8 Nov 2018 4:15 Chantilly Pav.anguilliere Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1800 m
  • No. of Runners:17 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:45 16:21


1 (6)
Raise The Stakes FR

Off the mark on the last of her fifteen starts and sure to be filled with confidence now
Owner: Ecurie Pigoni M&m
Prize Money: €34,890

F 4/60.0 T Thulliez
Y Gourraud
290 1p3p6p3p4p4p4p7p5p2p 10.0 7.9


2 (10)
Meteorite FR

Dual winner from forty two runs. Has the overall form to go very well here
Owner: S hoffmeister
Prize Money: €77,495

F 4/59.5 G Benoist
S Cerulis
285 8p2p4p7p7p1p2p4p1pDp 11.0 11.0

3 (14)
Perle Nonantaise FR

Four time winner from forty seven including last time out at Nimes and could be interesting
Owner: Mme N Carrie-eychenne
Prize Money: €89,200

F 5/58.5 T Piccone
F Foresi
275 1p5p7p3p4p3p8p5p5p9p 13.0 14.0

4 (4)
Samba Pa Ti IRE

A two time winner from twenty six and has fallen to a very reasonable mark now
Owner: Mlle E Schmitt
Prize Money: €59,955

F 4/58.0 S Pasquier
Mlle E Schmitt
270 6p3p9p9p5p0p2p6p4p2p 8.2 10.0

5 (12)
Karynia FR

Four time winner from forty four and could well be an each way player
Owner: Mme Sa Stark
Prize Money: €101,630

F 5/57.5 M Guyon
J Parize
265 5p5p0p0p6p1p4p6p3p5p 18.0 13.0

6 (7)
Belleire FR

Remains a maiden after twenty one runs but latest two efforts are very disappointing
Owner: L Bongen
Prize Money: €37,675

F 4/57.0 Mlle A Massin
M&S Nigge
260 0p0p6p7p5p7p3p4p9p4p 11.0 7.6


7 (13)
La Valentine FR

Owner: Mme R Labate
Prize Money: €22,900

F 4/57.0 Non Partant
S Labate
260 5p0p1p1p0p7p7p5p170p - -


8 (16)
Black Bird Runs FR

Eight time winner from sixty. Won well at Compiegne last time so merits a deal of respect
Owner: Hj uhrig
Prize Money: €141,725

F 6/56.5 T Bachelot
Frau Y Vollmer
255 1p2p6p7p6p5p8p9p8p4p - -


9 (3)
Fumata Bianca IRE

Half a dozen victories from fifty two runs. In very good form and is respected
Owner: B Rochette
Prize Money: €111,230

F 5/56.5 M Barzalona
P&F Monfort
255 3p4p1p2p5p2p7p0p5p0p 8.2 4.7


10 (17)
Wishful Thinking FR

Winner three starts back and two from thirty overall. Can be forgiven last effort
Owner: Snowdrop Stud Co Ltd
Prize Money: €45,250

F 4/56.5 A Lemaitre
Jv Toux
255 0p2p1p9p0p3p0p9p7p 22.0 19.0

11 (8)
Makat Poker FR

Two time winner from thirty two and runs to a similar level most of the time
Owner: R Meder
Prize Money: €62,100

F 4/56.0 V Cheminaud
M Krebs
250 5pDp4p3p4p3p5p5p2p0p 14.0 27.0

12 (15)
Lyavenita FR

Five time victor from fifty one. Seems to be running out of ideas in last two tries
Owner: P Pedrono
Prize Money: €130,450

F 6/56.0 L Poggionovo
Jv Toux
250 0p0p2p7p7p9p0p0p173p 14.0 24.0

13 (2)
True Reflection IRE

Dual winner from thirty seven and may have some sort of outside chance of a place
Owner: L Cendra
Prize Money: €55,515

F 6/55.0 S M Laurent
L Cendra
240 5p6p0p1p4p4p3p8p173p 23.0 24.0

14 (9)
Wind Song FR

Remains a maiden after eleven outings but others seem a fair bit stronger here
Owner: Mlle C Lotoux
Prize Money: €18,425

F 4/55.0 E Hardouin
C Lotoux
240 8p3p5p2p5p8p5p174p5p 13.0 19.0

15 (1)
Dauphine De France FR

Five time winner from fifty nine but will need others to falter so ruled out
Owner: R Frances
Prize Money: €90,500

F 6/52.5 M Michel
J Parize
215 9p3p4p3p4p1p5p5p5p5p 18.0 34.0

16 (11)
Vodka Double FR

Remains a maiden after thirty one outings but placed in last four and has each way claims
Owner: G Goeffic
Prize Money: €42,100

F 5/52.5 J Claudic
C Lotoux
215 3p4p2p3p8p4p0p9p8p2p 10.0 11.0

17 (5)
La Raceuse IRE

Triple winner from thirty six but on a long losing run and has a job of work to do
Owner: Mlle C Auvray
Prize Money: €56,330

F 6/51.0 D Santiago
Mlle C Auvray
180 7p2p0p4p5p6p8p4p170p 11.0 21.0

Paris Turf

(9) FUMATA BIANCA is a previous six time winner and has strung together a series of good efforts at Pornichet-La Baule in recent times and perhaps can get back into the number one spot again. (2) METEORITE has the required form to deliver a big challenge. (1) RAISE THE STAKES broke her maiden tag last time and is sure to progress. (8) BLACK BIRD RUNS and (16) VODKA DOUBLE have frame claims.

Selection: 9-2-1-8-16