8 November 2018 3:20 Vincennes Belle Ile - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 36000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:50 15:30


Flambeau De Daidou FR

Highly impressive so far with three wins from four. First time left-handed but could well win this if he turns
Owner: Ecurie Daidou
Prize Money: €48,680

M 2700m 3 M Abrivard
M Abrivard
1a1a2a1a 5.2 3.4


Faredgio Menuet FR

Not once out of the first three in five career starts. Solid second in an Enghien Class D three weeks ago and deserves to be taken seriously
Owner: W Bigeon
Prize Money: €40,220

M 2700m 3 W Bigeon
W Bigeon
2a1a2a3a1a 12.0 8.4


Feanor FR

Respectable sort on a good day but below-par in last two and in this company appears to have his work cut out
Owner: D Lefaucheux
Prize Money: €32,650

G 2700m 3 F Nivard
D Lefaucheux
Da6a2a2a3a7aDa6a3a2a 31.0 65.0

French Meteor FR

Blows hot and cold but won two of last three. In better company this time but one to note all the same
Owner: Yannick Lucien Pierre
Prize Money: €27,350

M 2700m 3 Y Lebourgeois
Bert Lefevre
1aDa1a7a4a8a17Da1a 17.0 17.0

Fabuleux Destin FR

Eleven races and still a maiden but has gone close more than once and will have his supporters
Owner: G A Pou Pou
Prize Money: €33,930

G 2700m 3 G A Pou Pou
G a Pou
2a5aDa3a2a5a3a7a4a2a 26.0 49.0

Firefox Du Klau FR

Just one blip on his formsheet to date. Makes debut on the outer course and in present form is hard to ignore
Owner: Anthony Dollion
Prize Money: €44,640

M 2700m 3 Anthony Dollion
Anthony Dollion
3a2aDa2a1a1a4a 20.0 12.0

Filou Du Rib FR

Can prove a handful but reassured behind (10) FILOU D'ARQUENAY at Graignes late October and must not be overlooked
Owner: Ecurie Rib
Prize Money: €28,250

G 2700m 3 J L Cl Dersoir
Joel Hallais
3a9a2a1aDmDa1a5a3aDm 24.0 36.0

Flash De Celland FR

Solid as a rock since late June. Imposed on the inner track early last month and with Barrier in charge will be afforded every chance
Owner: Jean Michel Guerrin
Prize Money: €39,500

G 2700m 3 A Barrier
F Provost
1a2a3a2a2a7a6a 22.0 19.0

Funny Quick FR

Serious type with a good winter ahead of him but makes first appearance since August and unlikely to spring any surprises
Owner: Ecurie Quick Star
Prize Money: €42,730

M 2700m 3 J Ph Monclin
M Esper
3a2aDa1a1a6a 18.0 25.0

Filou D'Arquenay FR

Quality colt that reassured at Graignes late last month. Is confirmed on the outer course and can pick up a cheque
Owner: M Cognon
Prize Money: €0

G 2700m 3 E Raffin
V Raimbault
2a7a7a1a172a2a3a 15.0 16.0

Farouk Fligny FR

Good consistent servant but has not been seen out for three months and will need the race
Owner: Ecurie Franck Anne
Prize Money: €50,210

M 2700m 3 F Anne
F Anne
Da2a5a3a5a2a4a2a175a 40.0 80.0

Flying Brickell FR

Delicate but has considerable talent. Won smartly at Enghien a fortnight back and in similar form can play an important role
Owner: X Siwa
Prize Money: €29,960

M 2700m 3 G Gelormini
G a Pou
1a3aDa5aDaDa4a1a8aDa 32.0 29.0

Famous Dancer FR

Quality colt that has been going good guns lately. Returns to racing left-handed but still looks the one to beat
Owner: Ecurie Victoria Dreams
Prize Money: €46,280

M 2700m 3 J PH Dubois
P Moulin
2a1a5a4a1a4a1a5a - -


Fairplay Forever FR

Well-campaigned but has just one success to his name and unlikely to shake things up
Owner: G Rossat-mignaud
Prize Money: €34,560

G 2700m 3 F Lecanu
C H Petrement
0a4a1a5a4a6a4a3a3a2a 48.0 109.0

Flambeur Du Digeon FR

Can prove tricky but has ample ability. Faulted when full of running last time and on better behaviour can go close
Owner: J Y Roze
Prize Money: €50,670

M 2700m 3 J M Bazire
T H Raffegeau
7aDa2a6a2aDa1aDa1a 2.2 2.7


Paris Turf

(13) FAMOUS DANCER has hardly set a foot wrong since his May debut and given how he has performed lately looks to have the measure of most here. Dubois can nonetheless expect to encounter resistance from first-time left-hander (1) FLAMBEAU DE DAIDOU who has won three of four to date. (15) FLAMBEUR DU DIGEON was somewhat unlucky here late last month but has the wherewithal to set the record straight. (12) FLYING BRICKELL has started to come good again and will have his chances if he takes to the Vincennes undulations.

Selection: 13-1-15-12