13 October 2018 8:55 Cabourg Creully - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2750 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 28000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 20:25 21:02


Dede De Varville FR

Highly erratic individual that seldom makes his presence felt and is not about to break the mould
Owner: Mlle M Lecourt
Prize Money: €35,820

G 2750m 5 T Calo
F Delanoe
0a6a7a2aDaDa0aDa6a0a 29.0 72.0

Doppler FR

Has upped his game since returning to racing barefoot but still has a lot more to find
Owner: M David
Prize Money: €33,040

G 2750m 5 V Tusseau
M b David
4a4a9a3a0a9a7a8a4a9a 40.0 106.0

Diamant Du Ruel FR

Temperamental type but has shown signs of encouragement lately and if applied could get a look in
Owner: Mme A Bazin
Prize Money: €72,610

G 2750m 5 Q Michel
F Anne
Da4a5a3aDa0aDa5a8mDm 40.0 82.0

Defi Des Elies FR

Has done nothing of note since placing at Caen last March and can be passed over
Owner: G Moinon
Prize Money: €35,650

G 2750m 5 F Coppyn
G Moinon
0a0a9a6a5a5aDmDa0a5a 46.0 53.0

Django De Couet FR

Moderate trotter that always gives his best but is simply not up to the task
Owner: Mme M C Mignot
Prize Money: €46,490

G 2750m 5 G Delugeau
P Angeliaume
0a5a9a4a5a6a7a9a5a5a 104.0 148.0

Dreamsam D'Oscar FR

Has struggled to recapture last year's form and must show marked improvement
Owner: L Guitton
Prize Money: €38,020

G 2750m 5 D Dulong
S Hardy
Da5a8aDa5aDa7a170a1a 13.0 17.0

Doudou Du Guivon FR

Blows hot and cold but impressive here eleven days ago - setting his personal best - and looks the main threat to (8) DUANG TAA
Owner: B Carpentier
Prize Money: €0

G 2750m 5 J Hocde
B Carpentier
2a7a3a0a3a3a7aDa3a9a 5.5 6.4


Duang Taa FR

On an excellent run of form since the spring and is confirmed here. Would have finished close last time had he not been forced out but with better luck in running can have his way
Owner: B Giraudon
Prize Money: €0

G 2750m 5 K Leblanc
C H Mary
Da1a2a0a4a2a1aRaDm2m 5.8 3.9


Duc De Christal FR

Superb campaigner that rarely puts a foot out of place but unraced for two months and with shoes on is more a minor place chance
Owner: Ch Berquier
Prize Money: €96,830

G 2775m 5 Antoine Michel Fossey
G Houel
1a3a2a4a1a3a3aRa2aDa 14.0 15.0

Disco D'Occagnes FR

Has finished no closer than 4th in as many starts since the break and needs to take his game up a notch
Owner: J P Mary
Prize Money: €131,360

G 2775m 5 C Lebourgeois
P Mary
7a0a4a9a6a2a172a2a1a 21.0 37.0

Drop De Sardane FR

Capable trotter but has just one race in him since the spring break and will need the run
Owner: Ecurie Des Dames
Prize Money: €79,110

G 2775m 5 Cl Thomain
Antoine Lherete
0a6a0a3aDa3a6aDa172a 31.0 50.0

Dynamic Charm FR

Erratic but has won two of his last four. Better on turf though and others preferred this time
Owner: J Y Le Maux
Prize Money: €76,090

M 2775m 5 S Metayer
J F Popot
9a1a5a1aDa8aDa3aDaDa 21.0 31.0

Dream Du Chatelet FR

Not always focused but was dynamic at Vire a fortnight ago and with form maintained should again figure prominently
Owner: B Venon
Prize Money: €71,700

G 2775m 5 L J Legros
Mme S Raimond
1a0a0a5aDa9a2a2a5a0a 6.6 4.3


Darwin Du Rib FR

Useful on a good day and has won here but in current form will endear himself to few
Owner: Ecurie Rib
Prize Money: €83,180

G 2775m 5 A Ernault
Joel Hallais
8a0aDaDm7m3aDa3a5a3a 15.0 20.0

Dard Roc FR

Useful trotter that has never disappointed at Cabourg and can again get in on the action
Owner: J D Caron
Prize Money: €104,750

G 2775m 5 C Delbecq
P Belloche
Da4a6a4a6a6aDaDa6a0a 10.0 6.9

Diego Du Canter FR

Consistently in the thick of things when he can keep his action together and looks a decent first-five prospect
Owner: J Bodin
Prize Money: €73,490

G 2775m 5 W Lhermitte
J Bodin
5a2a2aDaDa5a1aDa2a4a 7.4 12.0

Paris Turf

A very unlucky subject of interference at Le Croise-Laroche late last month the in-form (8) DUANG TAA has a superb entry on the front line here and looks eminently capable of winning this time. That being said (7) DOUDOU DU GUIVON missed out by little over course and distance earlier in the month and will be no pushover. (13) DREAM DU CHATELET won with authority at Vire two weeks ago and in similar form will have a lot to offer. (15) DARD ROC always gives his best and can pick up a cheque. (16) DIEGO DU CANTER is clearly in good shape and can keep some of the better elements company.

Selection: 8-7-13-15-16