8 November 2018 5:00 Vincennes Savigny-sur-braye - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2200 m
  • No. of Runners: 13 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 75000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 16:30 17:06


Caporal De Bry FR

Blows hot and cold but reassured over course and distance last week and should not be overlooked
Owner: L Pochet
Prize Money: €220,460

G 2200m 6/55.0 M Legros
C H Nicole
4m0m6m0m1m7m9mDm6m3m 32.0 38.0

Buster De Beaufour FR

Complicated but a quality horse all the same. Unraced since the summer but is barefoot for the occasion and can get in on the action
Owner: Ecurie Damien Bonne
Prize Money: €243,890

G 2200m 7/55.0 Maxime Gilbert
D Bonne
0m3mDm1mDm2m175m1mDm 30.0 17.0

Creature Castelets FR

Moderate sort that can trot on a good day. Will be fully fit by now and with hind shoes off will have her supporters
Owner: Ecurie Du Haras De L'epinay
Prize Money: €326,185

F 2200m 6/55.0 Mlle E Desmigneux
D Delasalle
5m7a0a4a2a7a3a6a3a3m 14.0 21.0

Victoire Smiling FR

A complete write-off in both codes for over 14 months and has no realistic chance
Owner: Ecurie Du Logis
Prize Money: €265,230

F 2200m 9/55.0 M Grumetz
F Christophe
0m0mDm9mDm0mDa0a170m 104.0 185.0

Banjo De La Noemie FR

Back at the top of his game since returning to the specialty. Dynamic at Enghien last month and can double up
Owner: Mme O Thibaudeau
Prize Money: €318,690

G 2200m 7/55.0 A Voisin
P H Boutin
Da1m4a9a2m9aDa7a1a5a 2.3 2.3


Uranium FR

Handy sort that is confirmed in the discipline but current form does nothing to inspire confidence
Owner: Mme W Peron
Prize Money: €298,070

G 2200m 10/55.0 M Kondritz
J Guelpa
DaDa7m4aDa2m4a5a5a6a 23.0 70.0

Codie De Beaulieu FR

Fifth to (5) BANJO DE LA NOEMIE at Enghien but has good speed and with shoes off this time can make a bigger impact over this shorter trip
Owner: Ph Rouer
Prize Money: €316,620

F 2200m 6/55.0 M Tijou
P H Rouer
0a5m3m5m0a0a7m8m5m1m 6.1 6.3


Vivien FR

Undeniably capable but has been off the boil in recent months and must show improvement
Owner: J Vandromme
Prize Money: €299,850

G 2200m 9/55.0 Mlle C E Lemaire
F Ouvrie
0a0a7m7mDa2mDm1mDa5m 19.0 27.0

Aquitaine D'Aron FR

Last made any impact on the track in December 2017 and will have few if any friends
Owner: F Leblanc
Prize Money: €302,600

F 2200m 8/55.0 M Maignan
F Leblanc
8m8a8a0m7a0m170m1m0a 43.0 111.0

Valdenburg FR

Previously a good sort but has done nothing of note for over two years and can be written off
Owner: Ec Philippe Boff
Prize Money: €303,034

G 2200m 9/55.0 F Letonturier
N Raimbeaux
9m6m6m6m0a0aRa170m0m 52.0 125.0

Vincent Des Obeaux FR

Decent sort that always gives his best but still no more than a minor place chance
Owner: Ec Alain Et Arnaud Chavatte
Prize Money: €324,720

G 2200m 9/55.0 Th Constans
A Chavatte
5m8m5mDa9a9m5m3m4mDm - -


Best Du Hauty FR

Useful type taking his first steps in the specialty. Will be partnered by a talented jockey and can pick up a cheque
Owner: O Bizoux
Prize Money: €358,340

G 2200m 7/57.0 Mlle O Briand
O Bizoux
0a6a3a0a8a5a4a8a0a0a 8.3 10.0

Beau De Grimoult FR

Quality trotter with an excellent record in the code. Is barefoot this time and looks the principal threat to (5) BANJO DE LA NOEMIE
Owner: Ecurie De Grimoult
Prize Money: €497,150

G 2200m 7/57.0 Mlle M Collet
F Anne
7m2m1m4a1m4m2mDaDa9a 5.0 3.4


Paris Turf

Since switching back to the ridden code after a long absence from the specialty (5) BANJO DE LA NOEMIE has shown a different side to himself and with hind shoes off this time can confirm his superb Enghien success. (7) CODIE DE BEAULIEU was somewhat below-par that day but will be more suited to this shorter trip - although she may first have to see off the serious (13) BEAU DE GRIMOULT who is unshod all four for the occasion. (2) BUSTER DE BEAUFOUR regularly gives his best when focused and even though unraced since early August must be afforded respect.

Selection: 5-13-7-2