Eloanne FR

Has ability but not the most dependable trotter. Improved recently and can challenge
Owner: D Lhomet
Prize Money: €36,370

F 2875m 4 Ph Daugeard
C H Petrement
4a1a6a0a0a3a0a6a4aDa 8.0 8.4

Easy And Nice Er FR

Has bounced back nicely recently and in current form must be respected
Owner: Ecurie Floating Storage Co Bv
Prize Money: €40,860

F 2875m 4 M Monaco
M Monaco
6a2a4a7a9a3a5a3a1aDa 11.0 10.0

Elektra Maza FR

Looked a promising filly last year but has not been the same form this term. Must reaffirm
Owner: M Novelli
Prize Money: €36,580

F 2875m 4 M Abrivard
E Varin
0aDaDaDaDa6a3aDa8a17 17.0 18.0

Paris Turf

Back from a break but unshod for the occasion chances are that (13) ETOILE BOSS is race ready and expected to go well. She is preferred to (14) ELOANNE who seldom disappoints when racing under these conditions. (15) EASY AND NICE ER is capable of challenging those runners on her inside if in the mood. Last-start winner (11) EMOTTA can get a look in and (8) EXTASY BOND can make her presence felt too if applied.

Selection: 13-14-15-11-8