23 October 2018 9:51 Vincennes Bellona - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2200 m
  • No. of Runners: 13 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 50000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 21:21 21:52


Dania Beach FR

Useful in both disciplines but does tend to show more in this code. Could play a minor role
Owner: Stal Payday
Prize Money: €125,390

F 2200m 5/55.0 Mlle E Desmigneux
B J Crebas
0a2m0aDm4aDm7a2m4a7m 51.0 96.0

Dow Jones Emge FR

Tends to go well when keeping stride so can't be underrated. Place chance if applied
Owner: St Seveno
Prize Money: €100,820

G 2200m 5/57.0 Mlle M Collet
S T Meunier
5mDm5mDmDa4mDa4mDaDa 30.0 30.0

Didine Du Digeon FR

Hardy type for the most part but races fully shod. Others make more appeal
Owner: Ecurie Des Bleuets
Prize Money: €92,560

F 2200m 5/65.0 P ph Ploquin
P Ploquin
7m0m3m5m6m5m7a1m4mDm 33.0 76.0

Doff Jim FR

Delicate but can't be faulted under the conditions and when applied. Will be involved
Owner: J M Monclin
Prize Money: €95,220

G 2200m 5/67.0 B Rochard
J M Monclin
2m2m4a5a2m1aDaDaDa1a 13.0 13.0

Defenseur D'Am FR

Form on an upward trajectory but needs to reaffirm after last-start disqualification
Owner: Mme Mauricette De Sousa
Prize Money: €100,170

G 2200m 5/67.0 Leo Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
Dm1m4m175m7m5m4mDm4m 27.0 54.0

Dandy Gede FR

Rarely wins but has solid form at this level so could have a role to play
Owner: Ecurie Alexandre Pillon
Prize Money: €127,800

G 2200m 5/67.0 E Raffin
A Pillon
3m7a2a4m0a3m6a3a9a0a 7.2 12.0

Dirky Ever FR

Classy sort with bags of early speed. Drop in trip will suit and will be the one to aim at
Owner: R Milanesio
Prize Money: €120,890

G 2200m 5/67.0 M Mottier
G Gillot
Dm1m7m1m172m2mDmDmDm 3.6 2.5


Divine Beji FR

Blows hot and cold. Could have a role to play if returning to form but best to watch for now
Owner: B Martinez
Prize Money: €117,400

F 2200m 5/65.0 A Barrier
P H Billard
Dm6m1m9m7m2m2m174m6m 27.0 57.0

Diego De La Criere FR

Delicate but has considerable aptitude for this ridden code. Has earning potential
Owner: Ecurie Damien Bonne
Prize Money: €105,290

G 2200m 5/67.0 D Bonne
D Bonne
Da5m2m17Dm4mDm0a9aDa 13.0 18.0

Duc Du Lupin FR

Prolific under harness in his early days but struggling for consistency of late. Could be anything switched to this code
Owner: Ecurie Jean Paul Marmion
Prize Money: €232,690

G 2200m 5/67.0 A Wiels
J Marmion
5a7a1a2a7a6a172aDa1a 9.6 11.0

Daelia De Vandel FR

Useful in both disciplines but may have bitten off more than she can chew. Overlook
Owner: Ecurie La Tour De Vandel
Prize Money: €288,600

F 2200m 5/65.0 M Abrivard
C Megissier
9a0m3a7mDa9a2m2m0a4a 9.0 10.0


Deep Impact FR

Good dual-purpose type that seldom disappoints when applied and must be afforded significant respect
Owner: R Westerink
Prize Money: €115,310

G 2200m 5/67.0 A Abrivard
P Hagoort
1mDaDm1m1a3m7a1m1aDa 4.2 3.4


Dahlia Du Bon Air FR

Has only modest references at this level under the saddle. Not a realistic proposition
Owner: G Grandet
Prize Money: €180,515

G 2200m 5/55.0 M Tijou
R Larue
9a9m0m1mDm4m6m5mDm5m 57.0 116.0

Paris Turf

(7) DIRKY EVER may appear inconsistent at first glance but closer inspection of his formsheet will show two wins and a second from his last three outings over similar distances. He can prove a handful at times but does make plenty appeal on these terms over this distance and racing unshod. (12) DEEP IMPACT can prove tricky and is regularly the subject of the stewards' attention but he is proven under the conditions and does possess the means to win if applied as he did when beating reliable (4) DOFF JIM last time. The latter is a model of consistency in this code so will attract support.

Selection: 7-12-4-6